Can The Catholic Church Ever Be Absolved For Running The Largest Pedophile Racket In The World?


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Suicide- Solution?i lied


You know suicide is death. Regardless of the reason the person chose it. The thing is though, when we are dealing with death – you would almost think that if any common denominator could be found or pattern of behavior that proved to lead up to suicides, we would absolutely POUNCE all over it and end it ASAP! You would think…

In the case of my brother Danny- there was a clear trail of evidence that shined a bright light on the reason that a recent college graduate, waiting to get on with the Police force fresh out of school and ready to embark on a new career would suddenly pick up his pistol, while we sat on a couch and watched late night television and blow his brains out.

Of course at the very moment he got up and told me he was going for a walk I noticed he was not acting his usual self. He didn’t drink, but that night I noticed as we watched the tube, that he was holding a shot glass. Never saw it before,  I didn’t say anything, he was an adult, and that was his right.

Then he casually walked out the door at around 10pm maybe later. I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up it was around 2am. I walked over to lock up and noticed his car in the drive but I hadn’t remembered him coming in the door from his walk. So I took a look around and saw nothing. I checked his room to see if he got in without me a hearing but nobody.

I knew something was wrong but no clue what. I woke my mother and told her he hadn’t returned from a walk and I was going to look around, Instantly I knew by the look in her eyes that she knew something was wrong, in a way that only a mother could know. We split up in the woods we lived in, and went different directions. It was not 15 minutes before I was stopped in my tracks by a shriek/scream that I will never forget. It was my mom. She had come up on Danny. Laying in a field a few blocks from the house – dead.

He used his .38 to put a round in his temple and the only other things he had on was his cross from a recent Curcio weekend he had been on and a little piece of paper in his shirt pocket he had written

Mom- Tim 

I Love You.

I am sure the shock we felt was similar to many who had the same experience. But there was one thing I was about to discover that changed everything for me and has kept me busy for 20 years tracking and revealing to any authority who would listen the news I had. That night my brother gave up on his pain, I found a locked box in the bottom corner of his closet. When I cracked it open a huge stack of folded and neatly stacked letters fell out. I picked one up and quickly scanned it looking for any clue as to what was going on in his life.

I soon read about the third line down and realized this was a romantic and personal letter with sexual innuendos and comments like ” I miss your touch” etc

Damn it. His girl must have broken up with him and somehow sent him over the edge. I slowly read the rest and as I got near the last line my eyes bulged out of my head as I read the signature it did not say, love Julie, or goodbye, love Samantha.

All these letters romantic in nature were signed by Father Al-

Wait just a minute Father Al was Dannys high school priest at the Catholic High School he attended before college. These letters were written while Danny was out-of-state at college. They were love letters, letters reminding Danny of how much Father Al had done for him in High School. He expected immediate contact when Danny arrived back home. And that was exactly the time my brother knew he would either soon have to face Father Al- or exit stage left and avoid the painful memories and expectations. 

After the initial shock, I gathered the letters to get over to the Diocese and hoped and assumed the police would have Father Al questioned and maybe arrested within 24 hours. I brought the letters into the diocese and explained the situation, then showed them graphic evidence of obvious abuse over a long period of time that had been going on. At least the freak will spend a long time behind bars I thought. That day, July 5th 1992 was the beginning of a long journey for me of discovering that what had happened was not only of no interest to the Diocese but they were supporting the Pedo-priest and even sheltered him from any media or police.

Its 26 years later and I have been inside Catholic organizations as an employee, I have tracked repeat offender pedo-priests over and over only to see them protected by whatever Diocese they belonged to, then quickly shuffled out-of-state and back to raping kids. Well, I thought, It’s a no-brainer, I’ll get the law involved with all the evidence and they can prosecute. To my dismay, I have yet to find any agency whether the Police, States Attorney, or Child Protective Services who would so much as take a report on even major cases – they refused.

There is a saying ” The fish stinks from the head down” – so I decided to start at the top. Let’s see what the Pope and his crew are doing about this whole epidemic. As it turned out, around the time I started researching the Popes actions – he was smack dab in the middle of an unfortunate case of bishops and priests found naked at the Vatican, with their play toys altar boys, oh yes and also alot of powder cocaine.

At that time the Vatican had filed suit against the Italian Police to disallow them any involvement or information about ANY further molestation charges that would ever occur at the Vatican. The pope cited his own team’s ability to investigate and resolve any issues.

While that went back and forth the pope was asked publicly about yet another scandal involving another crew of pedo-priests who were caught chasing their boys around the altar and then having their way with the boys. Eagerly awaiting a bold stand from the pope now that his gang had been cold busted two times in a few months. However, he chose to tell the public that we should have mercy on the predators and remember to extend forgiveness, as the Lord would.

Now at that time, I could only recall scripture where Jesus said ” If anyone should cause one of these little ones to sin, it would be better if they had a millstone tied around their neck and be thrown in the ocean” 

Then another verse from Jesus came to mind  ” If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off . It would be better to enter the kingdom of heaven maimed than not enter”

Somehow I was not getting any of that from the pope – just justification for pedophilia and a paved road for the homosexual lifestyle in general. 

As it turns out the Catholic pedo-priest racket is no occasional mishap in the church. It is currently estimated that over 30k priests are under investigation for abuse, and the Catholic church has paid out over 6 BILLION dollars to pay off victims from testifying in court. In a few cases I was involved in the youth who broke the secret of a 2 year-long -8 boy molestation ring in one church, suddenly found himself deported out of this country, leaving his family behind, but within two weeks of opening his mouth, he disappeared. Others have not been found.

Recently a high-ranking Bishop in New York publicly announced his filing of a court document that would seek to make the age of accountability for an altar boy caught in a sex act with a priest 7 years old.

Let me repeat that.  The Bishop is pushing for a law that will allow priests to continue and rape little boys, however, if the child is 7 or older,. the act however gruesome would be considered ” consensual “.

Now despite the hope of  the faithful who continue to support these pedophiles by giving large sums of money to the church and  even allowing their children to be ALONE with a priest, the reality is that the Catholic Church is far and away the worlds largest organized pedophile  racket and  is supported from the top down, It is estimated that 50-60% of all Catholic priests, bishops, Cardinals, etc are in some way involved in supporting this organized racket.

So as I close, and after you have heard what a friend went through in the Facebook clip after the suicide of a close buddy how do you feel about the fact that we have a clear and shining path and pattern which is responsible for thousands of suicides, drug overdoses or criminal lives – you see usually a sexually abused victim of a priest especially long-term will select one of the three choices.  Suicide, Drug OD, or street crime and gang life.

You see we have a spotlight shining on a direct line to cut off many of these tragedies. It’s in our laps. The evidence,  The victims. Payoffs. It’s all irrefutable evidence.  Why – oh why do we allow a massive pedophile ring to thrive in the Catholic church when we know the outcomes after the freaks are done playing with their play toys. They are simply disposable. Garbage. Trash.  I have read the victims sworn statements. I have tracked down a young man who after being raped for two years with 7 friends, could not take it – he told.  In 2 weeks he was by himself in Mexico, I spoke to him.

What happens if one of our neighbors is busted molesting a young boy or girl?  Its cuffed and stuffed correct?  But, somehow,  we allow undercover ” holy men ” to enjoy their perverse ways and get paid well to do so. Oh, and by the way – the priest who was accused ( and found innocent ) by the ” Church Investigation” is named Father Gondek. This 8 boy allegation over two years was totally on his hands as he was caught in the act and some other acts I won’t even repeat. Eight boys, two years, sounds like life maybe right? Let me tell you what punishment Father Gondek of North Carolina got.

1- Early and fully paid retirement.

2- Relocation to one of the churches lavish resorts for his type.

3- He was pronounced the richest man in Lexington, NC as he was awarded a service award in front of the entire church congregation.

Oh- one last thing Father Albert Gondek (pictured below) is the same Father Al who molested my brother in high school years. The one who signed the letters. Oddly enough, he was accused 2 more times between my brother’s death, and the 8 boy rampage he went on for 2 years in North Carolina.

Funny thing, he managed to walk on those two and the 8 boys.

If he has committed 3 we know of, then its safe to say maybe 30-50 at least are out there….but hes not the only one. Those 30k others under ” investigation”  are all over. You know – I don’t care of you are Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, or atheist.

Sexual abuse is KILLING thousands and we know who, and why and we have proof.  It’s curious how it continues to thrive. ..Any other fruitcake like these predators would be being punished in state prison. Yet there are still people today, who choose to stick their fingers in their ears, yell ” La- La -La ” and keep dumping money in the church for their legal funds to pay off those victims that they cannot make go away.


Father Albert Gondek- Molesting since 1991


Other members of the flock- doing what they can for the community


It’s all about the children when it comes to mentoring by priests


Often times the Diocese will even take care of children at the mall while the parents’ shop! It’s all Hands On with these servants.


Now for some light reading here is a link to the Catholic Churches report on the guilty flock members…. even as cleverly as they divide by state and diocese  and all  to make the numbers seem smaller, a few extra clicks will get you a more accurate picture of all the accused Bishops , and Priests, Nuns, etc Nationally and Internationally.

Now these are the numbers that the church has kept to themselves and not made privy to any outsiders…

I am positive they have gotten a good portion of the predators on paper…but just in case, I usually figure this represents about 50% of the actual guilty.

Oh and as I mentioned – it is VERY costly to keep paying off these punks who speak up and need a payoff to skip court  like I said over 6 Billion has been paid out….so in light of this fact you will notice the Accountability site has made available a chance for us to donate to their cause of running their criminal priests site. I am sure it goes to a good cause.




The Catholic Church Has Paid Out $3,994,797,060.10 as a Result of the Sex Abuse Scandals – Friendly Atheist


If this doesn’t make you think twice about sending your little kid into the hands of a Catholic priest, I have no other data for you.

This is nearly 4 BILLION just to pay the people NOT to testify against pedopriests.

How disgusting is this? Really think about this and maybe some of you who still don’t believe my statement that the Catholic church is the biggest pedophile racket around will reconsider….


Pedo-Priest Series Update 2018- The Pathetic Excuse For Why They Rape Little Boys- Straight From The Predator.

If you are still unaware of the pedophile racket in the Catholic church, haven’t followed my many posts in the series on Father Gondek in North Carolina, or live under a rock, then stick with me.

This post should clear up any questions you may have about the risk you take if you ever leave your children alone with a priest. These are not my words but a documentary where you to hear the most pitiful , pathetic and coached reasons why pedo-priests molest kids.


I cannot provide you with the link directly and I realize not everyone will take the 5 minutes it takes to download the free movie, but for the many who have followed my series on this ( 2nd most popular posts ever on here) I promise you will be glad to actually see what goes on behind the scenes, from the horse’s mouth.If you already use the app called Tubitv

then just search the name of this documentary. If you don’t have the app then let me tell you its 100% free movies, very quick download and very cool.

This is the cover of the movie..


I hope to make an even more comprehensive film one day about Father Albert Gondek, and the Charlotte NC diocese which just recently supported him as he was found guilty of molesting 8 boys over a two-year period.

If you have not been following my series on him, just search his name on here as we have posted at least 20 articles on him.

It is very important that everyone get educated on what goes on especially since people give millions of dollars to this organization. You should know what you’re paying for. If you can stomach it…Its worth taking a few minutes to download- plus Tubitv is a great feee app to watch free movies and television shows with.


Cutting Edge Parenting Tips

I just wanted to update my list of the most risky and frisky adults to keep your kids away from. I actually used to rate certain clowns as  #1-  followed by any traveling fair roadie that tours through West Virginia that IS NOT A FOOD VENDOR as #2 – and  coming in a close 3rd was any Santa Clause that only volunteered at malls.

Times have changed. So my duty to you as a social worker and a fellow parent, is to update you on the current ratings.  Today they are as follows. This may shock some, but I have my sources..

1- Catholic Priests.

2- Politicians in DC older then 65.

3- Tie between the fair roadie/ and the Volunteer Santa ( in malls only)


As a matter of fact due to recent developments in my own 15 year involvement in the pedo-priest movement- I am now researching a disturbing question. Do you have to be a priest to be a pedophile- or do you have to be a pedophile to become a priest?

In conclusion, I recommend ( as I do with my little ones still at home) that you do the following;

1-Lift your own children into the rides at the traveling fairs.

2- Pull a chair up next to Santa Clauses knee at the mall- place your child there.

3-Never- under any circumstances allow your child to be in the position with a priest that is pictured above.

That’s all for now and safe parenting!





Hey Y’all. Gather Round. Update.

Sometimes when you try to do something that will make positive change you get lots of interference. Almost immediately after I posted the last update on the pedophile priest ring, all of my social media sites were suddenly blocked. None of my passwords worked and out of nowhere everything seem to have stopped.

 I can’t say that I’m surprised because I’ve had that happen before. If any of you are familiar with spiritual warfare you understand and if you’re not, you will. Since my last update about the Catholic priest issue in North Carolina I have been in touch with CNN,  the Boston Globe, ABC, and several investigative reporters.

 The progress that has been made in a matter of weeks from this blog and from you all has surpassed any in history as far as proving that pedophilia is not only tolerated but supported in the Catholic Church.

It would be impossible for me too explain in detail every piece of information that has come forth. But in a snapshot,  a few of you who don’t even know each other, along with some supernatural timing we have an opportunity to expose a very sad and disgusting truth.

 That truth is that the Catholic Church not only supports known pedophile priests but punishes those who speak out in ways that you could not imagine. It’s no surprise because many people have suspected but never been able to prove. Not even the millions of dollars or the hundreds of lawyers that have always tried to expose what really goes on. In the last few weeks I’ve been so taken back by what has come forth and in no way due to anything I’ve done but by Divine Providence.

There is no script writer or author who could ever put together a series of events in the way that these events have played out and will continue to play out. An update on the particular case in North Carolina with Father Albert Gondek is that he has still not been brought forth to reveal the results of the investigation.

And there’s very good reason for that. There has been no investigation. No media, no police, no investigators ever had any knowledge of even this thing and that this was going on.

Shortly after the movie Spotlight came out the higher-ups in the church said that they had zero tolerance for any pedophiles in the church. Unfortunately we found that they do have a zero tolerance however it’s for the little boys that talk. In the most recent case the punishment for revealing the molestation was deportation. That’s right out of the country within weeks of speaking up.

The good news is that in this case one lady spoke up and a non -pedophile priest was willing to also speak up and together are able to provide irrefutable evidence zero tolerance exists  for victims who speak. It’s actually too disgusting to get into detail about but I will say it involves alcohol and drugs,  threatening and intimidation. I also will say it stinks from the head down. This is no fluke or unusual event. I wish it was.

So right now any of you who are following this case in Lexington North Carolina at Our Lady of the Rosary Catholic church with Father Albert Gondek please continue to follow it. Here’s the way it works; child victim speaks out, they either are removed or paid to shut up.   They remove the priest for a long time until the media interest dies down. When the mouth is gone and the media is gone they come back and announce their investigation found no issues of concern. Across the board internationally this has been the pattern but never been proven. But it’s a new day and it is able to be proven now. Let me be sure to qualify this with one statement. I am in no way saying that everyone in the Catholic church or every priest  is a pedophile. What I am saying is that it’s not an occasional pedophile priest. It’s much more prevalent then people think and it’s a well-greased machine. There are some very good people in the Catholic church and there are some very good priests in the Catholic Church. so if you are Catholic please don’t think I’m lumping all of you together with this.  It doesn’t matter to me what denomination it is,  it matters to me that pedophiles are not in positions of authority over children. As a matter of fact the two people that are key to uncovering this are very faithful Catholic individuals. It just so happens that it occurs much more frequently in the Catholic Church do to the opportunities and positions that priests have in taking care of children or being in trusted positions.

 If you have not followed this from the beginning let me mention that in this particular case the priest that has been accused happens to be the same priest that actually molested my own brother. I found that out after my brother put a bullet in his head. All the letters from father Albert Gondek were in my brother’s bedroom. When I first read them I assumed it was from a girlfriend of his because of the nature of the conversation. However at the end of the notes when I saw the name father Al I immediately was sick to my stomach. That was over 20 years ago and I have never pursued anything about it simply because no money or lawyers have ever been able to conquer the power of the Catholic church and they’re bullying power with money there lawyers.

I knew it would take a divine appointment. I had no idea I would be involved.

 So just a year ago when I received the call from a parishioner at Gondeks current playground, I was obviously surprised and shocked that she called to tell me about a young man who had come to her to report Gondek had been messing with him and 7 other boys.

This time I was able to follow the procedures of the church when a pedophile is called out by a victim. It’s not only tolerated- it is highly supported meaning the church goes out of its way at any cost to protect the pedophile and to give consequences to the victims.

 So here is the bottom line at this point. No word from the church,  the police,  the state’s attorney or any investigator on any outcomes of any investigations. As a matter of fact they weren’t even aware of it. 

This time somebody is aware. All of you and some media. I have made the national media aware in case they might want to have a camera on Father Al if they decide to restore his good name.again.. when they make their announcement that they have found nothing in the investigation and it’s unfounded. It’s worked for years and years and years. A priest is accused,  he is removed out of an “abundance of caution”,  the victim is either removed or paid to go away while they let much time pass so the media has to move on to the next story. 

All these years the reason that money and lawyers have never got anywhere is because it’s not money or lawyers that is going to prove anything. The media determines everything. If the media would keep their cameras on in this case for example,  they would be able to show the world something they have never ever seen. And that would be irrefutable evidence of the protection of  pedi- priests and punishment for victims.

 It explains a lot about how the years and decades have passed without anybody being able to prove anything. The key is that the media cannot stay on one story for a year. But the Catholic Church is more than willing to remove the priest to another property for more than a year until the heat has come off of the story.

 The people who made the movie Spotlight from the Boston Globe did an excellent job exposing so much cover-up. But in this case everyone can actually watch it play out in real time which would be a first. Although the movie won many awards it in some ways was a victory for the Catholic Church as it leaned towards there being a few bad apples in the church.

The comments from the Vatican down after the movie where that there is zero tolerance for any of that in their Church. Of course when I knew what happened to this particular young man it broke my heart to really find out what goes on and what happened to him,  how he was removed from his own family and deported. That a pedophile priest could continue on in his charades. A repeat offender at that.

As I mentioned earlier not everybody in the Catholic church is bad. Fortunately a true man of God priest happened to be in contact with this young man in the deportation facility. When the young man told him what had happened he actually had a normal human response which was this is absolutely unacceptable and Gondek should be in prison.He did his duty by making a report,  but wouldn’t you know when he went to file it they diverted it out of state and told him they would take it from here thank you very much.

And just for good measure the public relations person for the diocese in the state of North Carolina made a comment that “some incarcerated man” has made some allegations but there’s no proof of anything done wrong. He conveniently left out the fact that he was part of incarcerating that man. Sure makes for a good spin though.

 What I have learned in the last few weeks is even more disgusting than I had thought. So I’m hoping that anybody who is following this would keep an eye on this and maybe make a phone call or two and inquire as to the outcome of this year-long investigation that has not had any results yet.

 In the last few weeks I’ve had the opportunity to speak to several adult survivors of clergy sexual abuse. I was taken back by their voices and the pain that even 40 and 50 years later still was clearly debilitating to their daily functioning. There are thousands of adult survivors of clergy abuse in the United States there are groups that have thousands of members. But sadly those large number groups were not large enough to get the ear of any serious media and handle the bullying of the Catholic Church

That is until now. as individual groups there’s no power but connecting the dots and linking the groups together they suddenly become quite the force and enough to get some attention. I also had the opportunity to speak with a priest that was molested by a priest as a child and excommunicated from the church for coming forward with it. He is now suffering from clinical depression,  anxiety and unable to function daily due to this trauma.

 Meantime up at the Vatican they are trying to pass a law that the police need not be involved in any investigations about sexual abuse by clergy! That is a great idea! They promised to do a thorough investigation on their own, scouts honor.

  I don’t doubt that at all I’m pretty sure they are really good at thorough investigations…

 So at this point you don’t need to be Columbo to crack this case you just need to pay attention. Right now we are awaiting the results of their investigation on Father Albert Gondek.  If any of you have been personally affected or just disgusted with the whole idea of what’s going on then please pick up the phone and take a 10 minutes to make a few calls to the Lexington North Carolina Police Department or State’s Attorney and inquire as to the progress of the investigation on the allegations made about 7 boys being molested,  and who has been interviewed and where is the victim?

 If this is for you then you will know. I’m just asking anybody who feels led to be involved in any way to take a few minutes out and press for some information. The fact of the matter is if you haven’t already been affected in your family by this you have a really good chance of somebody being affected,  as the numbers are that high.

Or if you’re like me and whether or not it involved me personally I still am repulsed and disgusted at anybody who would hurt a child like that and still be alive much less be rewarded and continue to torture these children, then do something. 

 Thats my update for now and again I apologize for the time that has gone by I’ve been locked out of my own social media sites. That’s just part of the deal when you’re trying to do something right, there’s always interference so never ever quit when you’re trying to do something right and you get interference. It just motivates me more because it means something really important it’s going down. I think that these boys deserve as much air time as Jerry Springer and that we should not turn the cameras off anymore and let them continue to be molested or raped on a daily basis. There should be a 24/7 non-stop show like cops was on pedophile priests.

I would rather stick needles in my eyeballs then ignore the fact that rapists dressed up like priests are hurting children every day. How about you?

Im out. 



STOP! He Was 23. Finally Accomplishes His Dream. Degree In Hand. Applies For It  Commits Suicide Before Ever Starting. This Is My Personal Family Incident. I Need You Now. Read.

Sexual Abuse Suicide. Open Investigation NOW!


I’m about to share with you my brother Danny’s life and death story and how yet another pedi-priest is still in the pulpit after molesting someone. If you have ever read me, you know 3 things

1- I’m transparent about my life. Where I’m wrong I gladly admit. When I fall I admit I fell, but I always get back up.

2- -I could not care less if I impress anybody and I don’t count followers. I don’t even use free SEOs. The right people will find this if it will help them.

3-I speak what I believe and boldly. However I’m very aware that I may be the most flawed of us all and I’m not here to judge.

So, with that I will mention that I could use your help today for a personal family matter. However it’s all over.If you have read my biography you know that my brother committed suicide . Also that a priest named Father Al Gondek groomed, doomed, and tombed him. Like a textbook pediphile.

Danny went to high school at a Catholic school even though we are not Catholic. It was a zoning issue. Over his last 2 years he became pretty attached to the priest there. At that time I was not formally trained as a social worker and had none of the 20 years experience I now have living with and working with victims of sexual abuse.

I thought it was odd that this priest was so wanting to establish trust with Danny, and even us by having Danny invite him for dinner. I was glad when my brother left the state for college to pursue a degree in criminal justice. It just felt good to see some distance between them. About 4 years later he did it. He came home and immediately applied to the local police department. It was in the mail. The kid did it. Just had to take the tesrs and all.

It’s 4th of July that year and he is sitting next to me  in another chair watching an episode of “In The Heat Of The Night”.  It happened to have to do with a guy who had been groomed as a kid , molested, then as he got older realized what had taken place . He hung himself.

A few minutes later Danny stood up, went to the kitchen and made a sandwich. I noticed he took just a bite or two then decided to leave it there . He came back through the living room where I was and casually looked over his shoulder back at me and said  ” I’m going for a walk ”

OK. No biggie. He’s  grown up right? So I fell asleep. A few hours later maybe 2am I woke up and went to lock up.

I looked outside and saw his car so assumed he had cone back and crashed in his room while I slept. I checked but nope.

I woke my mom and asked her if maybe while I was sleeping he had decided to stay at a friend’s or something . Three hours is just too long of a walk. She had some uncanny mother thing going on even as she was barely getting her eyes open .She right away got up and started outside and I followed.

She went left and I went right. We lived in a very wooded area. It was not but a few minutes before I heard a scream I think only a mom could produce.I hope none of you all ever have to experience it.

As it turned out Danny had gone out for his ” walk ” and put a bullet in his head. He left a note saying he loved us and put his cross on from a recent Christian retreat.

WHAT??? This kid is just about to live his dream! What would ever cause him to end his life right before it started? I only knew to go to his room and look for some clue. For a moment I thought I had it figured I bet he got rejected from the police academy. Dang. How heartbreaking. But why kill youraelf?

But then I noticed a chest in his closet . Big and wooden with a padlock . Hmm. What is that? A few minutes later after getting it open I grabbed large handful of letters neatly stacked.

So I glanced at the content and it turns out they were on the romantic side . Maybe he had a secret girl friend who just broke up with him.My sister noted one line that said ” I miss your touch “. But before I could think anymore I looked down for a signature.




These letters were from none other then Father Albert Gondek. For 4 years the pedi-priest had kept Danny on the line. But being out of state my brother could just put them away and not face  ” Al “.

However coming back home as a man and facing reality was much harder obviously because much like the twenty something guy we both watched hang himself on television, Danny had no idea how to deal with what he had just figured out. Too late . From the letters it was clear that the scumbag had had inappropriate physical contact with him over the years. Exactly what I don’t know. I don’t want to know.

What a waste , right? Here is where you and your friends and their friends can do to help to start bringing attention to  Gondek and all the others doing the same. You see the Catholic church doesn’t fire pedi-priest’s too often. It’s all about relocating . Like a chess board. Keep moving them around. When Danny died would you believe that just out of coincidence the Father was moved out to North Carolina?

Oh and there’s this other side note that to date the Catholic Church has paid out around SIX BILLION (B) Dollars to avoid going to trials. It’s happening all over. I don’t know if pediphiles become priests or priests become pediphiles.

Either way if you have kids as I do, there are oh so many things I have thought about what I would do if it happened one of my little girls. I can’t even print it .I personally think the odds are pretty good that if you allow a small child with a priest for any length of time that you are shooting about 50/50 odds on whether it will be a safe visit. I’m just going by the numbers.
So first thing here is that I have actually heard from a few people over the years who read me and suspected the same joker  Gondek of touching their child. However it was about a year ago when a member with some authority in the actual church he was transferred to in North  Carolina happened upon my blog . She contacted me and sure enough the good father was at it again. They suspected and actually had testimony of at least 8 boys being molested but what next? We have kept in touch and don’t ya know that just a few days ago an investigative reporter from the very same state -North Carolina ” happened” upon my blog and saw that name again. This time it means something. As of a month or two ago Father Albert Gondek who I personally have seen what he can and will do to young men, is under investigation for molesting 8-10 or so ( that they know about) young boys.

Funny thing , the first one that spoke up was recently deported to Mexico. What an amazing coincidence. However not before giving his testimony on all 8 boys he witnessed Gondek molest.

So here is what I’m asking;

For the sake of the millions of little children that are going to be sent into that same hell soon, can we ban together just for the sake of all the kids we could protect?

You see we cannot  “unmolest” kids. That is damage that is always there.  Send this to everyone you know. Ask everyone who may have had contact with Gondek or ANY priest who may be inappropriate with kids. Now is the time. You don’t have the media’s full attention much-But thank God I now have, for a brief time a contact to the man who can make the world see this. Short window folks. Its now or likely never again we have this chance. Don’t blow it off. An investigation has started and if we work together we can have full media exposure. If we blow it off Gondek will be giving baths to little boys again soon and probably get a raise for his stress…

I have an open invite right now to contact a person who has the authority to shine a bright light on this issue. So do it just because it’s right . Do it for the little ones facing what my brother did. If we even saved 10 or 40 or. 1000 kids by making this known can you imagine how awesome it would be? . Help me start addressing this. Right now it’s in North Carolina. I need all of you in my crew in or out of the USA to do whatever you can. 

North Carolina is where they sent Gondek after he did my brother in. So if you are there great. No matter where you are- trust me when I tell you it is unthinkable what can so easily come from what these freaks treat as play toys. And it’s happening all over the world. The media we have the ear of today is North Carolina . However please report any incident in any location because they will follow it until it dies. It’s up to us.

Contact me ASAP at if you know of anything. I will forward it to the media with or without your info. You tell me. Let’s just put pediphiles where they belong. It’s really more of their style anyway.

So. Whatcha gonna do? There’s a window. It’s open now. ..



Danny Joel Petri

4/20/1968-7/4/1991 – Love you my man. See you when I see you .

Father Albert Gondek. Promoted to another state and on paid leave. Still living. Pathetic. I will never stop until you get your turn.