Did Someone Say “Drag Queen Reading Program” (For Kids)? Wow-Just Wow…


Umm, if you are not eating, click the above link…

The Drag Queen GUEST READER??

Well, at least they kicked out all those Christian volunteers. God knows we do not need any moral compass here. Yep- looks like they have it under control.

So if you put a drag queen ( obviously grounded human being) in with some children, as a role model…oh ok- now I get it they are teaching tolerance.

(We all know those poor kids would have more trouble then a pack of cub scouts at a Catholic priest sleepover )

THIS JUST IN- Breaking News-

Just off the wire, Houston Public Library has just reported a surge in volunteers to read! Below are a few who are ready to board planes and offer to ” volunteer” up to 50 hours / week…

Pee Wee Herman

Jeffrey Epstein ( Also willing to throw in free rides on the LOLITA EXPRESS!)

Woody Allen

The Vatican

Heres your sign,


The Rewarded Rapist Of North Carolina Catholic Diocese..

I really don’t know how many of you have followed the pedophile priest case I have written about for almost a year now. I have no way of telling. On top of that I am really not sure how many of you know the details in this case where he molested 6 boys over 2 years. He has been in North Carolina for almost 20 years I guess. In my 20 years as a social worker I have never seen nor even heard of the type of crimes he committed, and the lack of ANY consequence. I actually had 2 people in the last year tell me I needed to quit ” picking ” on the catholics .

Even as a counselor, one never truly gets to experience the totality of the process of child predators and how it steers a child in one of 3 directions in almost every single case.

1- Immediate substance abuse and if they are lucky and a loved one knows, therapy and hope of trying to put together some sort of life. That’s the best.

2- Next is substance abuse and absolute confusion in sexuality as they get into the late teens. This always leads to a life of depression, homosexual experimentation and a life of ” I am bi- ?” when asked what they are. If they beat the substance abuse they have to try to select what ” sexual orientation” they are . We would not have that term if it was not for predators no matter if they are priests or family members. The reason? Simple. When you are sexually aroused earlier then is appropriate and by a member of the wrong sex, as you mature you literally cannot figure out what ” touch” you should like. After all the first one felt pretty darn good! Yet that gut feeling confirms that it is not natural. A life of inconsistency, depression and trying to decide what you are going to ” identify ” as.

3- This is the worst, it basically is either instant death by suicide or a prolonged death by overdose. Same reason. To escape the horrid pain. Can you imagine how you would feel if a person killed themselves over something you had done? I cannot fathom. Child predators can sit down to a home-cooked meal right after finding news like that out. Again – unfortunately I speak from experience. I have seen it lived out. In my brother’s case it was straight up I need out of this pain now then a bullet in his head. Yep. There was a short period of time of acting strange when we all wondered what he was going through, but never in a million did we think sexually molested.

So back to Father Gondek. He was the priest at Father Lopez High School in Daytona Beach in about 1985-1992 I guess. It was in 1985-1986 when my younger brother Danny started high school there. He seemed to enjoy it mostly, did not make a lot of friends we noticed and no girls. I found out later in my career that’s part of the grooming process, isolation from peers and negative reinforcement for any talk of girls, as if that was a sin ..only boys. Pretty sick stuff.

So I remember the first few times I met Gondek. He was just in a hurry to move on so I figured he must be busy priest stuff. He sure was, just not what I thought that would be.  The only other thing that stuck out about him was he was very ” girly”” – his body language his gestures and all..


Quite honestly at the time I was very young and very much into working out and bodybuilding with my buddies . I thought the steroids I had been taking were just making me see things with too much testosterone, literally.

Well Danny went off to college to get his criminal justice degree to become a Daytona cop. Loved the school he went to and got that piece of paper. He was happy to get right into town and apply at the Daytona police department. So it was just a few weeks later when we both happened to run into each other at my moms to chill out and relax. We sat down – he flipped the channels and landed on nothing particular. I did notice something unusual, he had a shot glass in his hand, while waiting for the commercial to be over. Odd, but whatever, he was a grown man, just got a degree maybe he was celebrating. Besides – who was I to talk , I was doing shots while my classmates where throwing their chocolate milk cartons in the trash after kick ball in 3rd grade. My dad supplied on weekends. It was not the hard stuff, just those little mini shots with a chocolate taste so they went well with milk.

About an hour after that I woke up . I had fallen asleep on the couch next to the recliner he was in. I glanced or and he was just getting up and said he was going for a walk. I went back to sleep.  2-3 hours later  woke up and went to lock up.. He was not in the living room so I checked the bedroom. Nope. Checked the drive and his car was there. Hmm. Odd. I better wake my mom up and we can go find him. I was thinking since he was not a drinker maybe those few shots knocked him out and he fell asleep in the woods.

She went left and I went right. It must have been  2-3 am. About 10 minutes later I heard a shriek/ scream that…..I had never heard before and I never want to hear again. She found him. Pistol in hand and slug in his head. Gone. HUH? What? No, No that can’t be right I thought–he just got his degree. He just applied for his dream job. No  way. So after the police and paperwork and all I went to his room and sat on his bed. I looked around for anything. Not likely, he was a neat freak I could count his q-tips from his bed 15 feet away on his dresser. So I stumbled towards the door – looked back one last time and did notice a little box in his closet. I opened it and another chest next to it and what I found was heartbreaking. His girl must have dumped him. Stacks of letters all folded neatly so as you open you see the middle first. They were all similar, ” I miss touching you” and that kind of thing. I never even knew he had a girlfriend. Let me scroll down and see who she is.

Her name was ” Love Father Al”


I remember kneeling on the floor holding the letters and having a hard time what I was reading was true. But Danny never did anything by accident , surely not leave sexually incriminating letters about a man he cared about. So I knew he wanted them found. Well, what happened in the following months were disturbing but today I completely understand it. It’s just standard procedure for the pedophiles in the church. You see i brought the letters  to the diocese ready to go with them to law or however they handled this type thing. Well here is how they handle it. Just like they are now with the evidence I have offered them about 6 boys Gondek molested;  ” NO Thanks” . Yep. They refuse to see it.


Maybe you’re wondering how in the world I got involved again with this low life after 20 years? I had lost track of him 15 years ago. I was not even looking. Here is how. The same way you found me. This blog. When I first started it I had a separate About Me page. It is my whole auto-biography. In it I mention my brother’s death and the priest who molested him. Well , in late 2015 I  got an email from a lady who said she found me on my blog. I laughed and said lady I am literally word of mouth. WordPress is the only thing I am on. If you don’t have a blog, and nobody that you know knows me how did you get me?

She proceeded to tell me that Father Gondek had been the Priest at her church for 15 years. She then told me she was searching the internet for any records of him being accused of child rape or whatever and my blog and name popped up. I said, well that  wild, but what can I do for you? She said I need your advice – I don’t know what to do. Last week a young man came to me an told me that he and his 2 friends gznnu been molested for 2 years here at the church. Wow. What are the odds I thought. So I asked h

er to keep me posted and within 2 weeks that young man was deported to Mexico and his family left there. The mouth is gone thought the church. So although they threw some BS at the media when it first came out about an investigation, they never conducted any investigation. Its been 1 and 1/2 years and still no investigation.

The only reason I know what they did with Gondek is because 6 months ago I started bothering the bishops for the results of the investigation. Never did I tell them I had personal ties to this. Just as a social worker who got an anonymous call I had to follow-up. Cocky as ever, they blew me off  for months. A month or so ago on this blog I posted the actual first email response I got in the year I requested. It said ( if you haven’t seen) that Gondek was ex-communicated, guilty all that..so I said ok which law enforcement agency is handling it.

None” His consequence was an early paid retirement an a promise say a lot of prayers.”

So in the last month i have tried to give him ( David Harold-Charlotte NC diocese) the chance to hear my evidence that there is more to this. But just as it was when Danny died and I took the evidence in, he said No thanks. Now granted, he may be finding this out for the first time as you are, but the party is not yet over just because you got rid of your ” Mouth” ..you see while the first victim was in holding jail for deportation , he just happened to meet a very nice volunteer who really took an interest in him. Would you know the young man was kind enough to jot down a few details, like 4 typed pages worth? Yep. And that volunteer got all the names of the other 6 victims, addresses, and each ugly act that Gondek performed on these boys –  AND THEIR FATHERS….you know why? Gondek threatened the families with deportation unless they did what he wanted and when.

So I am fortunate enough to have the only and original copy of the entire 2 year account. And after making some copies for some key people to lock up – I am getting ready to see who wants to play hardball.

Let me tell you honest to God- during the writing of this post I got an email form that same David Harold who has been promising a statement from the bishop for a year. Cocky as ever he ignored my request for a statement, and instead had the nerve to email me a link to an organization who comforts victims of sexual abuse, so I can volunteer there – since I seem to ” want to help people so much” — yeah…

It’s about time that they come to know who really is in charge. I have the sweetest looking 4 pages of paper I have ever seen.  Not sure how it will come out, through the media, a law agency or a film producer maybe.  But the 3 amigos who are covering up a child predator under their own watch are as follows ( remember these names, I hope you see them real soon on national news. But these things can take time. Time is all I got for these pedophile lovers.


1- Head guy ( Bishop Of bullshit Peter Jugis – he is about a year late on that statement to the press he promised;;;

2- David Hain – – another overpaid pedophile protector


3- David Harold- He has had he dirty work to email me, so he must be lowest their chain I am sure his duties vary greatly to the ” big boys” ….

Well, that is how I got involved. I have been accused of only pursuing this since my brother was a victim…which doesn’t make sense,….I did not pursue it, someone  else did.. I am a SOCIAL WORKER- that’s what we do. I just got a blessing from God that He pulled me in to witness this whole charade.

I will keep you all informed and I ask you ot pray justice is served.