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Sex offender used pool toys to attract children… Really! Big Deal! Thousands and thousands of priests are using the cloth and having no problem raping altar boys everyday – nobody wants to hear about that do they?

GASTONIA, N.C. (AP) – Authorities say a registered sex offender lured children to his North Carolina home with a basketball court, trampoline, pool and “other toys.” News outlets report 37-year-old Eric Svenson Spurling had a 2002 child molestation conviction in the state of Washington, and was again convicted nine years later for communicating with a…

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Parenting Series- You Want Success For Your Child ? Start Role Playing!

It is great to teach your child social skills and as I have pointed out they will be leaps and bounds ahead of many of their peers just by knowing how to do things like ” Accept No” or ” Follow Instructions”.  To take it to the next level and see to it that they are able to use the skills and generalize them into everyday living, the role play is of great value. For instance if you are getting ready to drop Suzy at school, and she has been having difficulty following instructions of her teachers without talking back, you may try this quick trick to set her up for success that day. 

Before she gets out of the car, you just do a quick role play with her. Hey Suzy lets do a quick role play on following instructions- I am going to ask you to hand me my purse back there, and I want you to look at me , say ok, hand it to me, then check back, ok honey? Then you proceed to role play and off to class she goes. When her teacher does give her an instruction that day, she is much more likely to have those 4 steps ready to go because you spent 1 minute role playing,. 

So far we have introduced the social skill, then talked about ratios of positive to negative comments, and now we bring up the role play, to reinforce that skill you have taught your child in the first place. Its coming together nicely, and soon this can be a regular part of your day with your child. You will be glad you took the extra few minutes to teach the skill and role play, when you realize how many hours you have saved of arguing! As always, I offer a money back guarantee on these too!

Now that you should know the skill following instructions, and the steps required, start adding role plays to the mix to increase your child’s success chances. As I post these tips on parenting, I will start adding one skill each post to teach your child, so his or her skill bank will increase as the days go by!

Skill for today- ACCEPTING NO

Steps to Accepting No- 1- Look at the person

                                      2- Say Ok     ( No eye rolling, mumbling, talking back, etc..)


So stay tuned for new skills and new tips and soon you will see a new child with a great set of skills!


” You cannot pr…

” You cannot protect yourself from sadness without protecting yourself from happiness” – Jonathan Safran Foer

Hunter S. Thompson once posed this question- ” So we shall let the reader answer this question for himself: who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed? ”

Readers, if you can connect these two quotes as they pertain to your own life, you may find that you are happier than you think. You may conversely find that you have some living to get on with. Powerful words these men spoke, if you can apply them in a practical way to your life. Be well.


Heard an awesom…

Heard an awesome quote today –
” A man is known by the silence he keeps” – Some man

Heard a moronic public taunt yesterday just showing more care for this country as well-
” Russia is simply a regional power “- author can be figured out

Just a few interesting quotes for this morning!



“So we shall le…

“So we shall let the reader answer this question for himself: who is the happier man, he who has braved the storm of life and lived or he who has stayed securely on shore and merely existed?” — Hunter S. Thompson

What an excellent way to frame this life we have to either live or to not live…



If you have to …

If you have to judge people, judge them on who they are, not who they are not. Judge them by what they can do not by what they cannot. Otherwise, you are judging based on your own shortcomings. – Anonymous

” Loved people …

” Loved people love people. Hurt people hurt people.” author unknown

So how do you feel? Loved, or hurt? How do our kids feel? This short quote speaks volumes about what is going on in our world today including parenting, bullying, and the way people view our society in general .The above quote will not solve all of life’s problems, but it sure opens up a whole new way of identifying why people may act the way they do. Is being a hurt person, and therefore hurting others, a disorder? Maybe a learned behavior? Stay tuned for more on the generational patterns we pass down to our children, and how it can give birth to bullying or how it can give birth to loving others.

We have anti-bullying campaigns blowing up everywhere. Is it really going to stop because some public pressure has popped up? I doubt it. How we treat others is many times a reflection of how we were treated, or at least our perception of how we were treated as we grew up. Should a child who was treated abusively be diagnosed with intermittent explosive disorder because he or she is simply doing what was done to him or her? Is that avoiding the real issue at hand? These are things that are critical to think about when deciding to take a child who is acting out, in for any kind of evaluation. You may leave with medicine and a label. Once a label is in place, people tend to live up to the expectation that comes with a label. Am I saying that there should not be any diagnoses or psychologists, psychiatrists or medicine? Quite the opposite. I am pointing out just one of many factors to consider when deciding what the next step is for you.

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