It Must Be Getting Heavy For The JV To Take These Thrashings One After The Other…Tap Out Already. (Part 1/2)

Page 1- Secret Liberal Strattegee book…

Page 1- Secret Liberal Stratijee book..

Page 1-Secret Libbral Strategy book…-

Dang It! Ok Here…

Page 1- Trump Kneeds impeachment…

Page 1- Trummp Needs Impeachemtn…

Page 1- Ok Trump is a bad spelerr…

( watch as a man is redirected below)

It’s got to feel like you don’t even speak the same language, for these Libs to keep attempting to even pick up the table scraps from the likes of her and the rest…a real pity. Go home while you can rookie.
It has happened to all of us at some point or another. We belabor a point. We regurgitate the same information and feed it back to ourselves again and again until we realize we just continue to vomit and reload the poison. Hopefully we catch the lesson and go home. We wake up the next day and pray that the 4th grade will be better.

I actually am surprised to see the above clip at this point in time. i mean, I must admit that ever since witnessing the whole Hillary for President charade, the embarrassing lies, inability to point out the place where she took ” heavy fire” on a map and the mental breakdowns after hr loss, I thought we had seen the last of that type of meltdown. Yet something inside me could not help but notice a very unusual trait in both the first loser in the race for President, and pretty much the rest of the JV team.
I saw the distinct and clear-absence of shame. I picked up on the almost superpower of one human to not just illustrate for the world what Borderline Personality looks like -but to lie and project without any appearance of even a slight hesitation. It was as if any shred of moral skin had been seared and there were now no rules, no boundaries at all -and with complete inner peace.
That is a dangerous place to be.

The Speaker has mastered the art of ” I truly believe what I am saying” face…

It matters not who the tool is that steps up to the big league plate with a whifall- bat full of holes. The playbook is the same, the outcome is the same, and the only thing that changes is the amount of obedient sheep the batter can keep on the team. The lies always have to get bigger and more dramatic, to outdo the ones from the week before. The projection seems to increase to the point where even some of your own are caught chuckling -until they realize you really are trying to sell this one!

I was not sure how I would approach this topic when it felt right to tackle it. One, if they allow themselves to, could get truly caught up in the hundreds of individual pieces to the greater puzzle and write endlessly on the same material regifted in even weaker and more rank material.

No, I have been careful to stay on task in my observation and not allow myself to miss the shift in paradigm, not to glance away, even for a moment when this moment came. The moment? Oh, I simply mean when the routine is officially spent. Not that the people would not continue to ” Wag The Dog” for another mile, but that the routine could not sustain itself any longer.

Its when so many lies have been told they begin to act as hidden explosive devices all around you, and you have no record of them all. It is when nobody actually moved to Canada. It happens when the pairing off of your accusations against the President so very much define the exact actual behavior of your team, that when you utter the attempted sling, your own crew goes silent and starts looking at their feet.

It occurs when you accuse your excellent leader of the same crimes and hideous betrayals of this country that your own leader actually committed when he got a shot. It is just too damn close to that shadow, too much like what you were a part of to try and cast to another. Even when you have mastered the body language, the sincerity and false concern, your words simply carry more weight then even your mouth can haul.

Words like ” impeachment” which come so easily in the JV locker room, just do not sail as smoothly when launched at man with actual character. It may fit the bill on your team, but it is even too much for your best soldiers to truly buy. It is pressing the envelope, wearing out your verbal privilege, over -extending your grace period of bullshit.

The result of running this game too long is that you begin to feel, and we begin to see all the things that were meant to stay ” secret”. Strategies are exposed, plans backfire, you get sloppy, and everyone at the same time realizes that although we likely will not cross party lines and jump into an agreeing group huddle, we all know what time it is. The lines are a little harder to remember for you all, the effect is just not the same, and the peanut gallery on the left that you so took for granted is slowly but steadily leaving you.

At the same time, the accused, in this case relentlessly since day one, can finally get the opportunity to speak, and when he does-it stings. For example today when the speaker made a valiant effort at trying to use the greatest President in a long time an the ” I ” word in the same sentence, it was met with a quiet but powerful reply from her leader-

” We must remember I did not do anything wrong either.”

That is NOT the point Mr. President! LOL…

This is the result of the game, and whether it is dragged out or put down quickly, like a sick animal, the ship sinks. The tide makes sure of it, and in this case the tide is strong and without hesitation. So we will see this as a country as the pieces have crumbled more rapidly and often then ever as Sarah once again was forced to remind.

There is another part however to the great mystery of the CCP (Cerebral Capacity Gap) between the left and right, those with a gauge for wrong and right, and those seemingly have absolutely no boundaries or limits to their darkness. The difference between people who can watch and support the shredding of a human baby from his or her mother’s womb, but on the same breath support the right to life for the caterpillar and the sea turtle egg?

Is this difference purely political? A difference in mindset? Or perhaps is there a spiritual aspect involved? It is a very worthwhile discussion, and one I will address in the next post in this snapshot of how I see things today. However we cannot mix the already discussed tactics, and miss the forthcoming story as it unfolds, with matters of the heart and of the light & darkness. Let’s pay attention to the inning we are in and see just how well a play was called by a lying, apathetic, corrupt and pitiful excuse for Americans.

Stay Tuned,


Its Just No Fun When They Make It This Easy

These people are going to put many people in the media out of work, They are eliminating any need for commentary…
















Mailbag Time! The Questions Only We Dare Answer..

Dear DLMK,

Riddle me this. What do you get when you take 45 – 1 + 8 years and add in 90%?

Joe in Texas

Joe, you have to bring your A game here. Thats not even hard. 

Answer: the amount of felony counts Hillary Clinton should be charged with for lying under oath (44)

8 years? 

Answer: The length of time we put an anti-American, anti God delusional man in the highest office in the country!

90% :

Answer: the amount of intelligence that Donald Trump could lose and still be light years ahead of the delusional president ! Simple.
Dear DLMK,

Why dont you lay off us about leaving the country because Trump was elected? You know we were joking . Plus you came down so hard on Hillary just because she doesnt know how to use email. We are not all techies.Then you jumped on her because she had a little memory lapse about where Benghazi was. Dang she was under fire there remember? Maybe a little slack for PTSD? Have a little respect for our professional and personal track records you m#*th@_.


Miley ( anytime/anyone) Cyrus

The very rev. Al ( race-baiter) Sharpton

Cher ( just Cher)

Charlie ( i smoked the biggest rocks of crack ) Sheen

Whoopi (dont be callin me ghetto) Goldberg.

 Dear stars,

I actually got Mr Trump to chime in on this as Im not qualified to debate this.

Mr Trump;

Hello folks. Happy new year to you all. Let me just tell you up front that even though you rallied against me saying you would leave the country if I won, I as an understanding man had already made arrangements for every one of you to be full time employees of mine in whatever country you went to. 

I can never find enough help to sort and stack the 100$ bills that my investments earn daily. You Charlie, in particular, i think you are picking up what Im putting down, from what i hear you are quite experienced at rolling bills up..if you get me.

Rev. Al, you are forever welcome to carry my luggage as I noticed you enjoy jetsetting and quick media.appearances. 

Miley, I also own property in Vegas, perhaps that might suit your, um , personality.


I got you babe.


Much respect as well. You can work alongside my head housekeeper. Thats no joke either . You have shown your gifts on The View. 

I will always have 2 tickets to paradise for all of you.Heck Ill fly you for free and even get you a quick meet and greet with my pilot. 


Donald ( but you can call me Mr. PRESIDENT) Trump.

Thanks Mr. President.
Ok people thats it for now. Oh wait, just allow me to give my own shot at humor…its my first time so dont be hard on me..

How do we know for sure.that more then one believes Obama has left one shred of a ” legacy” in 8 years?

Answer, Narcissists have split personalities…thats 2. 

So it was my first try. I thought it was decent. ..