Libs-Open Mouth-Sarah- Insert Salt…Again. Tap Out Already…

Sarah Sanders Is Asked How Christians Can Support Trump, Gives Best Answer We’ve Ever Heard

It truly is amazing to hear and see people who are up to their ears in evil on a daily basis accuse those who are attempting to get out of said evil…

Nobody said Christians are without sin. Quite the contrary, we simply acknowledge and own ours. Try it sometime.

Heres Your Sign Ma’am…


Man It Is Refreshing To Have An American President…

trump on immigrants

Liberals Show Their Colors Too Early On State Of The Union. Hard To Believe They Are Not Ashamed Of Themselves, Yet Again.

I really don’t like politics. However as of late, when I realized we had a muslim brotherhood member in office, I vowed to start listening and learning more. Last night was Trump’s first State of the Union address, and I tuned in to try to understand more of what both sides are fighting about, both conservatives and liberals. I wanted to come in with an open mind and a willingness to hear commentaries from both sides.

I never got the chance. You see the members of the network I tuned in to gave such a pre speech cut down of what was to come, trying to washout any value in the speech before it was even given, that they lost my ear. I had to avoid listening to too much pre speech moaning and whining about the president . I felt like I was back in 3rd grade on the playground and the class bully was threatening to take their ball and go home unless they got to play the position they wanted, and cheat along the way just because they had the ball. Before we even started.


After the speech was over I was expecting some ” shoe in mouth” reaction by the liberals to save face because the speech turned out so well. However, my hopes were popped like a balloon as I listened to them complain about such moronic issues that once again I was amazed anyone actually paid them to be there and talk. Childish behavior.

1- It was too long . Whaaaaaa

2-The first lady came in by herself without the President. ( Duh, that’s just the order of the program), and despite what the NBC critics said in yet another desperate attempt to find a flaw with the president – it does not mean there is ” trouble in paradise” for the couple.


3- The president ” took advantage” of some sensitive stories like the guy with no legs, the families who lost a daughter to street violence and a few others. ( Hey guys, it’s better than pimping rapper Jay-z and Beyonce at the white house gigs like Obama did.) What are you thinking ” taking advantage of this”? Because he gave props and prayers to the families that have suffered?

You can’t fix stupid I guess.

4-The President clapped when everyone else did, so this must mean he thinks he is better than us all. ( Hey people, should he have brought a pocket game boy to play during the cheering? What leader does not join in celebrating success with his/ her people?)

5-His huge tax break is up in 2027. (Duh, so will his terms).

6-He was selling himself, Donald Trump.

(I am sorry to inform you that just because he happens to be the record-breaking president in taking action when he said he would and fulfilling promises he made does not mean he was ” selling himself” . He was cheering for our progress as a country.

I could keep going and going but I won’t. You get the idea. The bottom line is I never got to evaluate policy and learn how he is doing on the issues too much because the liberal media was so busy throwing stones that I could not get to it. My evaluation is that it was one of the most hopeful and encouraging fact filled speeches that I have heard in a long time and for sure better than anything that EVER came out of the muslim brotherhood representative we had in there for 8 years.

Donald Trump is not Jesus. None of us are. So he that hath no sin, cast the first stone. Everyone else,

Shut your pie hole.

I still love all my democrat and liberal friends. As a matter of fact I even pray for you all! However the 3rd grade name calling and behavior has got to stop if you truly love the USA. It isn’t about you. it is about all of us. The election is over and you should be too.



Trump Is A Machine…But Not An ATM…

Love him or love him, you must admit he seems to always find a way to one up the bad guys. .I can’t believe we have been the “Do-Boys for these guys this long anyhow.

Good for you…Again Me President!

And just so those up in the peanut gallery can hear, would you be so kind as to remind us…

Trump tells the UN countries who still are fighting the Israel thing that perhaps its  time they stop getting cash! Oops!


The Effects Of  A Loser With A Broken Toe….

Can You Believe Who Is Fleeing Back To Trumpville For Safety From …Muslims? 

Hi. I’m egg. I am now on your face George Clooney . 


Happy 4th ISIS- Courtesy Of The USA- Donald Trump, President . 

Just a year ago, our president Obama was sending terrorists billions of dollars – what a refreshing change this is…


Urgent! Trump Finds 22 Islamic ‘Training Camps’ In America – Obama Ignored Them (Video)

Love him or hate him for it,  President Trump is just determined to break that darn tradition of the Islamic cult.  Terrorism.  Click the link below for the story.


    OOPS! Hey- What’s A Few Terrorist Cells Amongst Friends?












Trump Was Bugged..

As expected , the Dummocrats remain in denial even when they are smacked in the face with the truth. It reminds me of when my kids were toddlers and they ran into the street chasing a ball into harm’s way.

 It didn’t matter how many times I told them of the  danger,  they repeated the same behavior until one day they became mature  enough to understand it…

I can’t be mad at the Dems/Libs,  just like I wasn’t mad at my children. No  matter what though  when the butcher starts slaughtering himself-  somebody has to step in to protect them and all those around..

‘It’s Not Your Press Briefing’: Spicer Chastises ABC Reporter for Interrupting Others – Geller Report

                 Daddys Home!


    Go To Your Room Liberal Media 

    Dont come out until you can demonstrate proper respect..√.

          ( that should be awhile )

Breaking News ..Belichick -Brady-Trump=Dirty Money.

PHOTO: Bill Belichick Spotted On New ‘VII Rings’ Boat –

As a professional I must report it like I sees it. I will admit I hate this one. But my standards are, well think of CNN . Truth must come out, right? Here goes.

I sure hope I’m wrong about this. But I smell a rat. I’ve bragged about Trump all this time and now this. Belicheck has another million-dollar boat. Who does he coach? Tom Brady.

 Who does Tom Brady play golf with? None other than President Trump. This is killing me to write but I think I’m finally seeing the light that the left has been trying to show..

Of course if Brady is involved in the Superbowl, and besties with Trump , well …we all know that Superbowl Sunday is the number one highest day for human sex trafficking. 

.That means our own President is behind the entire human trafficking ring..Im a sucker.

Oh my. I am starting to understand how they think . The libs have me seeing it their way. ..

I will be checking myself into a lockdown psych unit now. Its too painful too be stupid. 



Muslim Refugees Decline Work, Say It’s Against Their Religion To “Perform Labor” For Americans – Conservative Daily Post

Just one problem there imam-


Courtesy of Donald Trump. 

Mr Trump to y’all.

Wake Up Americans. We Are Not Muslims.

Tell It Like It Is My Man..

That ole truth stings doesnt it…

You Want To See What Real American Presidents Do?

Not this..