Can Anyone Verify My Sanity? Am I The Only One Is Confused? Help!

I am at a loss for words. That is rare too..I just don’t get the logic. I am sharing a post I wrote on Linkedin…please click the blue link to read…comments welcome!

Libs-Kill the babies as they come out if you like.

Libs-Save the caterpillars!

Libs-Global Warming and radiation kills Americans-not Mexicans.

Libs-Jeffrey Epstein the human trafficker an child rapist should not be punished- Bill & Hillary C.

Libs-What priests?

Any More Proof Needed Folks? Gay Orgy With Drugs At Vatican! Yes I’m Serious. Not Surprised.

And we wonder why I can’t get a report in Predator Albert Gondek.

Another Sick In The Head Whacko

Not unlike the pedo-priest rings we are breaking up- this whack-job use his position in the church to take advantage of kids. For this one case, 50+ counts-so far. String him up. Story below.

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Hang Em High Times


Cutting Edge Parenting Tips

I just wanted to update my list of the most risky and frisky adults to keep your kids away from. I actually used to rate certain clowns as  #1-  followed by any traveling fair roadie that tours through West Virginia that IS NOT A FOOD VENDOR as #2 – and  coming in a close 3rd was any Santa Clause that only volunteered at malls.

Times have changed. So my duty to you as a social worker and a fellow parent, is to update you on the current ratings.  Today they are as follows. This may shock some, but I have my sources..

1- Catholic Priests.

2- Politicians in DC older then 65.

3- Tie between the fair roadie/ and the Volunteer Santa ( in malls only)


As a matter of fact due to recent developments in my own 15 year involvement in the pedo-priest movement- I am now researching a disturbing question. Do you have to be a priest to be a pedophile- or do you have to be a pedophile to become a priest?

In conclusion, I recommend ( as I do with my little ones still at home) that you do the following;

1-Lift your own children into the rides at the traveling fairs.

2- Pull a chair up next to Santa Clauses knee at the mall- place your child there.

3-Never- under any circumstances allow your child to be in the position with a priest that is pictured above.

That’s all for now and safe parenting!





Some Thoughts For Today..


Subway Sicko Jerod Claims Subway Diet Gave Him Acute Pedophilia

Sadly I cannot even say Im surprised, but It always takes me back when I think of what perverted and twisted pedophiles do to children I generally believe in rehabilitation but I have yet to hear even a theory about how to cast that demon from hell out of people.
The tbings that Fogle did long term and caught on tape are repulsive. There is not a chance of survival for anyone who touches one of my kids. As a matter of fact I have already thought out whuch body parts I would chop off while I remind them of what they did. It would be a long, slow death with full experience of the horror of being a victim of that type.
Sexual selfishness is one thing. Invading and degrading the emotional and physical vulnerability of a helpless child is not on my list of things that one can do and be rehabilitated. It’s maybe the only thing that seems to never leave the predator; the sick desire to have sex with small children. No matter how much jail time,consequences, or death threats, the records show they would repeat in a New York second. It happens every day.

What is just as criminal is the fact that money works in favor of the lowest form of life. Fogle was arrested quietly, brought to sentencing very quickly, maybe a month. He paid a million bucks to 10 of his victims quietly, and somehow, some way, he managed to squeeze by with a 15 year sentence. I believe his crimes call for 50 years. Not many people know all of what he was involved in as the media did not make it a top priority as it should have been. He is recorded on tape for a period of 4 years telling the other person of his flings with 6 and 7 year olds by flying out-of-state , paying parents large sums to let him do his disgusting thing.Thousands of child pornography images on his computer, and much more that I wont go into because I hate throwing up in my mouth.

My dilemma is this; I am a fan of forgiveness. I believe in repentance. I am only forgiven myself because of the shed blood of Jesus. I’m a sinner like everyone. My bible says forgive much, but the sinner cannot continue in the hurtful sin.
So in the case of drug addicts or alcoholics, there are options for treatment. Peop!e do change sometimes. I just havent heard anything about sex offenders changing, stopping, or even being remorseful.
With that said, I have to wonder how and why ANY child predator would be set free over and over again just to repeat the same behavior. Honestly I have often thought that every sex offender should be instantly put to death like John Wayne Gacy who was executed by firing squad after it was discovered that he had body after body of dead and raped children in his basement.
Why doesnt every pedophile get that treatment? After all if we all had a choice to be caught in a dark alley with a child rapist or a Ponzi scheme king,I think we would choose the con man. My child could recover much quicker from being “Ponzied” then being raped and or killed. Yet we keep the tax fraud and white-collar criminals in the hole for decades, and let the violent sex offenders out in half that time!

So my question is, if there is no viable chance of rehab or remorse with the pedophiles, why don’t they get put down immediately after they are proven guilty,? They took a life of a child whether they actually murdered them after raping them or not.
Most victims of that type of abuse never recover, and many end up taking their lives when they get older and realize how wounded they are. My own brother chose that route and it is a lie to think the sexual assault and the problems that come later in life due to it are not related. There is no ” getting over ” sexual molestation. It causes confusion with identity, sexual issues that can prevent intimacy with a spouse and much more.
The shame alone can be unbearable and interrupt daily functioning.
Jarod Fogle is not a guy who made some mistakes in his life. He is cold-blooded molester with ice in his veins. We all have skeletons,but most of us do whatever it takes to stop hurting others. There is a big difference between hating your behavior,attempting anything possible to change-and just hating the fact the you were caught.
This just confirms what I have always believed about people who reject the idea of God and the idea that each of his children are special.It really is evidence of atheism, in that the benefit atheists have while on earth is that they can create their own conscious . No rules, whatever feels good goes and no conviction or remorse at all.
I think those offenders should die and while they wait in prison they should not be in protective custody. After all, did the child have protection when they came around? Let me know how you vote on this.

What Should We Be Telling Our Children About The Crazy Things They See in This World Everyday?

Wow. Not a day goes by that one of my kids don’t point at something then ask me ” why are they doing that “- it used to be a once in awhile thing but in the last decade or 2 things have changed.These days we are not debating if they are old enough to get an earring . I think about the changes being very carefully introduced into society that 20 years ago would not be discussed, yet today things of that nature are commonplace.

I notice that with all the changes most parents try to avoid contact or any accountability. Do any parents ( like me) still cry in bed once in awhile at what our children face each day? I pray that my kids would be so aware of what is right and wrong that their convictions would overpower their temptations.I think each day about how they will handle not flying into la-la land each day believing that what they see in this world is good just because that’s what people are doing. I happen to be a believer. I am a Christian who is is fortunate enough to have been taught the tools of the church (Bible). Even my smaller children recognize sin when they see it, once in a while in our home and out.

I am not preaching the Gospel here, but I am suggesting that you have a home base for all.

In order to do this as parents, we must  model and participate in the types of things we wish for them to learn. I am opposed to sheltering our children from whats out there, as they need to see the consequences of our actions. However today’s world is no longer even realistic, and sometimes it is straight up nasty, and the people who support the nasty  are those high in office. Big problems for us parents. We have got to avoid the mistake of trusting what popular political figures are lighting a spark to so that our kids avoid the inferno ahead.

Please comment with any ideas you have found helpful!


Have You Really Taught Your Child What A Child Predator is?

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I thought I would start my post with some reminders of the sad things going on, before I move on to some sick things going on. Here”s the question to you- Have you given your child a fair shot at not becoming the victim of a child predator?  I am not asking if you have  told them not to talk to strangers or useless crap like that. I mean have you done your homework by studying the methods predators use to lure children into their vehicle, the woods, or wherever – all while the parents were sitting close by chatting.

Recently a police officer volunteered his 8 year daughter and himself to video a scene at a park . ” Aint no way she will go off with anyone” and he went on to brag how being in law enforcement he has taught her the ropes.

About 10 minutes after they started shooting, a very old man, with a cane who could barely walk made his way near the slide the girl was on. He sat near her crying and staring at a picture. The girl and a few others went over to the old wretched man and make sure he was not needing a doctor or ambulance.

The man slowly raised the picture higher and on the picture was an older photo of a very cute puppy. The man went on to tell the kids that the dog snuck off his leash and disappeared – worse yet his wife of 40 years cherished the dog. His wife was coming home from a hospital procedure that night and he could not go back without the dog.

The kids felt bad and agreed to each walk around the park for a few minutes to see if they saw the dog. As the kids scattered the old man seemed to be slowly walking toward the girl. He got near the line where the park meets the woods, and shouted ” Hey I just saw my puppy! He went right in there, in the woods.

The only one within earshot was the policemans daughter, and she came right over and asked ” where did he go, point me the direction”. She did run back in the woods, and he was no old man with a puppy. Actually he was a convicted felon with enough arrests for pedophilia that he earned the badge of Child Predator.

At that point the officer had seen enough to be worried and he went off running in the direction as his daughter. To his surprise, there was no puppy, but just about 15 yards further they found a van. They opened it and found all kinds of tapes, kids in pornographic material, a his license which revealed he was actually not married, about 30 years younger than he dressed and looked, and had 5 previous jail stays for lewd/child molestation. The camera crew, the father and everyone around were shocked.

I wont go into detail about what they do to these poor kids, but its something I wont write. Bottom line, do your homework and teach your children through role- playing about how to handle these situations. I live in a decent area, yet the stats show that 1 in every 19 people that live here are child predators.

Word to my people- and fellow parents– this one is critical.


Is This Really Happening? Sexual Predators At Disney?

Another problem nobody seems to be aware of. Sexual predators are being busted left and right trying to have sex with little girls. These guys are full blown adults. Husbands, fathers and going from their jobs at Sea World or maybe a law firm to meet who they think is an underage girl for sex. i am sure we have all seen it 20/20 or some other special. However it is a growing problem and so far in my state of Florida, I have really seen only one man as pissed off about it as I am.

Grady Judd, the long time advocate for these kids is the sheriff of Polk County Florida. He has a passion to get these scumbags off of the streets. If you have children, imagine the horror of finding out that your 8 or 9 year old was brutally raped. Law or no law, if that happened to one of my kids, it would be immediate execution behind the barn. Old school-backwoods and with at least a few hours of relentless torture in places they never knew they even had before any shots fired.

Anyhow, how this ties into my blog is that over the years I have worked with many children who were sexually abused by their own family members, but as to not be revealed, they took their children tho therapists or psychiatrists and reported odd symptoms typical of anti-social behavior, which just by chance are similar to the symptoms of sexual abuse.

If you do nothing else, check your local area on the internet to see where they live by you. Check this article out..By the way, these guys do less time then most no-violent offenders.


“Wherever you find children, you’ll find sexual predators:” Dozens of theme park employees caught in sex stings, child porn arrests

Another Slime Bag Caught Selling Children For Sex.

Lowest Form. No Words..

Pro- Pedophile Woman in Leadership Role. We Wonder Why We Have Problems?

Pro- Pedophile Woman in Leadership Role. We Wonder Why We Have Problems?

As I have mentioned at least 62 times on this blog, I think pedophiles should get the death penalty. Period. It is a crime with no rationale explanation, no known cure, and it is literally killing and torturing our children.

So what is our world doing about it? We put a Pro- Pedophilia woman in public office. I think she is as guilty as the freaks ( not a clinical term) that commit these acts on babies and little children. I will never, ever back down on this. Sometimes I just am amazed at the morons we choose to run our villages.