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Pairing Autistic Kids With Senior Citizens! Very Cool!–5568.html

Click and see an unlikely but very successful combination; Autistic teens with senior citizens working together each week to make a little magic in both group’s lives.–5568.html

This 14 Second Video Changed My Life…

My son has been a bull rider since he was 10 years old, and is now only a year away form adulthood. He is stubborn, handsome, smart, and more determined to do what he wants than most and willing to do the work to get there.
Yesterday, we were at one of his bull riding events at a major venue. I did what I do when we go to rodeos. Got my camera ready to tape his ride so he can review them and see what he needs to work on, etc..
Yesterday I had a revelation about my youngest son. He is who he is. He knows the risks, and has carefully taken every precaution to protect himself from injury. Even having done these things, he like most riders, has been busted up many times form being bucked off of a huge mean bull.
I support him. I will always support him. I will not be a dream killer because of my selfish desires to have him protected from any dangers. He is ok with it, so I should be too, in this case. Yet as I was filming this short clip of his 6 second ride, my heart dropped to my feet as I watched this huge bull come within inches of stepping on my boy’s head.
Watch this very quick clip and see what you would feel if it was your child on there. Would you be able to support them, or would you just keep them in a bubble as long as you could to shield them from any harm as long as you could?
I am talking my flesh and blood here, so this is a personal post in that way. I want to know what other parents would feel like watching a child of theirs doing this week after week for years….Input welcome.

How far should we go to support our children’s dreams?


Foster Child Still Has Birthday Card- 20 Years Later..

Foster Child Still Has Birthday Card- 20 Years Later..

Wow. This is just something I had to blog about. It may be a little selfish, but that’s ok. I am feeling a little selfish today anyway….lol.

About 20 years ago, I was a foster parent in a group home for teen girls. About 15 minutes ago, one of them messaged me with this picture of a birthday card, a card I gave her when she lived with me. She was about 14 then, and is married and a caregiver herself today.

If that’s not proof that adults can make a lasting impression than I do not know what is. I love it.

Do American Parents Spoil Their Children?

Here is one viewpoint on how we are doing as parents. Do you think you spoil your children…?



Troubled Teens

Troubled Teens

Here is a link to a wealth of resources for those who are already aware and educated on a disorder or mental health issue, but need more resources. Although not many people are going to agree on each mental health issue, I believe exposure to everything is best. You may see me posting about other sites that offer similar services as I do on Don’t Label My Kid! However, I hope you will continue to follow this blog and use my services as well!

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