Shocking! The FDA?

But they regulate all the drugs by big Pharma…..

Oh…that’s right.

Can Anyone Verify My Sanity? Am I The Only One Is Confused? Help!

I am at a loss for words. That is rare too..I just don’t get the logic. I am sharing a post I wrote on Linkedin…please click the blue link to read…comments welcome!

Libs-Kill the babies as they come out if you like.

Libs-Save the caterpillars!

Libs-Global Warming and radiation kills Americans-not Mexicans.

Libs-Jeffrey Epstein the human trafficker an child rapist should not be punished- Bill & Hillary C.

Libs-What priests?

Drug Rehabs That Keep Patients Addicted- For Insurance Money…Yeah Its Real. Real Pathetic.


It’s Almost Too Nasty To Be Real…


If I told you just a few of the horror stories of drug rehabs and the goings on in there you may think I was crazy. I am speaking truth and this pitiful example is just one of hundreds or more of centers just in Florida that are either serving up heroin to their addicts or doing anything to keep billing insurance.

I’ll be posting some other examples and sadly most are in my home state of Florida but it does happen everywhere. Click the blue link to see the scumbag of the year .



I Don’t Have Words…Do You?

Here is another example of someone trying to call attention to the pedophile ( alleged) Joe Biden. For the life of me I don’t understand how nobody has been held accountable for the molesting of many kids by not just Biden but his former boss Obama.

No media seems to be even interested, yet they are drooling at the idea that Trump was with an adult woman years ago. Should they not at least get equal press?

Again I have to wonder if pedophilia is a much bigger issue than anyone realizes.

Catholic Priest Pedopriest Ring- FBI Latest To Show No Concern…

lalalala man

I feel like I’m going to go crazy and at this point it’s not a very long trip..

As those of you who follow me know, I have been following a pedophile priest in Lexington North Carolina by the name of Father Albert Gondek. Gondek has been in the priesthood for 50 years and known to be guilty of molesting many kids, but never being charged due to the money and lawyers of the Catholic church who has paid put about six billion dollars to victims so far to get them to settle and not go to trial.


Father Albert Gondek- Child Predator

Gondek recently was proven guilty of molesting 8 boys over two years at Our Lady Of The Rosary Catholic church in Lexington. I stayed in touch with David Fain who is one if the leaders of the Charlotte diocese and he is the one who ended up telling me that Gondek did in fact molest these boys but instead of all the mess of getting the law involved , the church decided to give him an early paid retirement with a promise to pray while enjoying his retirement.

Meantime most of the boys he molested returned to their old lives of crime or drugs after being involved in Gondek”s church. One was deported to Mexico just two weeks after he testified to a parishioner about the abuse. However he did leave behind a four page typed statement if all the priests involved, how they intimidated the families and threatened to take jobs, food and cars away from the families if the boys ever spoke up about being repeatedly raped over two years.


The statement was offered to the local and state police, the children’s services and the state’s attorney in North Carolina. Nobody was interested in knowing that there was an entire diocese in the Charlotte area that we’re still holding child molestation pedophilia and making arrangements for children who have been arrested to get out-of-the-way or be paid off just to protect the priest who molested them. The Catholic church was intimidated even the law into thinking that they can do their own yes we know from experience that even if they find the priest guilty they just move them to another diocese.

This week I decided to contact the FBI in North Carolina in the Charlotte area to see if they might be interested in for the sex crimes unit to investigate this massive cult going on of child molestation in Charlotte North Carolina diocese. Even the FBI did not take a report. I am at a loss for words and have no idea what the Catholic church is doing for law enforcement that they will not even take a report of such a heinous crime.

They are allowing kids to be raped day after day by these Catholic priest’s, but I’m not going to give up and I want anybody who has any information to continue to try to make people aware of what’s going on. They would not even give me the location or where father Gondek has lived because he is supposed to register as a sexual offender. The Police and FBI seem to be protecting these rapists. He’s probably molesting more kids right now. To give you an idea of how many people he’s molested when I first wrote on my blog about this I had six emails regarding Gondek, three of them were from people who have been molested by him themselves.

I am losing faith in law enforcement in general after this and I am sick and tired of seeing television shows where the FBI shows how they captured some fugitive and are so proud of themselves, when they know thousands of kids are being raped by catholic priests right now and they have no interest. It tells me they either condone the behavior, or they are also on the payroll of the Catholic church. Either way it sucks. How pathetic.

These kids have no voice at all.

The Catholic Church Has Paid Out $3,994,797,060.10 as a Result of the Sex Abuse Scandals – Friendly Atheist


If this doesn’t make you think twice about sending your little kid into the hands of a Catholic priest, I have no other data for you.

This is nearly 4 BILLION just to pay the people NOT to testify against pedopriests.

How disgusting is this? Really think about this and maybe some of you who still don’t believe my statement that the Catholic church is the biggest pedophile racket around will reconsider….


Bishop Says If  A Priest Decides To Molest A Little Boy Or Girl, And The Kid Is at Least 7- Its Their Fault Too….Yes I Am Serious.

I have been working with families and children who have been all kinds of abused. For Twenty years and some change I have seen things that I did not know existed. It all started when right out of college I took a live -in position as a foster parent for Boystown ( Father Flanagans).

During that time I had about 40 live in teens -all victims of sexual abuse usually by family members or clergy. Its ironic looking back that one of the largest supporters and pedophile rackets is the entire Roman Catholic church, and people praise the all Catholic Boystown for fixing the wounds of sexual abuse. So they are to me like a sneaky mechanic who breaks your engine on purpose every week, then offers his services as a repairman. I guess job security too. The point of this post is not to regurgitate what we already have heard or suspect, but to dig our heals in and find who is behind this freedom for raping any kid in the Catholic church and almost never being investigated, and having the church conduct their own ” investigations” . In todays example we see things that most Catholics will never see, and you wont see it in the Sunday Bulletin. The little laws that have huge consequences. In this case we see a Bishop putting a bug In everyones ear that in a few more years may quietly become law. The Catholic church is excellent at putting in place laws and restricting different of state by state of consequences for priests who molest kids -and that’s where they shuffle them around for state-to-state so quickly when they’re caught but they put all these things in place years and years ago you know a half a century ago in order to be protected whenever they’re caught. Well you dont need to be Columbo to crack this case. It tells you something right there they’ve set the agenda so that they can protect themselves from molesting children. That indicates more than one or two just a few bad apples.

So I’m going to try and keep posting on these little incidents that occur that become official at some point later on because the general public is still up in the air about whether there’s a huge problem with priests molesting kids or a lot of Catholics will defend it and say it’s just a few bad apples like in every profession. 

I guarantee you this is not a bad apple or two- this is a racket. In many states a whole diocese is all involved and I’ve had the proof,  I brought it to law enforcement they will not even take a report. 

Everyone is intimidated by the Catholic Church. The non-profit SNAP ( represent adult survivors of sexual abuse by clergy)  they are twenty or thirty thousand strong just in North Carolina I have seen reports recently they attempted to bring two priests forward into court who had been multiple offenders and the victims are still living and willing to testify. 

Immediately the Catholic church came at them with 10 lawyers and lawsuits over a million dollars trying to shut them down- that’s how they work , they are bullies- bullies have power and they have money and so while the general public may believe that it’s not sure it’s a big problem, Im putting everyone on notice now it is an organized racket from the Vatican down and I’m going to show you in time .

Let me tell you how the Catholic investigations work. First order of business is to get the priest in the case out to some luxurious place on vacation as long as he needs to be there and the next order of business is to get rid of the mouth. Whomever spoke up -whomever was talking too much- you have to deport them in some cases if it can be made to happen. Sometimes people just disappear- the last resort is to comtinue to give people ” an offer they refuse” thats a total now of over 6 Billion dollars the church has paid out to people to recant, say they dont remember, just whatever it takes for the accused from the Catholic church  NOT to have to go to trial.

 Otherwise they would surely be found guilty if they had to appear in court. Most of the evidence in these cases are absolutely disgusting and the church has77 little or no chance at any victory at all because it is so repulsive and so blatant so they do whatever it takes to avoid having to go to court. The Vatican itself filed in court years ago for the Italian police to be no longer allowed to look into or be any part of any molestation investigations at all. Its become an actual reality in the states that I can personally tesify to.

This clip is about how one Bishop has started an idea a few years ago that is so ridiculous if anybody in the public did actually get wind of this they would think he was crazy  but because of the continuing pattern of the Catholic Church getting laws passed behind people’s backs that protect them this is likely at some point to become a law or similar which is disgusting just by the very nature of it.


Bishop-” If a child is 7 or older, he or she is culpable when one of us has sex with them”






Wow. So Probation Is Now The Going Rate For Murdering A Baby. Oh, If Your A Muslim That Is..

Wow we certainly are showing quite the ” religious tolerance ” arent we? I wonder if  I can rob a few banks as long it falls under my religious beliefs..

Laws? What Laws?

Update ; Father Albert Gondek- Sexual Predator.Hope You Haven’t Eaten Yet..

I recently found this article posted by a close friend of Father Albert Gondek on his 2007 accusation of sexual misconduct in the same church in the same state of Lexington North Carolina. As you can see the author has  nothing but positive words to say. He  is a great man and  would do nothing to harm anybody.  If that poor man knew what he was really doing.

And that was his last accusation. You can see how people would think that there’s nothing wrong with him when somebody would write an article especially another Pastor clearing him of any wrong doing when he didn’t even know the outcome of the investigation back then. I wanted you all to see how the system works. He actually was getting prayers for him during this time instead of being investigated. Then the big party to welcome in back to his playground to continue to molest more kids over the years..sad..

Hear, Hear…The Most Ignored Fact In Treatment Today..

Sadly the only time that providers will truly recognize and acknowledge that addiction is a disease is when they have no choice because  payers  quit paying for crappy results. It’s the only way overbilling can continue. Soon I hope the providers will be held accountable for more than what we’re getting. It’s about time..but at least it’s coming …nothing to write home about..

But when they acknowledge it as a disease it will justify the repeat billing and the constant relapses just like another disease -like diabetes or anything else. Better late then never ..

She Has Announced The 24th Reason Why She Did Not Win, But Refusing To Say ” Lost” -As This Baby Was              ” Stolen ”  From Her…

Hillary don’t you think you lost this election fair and square? Just a simple right or wrong will suffice.  – I mean if…

“WRONG!! Tell them Willy , tell them I won ! ”

Ex-Chappaqua High School Drama Teacher Pleads Guilty To Endangering Welfare Of A Child-Pro Pedophilia Judge Blows Him A Symbolic Kiss With A Compliment …Vile..String Them Both Up

Wow. Just wow. Here I have been wondering day after day year after year why nobody will even take a report about a priest who has molested 7 boys. Then I see articles like this and I have my answer. The sad part about this is one of two things is happening. Either the defendant is doing the judge -or the judge is a pedophile too. There is no other excuse for leniency in this type of situation. It should be a decision about life in prison or possibly worse not probation and counseling with a compliment from the court for molesting kids. 

Does the judge have to blow him a kiss or exchange phone numbers right in court for anybody to get it?

This just serves as another piece of evidence that I did not want to hear or believe lately..  I think the problem is that there are more pedophiles in authority figure positions than we ever ever imagined. Teachers, cops judges you name it because if you’re not against it you are definitely for it.

 In this type of situation if you don’t mind a child being raped and molested or sodomized and you can walk away feeling okay about that there’s something not right and it means you’re either taking part in it or benefiting from it some way or somehow.

I don’t know about you but that makes me absolutely want to vomit. The guy openly admitted to molesting kids in his care and gets a compliment from the judge for seeking treatment for alcohol.


 Amazing just amazing. If you’re a parent and you put your kids in the care of another adult you definitely need to know who is watching your child. 

 I don’t care if its the family friend for the whole decade -was the teacher or the priest or the uncle .

There is no accountability anymore -anybody is fair game that will rape kids and that is sad. And then people wonder why we have these transgender problems -sexual identity problems -kids committing suicide .

Instead of naming the truth which is they’ve been molested,  we try and justify it by saying they had a pre-existing condition of being other wrong sex or they’re coming out as something they shouldhave been a long time ago. That’s BS .

They were molested or messed with somewhere somehow…

Maybe that’s one of the judges that was busy painting his toenails during the session because he was bored..

 I’m sure the defendant will repay the judge in some way for his mercy..

Level Of Defense = Measure Of Guilt? 

So, I heard an interesting fact this morning on a credible news source. In the past year , the Obama administration spent more then 32  million dollars in legal fees to block anyone requesting records that should be public. Hmm. 

As a matter of fact 77% of those who formally requested records got nothing. 

You make the call.



Witness who charged FBI agent with pedophilia found murdered? –

If you are a parent and this does not scare the hell out of you I would be amazed.

If you find yourself attracted to little kids…Cut your hands off before touching them. By the way , these are the ” good guys ” …Wow.Just wow.


Killer Meds? What Are You Taking?

Not much publicity about the failure rate of psychotropic meds in mental health. However there is plenty of data out there. Which meds have you tried ?