How About Puttin Your Hands Together In Prayer  For My Nephew Nick As He “Rolls” Into Alabama This Fall?? 

I know my sister Pam would appreciate a whole bunch of prayers this mothers day as she sends her ” baby ” Nick off to college. He is ” AllEverything“- lol– The grades, the looks,  Homecoming King, Scratch golfer, Captain Of Mens Volleyball team- but most importantly good people like his mama and daddy.


I am hoping to comfort her worries by letting her see a show of my fellow bloggers around the world that they would be willing to launch a prayer or two for Nick’s overall well-being, safety, and a hedge of protection from the dark forces trying to take our kids out of the light these days…


So if you consider yourself a praying person please like and say a prayer for Nick’s Alabama future. If you’re not a praying person yet, how about starting today? I truly believe we need to start using our networks as prayer coverings for each other. Lets start here and now !


My data shows bloggers from 65 countries have been on this many can I get an ” Amen” for Nick for today” In ANY language!



Call Mike For Mental Health Issues and Addiction First!

I guess I wasn’t very clear on my post about Mike Carey -some are asking about mental health issues. 

 If you are currently seeking treatment for any Mental HealthBehavioral Health or Addictions Issue YES

 DO NOT go and spend hundred’s or thousands of dollars on anything before you contact Mike ..

He has also helped many people with these issues as well. Whether you’re just seeking treatment – or  you have been getting treatment with little success-

 Contact him while you  can. 

Read the testimonials on his site here. Then make the call. His contact info is on this site below. 

Two Sure Bets.

Trump Was Bugged..

As expected , the Dummocrats remain in denial even when they are smacked in the face with the truth. It reminds me of when my kids were toddlers and they ran into the street chasing a ball into harm’s way.

 It didn’t matter how many times I told them of the  danger,  they repeated the same behavior until one day they became mature  enough to understand it…

I can’t be mad at the Dems/Libs,  just like I wasn’t mad at my children. No  matter what though  when the butcher starts slaughtering himself-  somebody has to step in to protect them and all those around..

‘It’s Not Your Press Briefing’: Spicer Chastises ABC Reporter for Interrupting Others – Geller Report

                 Daddys Home!


    Go To Your Room Liberal Media 

    Dont come out until you can demonstrate proper respect..√.

          ( that should be awhile )

My Very Latest Parenting Tool..

 If you’re a parent and you want to know where your child is or who  they are  hanging with .. without asking  them upfront.. this is my latest recommendation.. I use it with my own family to subtly find out where they are and who they’re with. 

It’s a little tool called Google Duo.

I worked very hard  to put it  together for Google..

Ok, maybe I didn’t actually  work on it at all …I just downloaded it -but it’s the same thing right?

 The point is it’s an excellent tool to use to communicate with your loved ones for free/ one minute download and  no other bells and whistles or  new numbers to deal with.


I Dont Care Who You Are..We Have All Been Here..


Open Letter To The Addict-Real Open.

Dear Addict-

You are constantly shunned and shamed by people who have never walked in your shoes. You have felt like you are useless, worthless and a failure because you have been unable to ” snap ” out of it like your family or friends tell you. You have sat alone many nights contemplating taking your life. The people judging you each day are usually actually doing sinful things in their own life, but somehow it makes them feel better about themselves to put you down. You are not sinning, you are fighting a disease.

The truth is that addiction does not discriminate and truth be told, one of the leading group of professionals who are in treatment for addiction- are Doctors! You wont hear much on that, but know your not alone. Your no dirtier they are. You just wont have the white jacket on at your NA meeting.

Why don’t people go to the cancer wards all over and tell the patients to ” snap out ” of it? After all if you should then they should -right? Your self-esteem is low and people use your weaknesses against you and even for their gain. The egotistical judges in this world who drive by a tired and depressed addict on the street like to name call and say get a job. You know that if you could somehow get help and get well, you would love to work. Its killing you that you have this chain of bondage around you each day.


Nobody knows your background, how you became involved in whatever it is you are stuck in. As a matter of fact we both know that most of the judges out there would never have made it even half the time you have trying to battle this. They have sometimes never experienced childhood abuse, violence, trafficking, or incredible loss. They may not have a family with a history of addictions that they have had to fight like you in silence. You isolate, you then take a chance and go out in public, but if you fail, you resort back to isolating and contemplating life.

You know what? Good news for you today! The same Lord that died and rose from the dead loves you. He died for you too. He isn’t mad at you. He is a judge of the heart, not the outward actions. He is the only one who can give freedom from bondage. Don’t let the world fool you into thinking that you are a sinner and they aren’t just because your struggles are visible. Millions of those same judges are at home at night looking at child porn and other disgusting things. God knows it, so don’t sweat the small stuff. Pull yourself up and get back on the horse. It isn’t about if you fall, we all fall. It is about how you respond. Don’t stay down. Never stay down.

Next time you look in dismay at your scarred up arms – Remember These Scars.

Your value and identity and hope is in Him, not the hypocrites criticizing what they don’t understand.




Yup — Learning To Be Full Of Grace And Truth.

via Yup — Learning To Be Full Of Grace And Truth.

These words should bring great hope to those like me who are so very in need of a saviour..


The Day I Saw satan…

I’ll never forget where I was on that day. I was at the office where I met with families. There was a little television that the receptionist kept on low. We only had around 5 therapists in the office that day and it was quiet.

It would prove to be an ominous quiet that I still feel. Suddenly a woman therapist burst out with a loud cry.

. The rest of us got up to see if she was ok. As we all reached the little area at the same time we looked up at what she was seeing on the television.

All I remember is staring at the screen in disbelief and my mouth open but no words could be found. Soon after I became physically ill and was trying not to throw up as I grabbed my truck keys . I had to go get my kids. After all nobody knew when and where this thing would end. My boys were just in elementary school back then .

I snatched them up and hugged their necks real hard. Being a social worker I have seen about everything. Worked with some mean and nasty violent people

This was different. I realized then that satan is alive and his demons were killing my people. I’ll never forget it. Even now I can’t find words to describe it. I only can get any comfort in thinking of the eternal swim in a hot lake that will occur. I remember feeling like I wanted to go home. To my real home. I’ve seen enough.


Shh..I Do Believe I Hear The Distant Sound Of A Fat Lady Clearing Her Throat…

AP Photos 10 Sept 2016 by Patrick Howley WASHINGTON, D.C. — A review of FBI Director James Comey’s professional history and relationships shows that the Obama cabinet leader — now under fire for his handling of the investigation of Hillary Clinton — is deeply entrenched in the big-money cronyism culture of Washington, D.C. His personal and […]

via VIDEO Criminal Enterprise Exposed: FBI Director James Comey’s Clinton Foundation Connection — Reclaim Our Republic

Tick Tick Tick….Not Looking Good Hillary..


I do believe there is a pattern that began about, well maybe 8 years ago. Did Hillary agree to sell out America to Obama and muslims just so she would get his backing when it came time for her to run?? Wow. But I totally believe it. After all, she has been supporting all of his anti-American efforts all these years. Plus her last name is Clinton. Enough said. If you still haven’t seen the light ( and you need not be Colombo ) please take another look..

She and Obama should be imprisoned right now, instead she is running for president?

Just to be fair Trump is no angel. After all, he asked a muslim protester to be removed from his speech, so he must be racist. He also made a few off the cuff statements that he regrets. So, I see why the libs are so against him…

No I don’t. I think they have had way too much koolaid.

Hey its just my 2.




I Hate This Place. I Don’t Feel At Home.

There was a time years ago when I woke up and always found something to look forward to. That’s over.

It’s for sure not because I am not blessed with a beautiful family and all. I could not ask for better. Its deeper then that, it’s what I brought them into that bothers me. I expected they would have an even better world to tackle. Man was I ever wrong. We are living in the most vile, pathetic, sexed up, text up, sick, cruel, selfish, evil, bloody, gory, trigger happy, angry, twisted, demonic, anti-God, and hard to look at world. I wish I could describe it.

I can’t even get our own president to support our country. Hannah Montana grew up and now as Miley Cyrus calls herself a ‘ pansexual” – ?? Men want men women want women and even, well see below.

.goat man


If you try to have any Christian values you are a bigot. That just is what it is. What is scary is that the sheep of the world are following the others right off the cliff. Rarely is anybody staying true to their values because they don’t want to ” offend ” anyone.

Write me, cuss me or whatever but as long as I have breath I will state the truth. I will always teach my kids what is real and what is not -what is right and wrong. I would rather go down swinging and face God not compromising then try to blend in with the latest potion or new age crap. Look up people. It’s the real deal, someone bigger then us is in control. My Bible says that Jesus Christ of Nazareth stated in John 14:6 that he is ” The way, the truth and the life, and no man shall come to the Father but by Him”.

First, I didn’t write it  or say it, so if it doesn’t sit well with you yell upwards. If you have any evidence at all that what He stated is not true, please email me with your docs at I will drop EVERYTHING. I heard some guy at Ali’s funeral say that we all live in different ponds, but they all lead to the same place, same God. Really? Then someone needs to hit the Lord with the news that the whole cross thing was not necessary. Come on people, we all see what is happening in the world, are you still hugging trees, or has it hit you that the ” tree maker” has to be somewhere?

Finally, for those ready to cast stones at any of us struggling believers- not so fast. I am not saved by anything I did. I don’t have the answers. I know someone who does though. Don’t let the dark places whisper in your ear that you aren’t good enough. You know what? You aren’t. None of us are, so get over it. If we were good enough to get to heaven we wouldn’t need a savior, but if you are like me you are the chief of all sinners just getting back on the horse each day. Thank God He is not judging me by my works but by the shed and sacrificed blood of Jesus. There is Zero other ways people. Is this really something we should be toying with? Right now we all need to come together again as one nation under God and pray loud and proud in the name of Jesus that He would spare this nation after these rebellious years of late.

Blood well shed

Just my 2. Peace.


Mailbag! Questions Only WE Dare To Answer!


Dear DLMK-

Long time reader, first time writer. Regarding the coming elections, I have a serious concern about Donald Trump. His obvious motive for what he does is to use money to manipulate, cover up, and taint the truth about everything he does not care for. We cannot let this country ” buy ” itself into rules and pretend they are valid just so we don’t have to deal with reality- while also getting it both ways. In my opinion we are simply fooling ourselves. Shame on us.


Mr. Thomas Scott

VP-Atheists Association of (SE) USA.

Running for President -Agnostics of America

Dear Mr. Scott-

Thank you for your letter and also for following us. In response to your question, we also concur that oftentimes people find it easier to spend millions or ignore obvious reason in order to have things appear their own way. It is for this very reason that you will have our vote when you run for the top position in the Agnostics of America org. You clearly have the ability to be a bit more flexible in these areas.




Dear DLMK-

It is with a heavy heart and a broken spirit that I take these ruthless jabs from Donald Trump, just for a few votes. My husband and I have served this country with honor and integrity for decades, while Mr. Trump has gone bankrupt 6 times on his way to becoming a billionaire. During my husband’s time in office, he was known by even the secret service to make the most use of his office than any president in history.

I am also proud to say the secret service team said that during all the time working while my husband was president, he took tireless measures to make sure his family was safe. As a matter of fact one guard at the oval office said that nightly my  husband could be heard yelling ” watch out for Hillary” – ” Watch out for Hillary” –Now that’s a family man. It isn’t all about the fun and games Mr. Trump.


H.Rodham Clinton ( 3x Candy Crush Champion)







Some Thoughts For Today..