Are There Still Any Doubters To My Long Time Claim About The Catholic Pedophile Racket? Anyone?



Sorry Your Popeness- But I Am Calling BS On Your Lie Here–You Do Condone And Support Pedopriests…Gotcha!

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It always amazes me between the cocaine orgies at the Vatican and the thousands of pedopriests that the Pope pardons, that he claims to feel bad for the little play toys those freaks chase around the altar when nobody is looking.

Recently the Pope has said how badly he feels for the children harmed by priests and there will be action…you better believe there will be action! More pedopriests having their way with the altar boys…because the truth came out long ago-click blue link below..

The Catholic church is the best kept organized pedophile racket in the world and it stinks from the head down- the Pope. 

Recently he again vowed discipline- but take a look at the other link..




Your Popeness-You Said Mercy For The Pedopriests




Sad state of affairs when we currently have almost 30k American priests alone under investigation for child abuse. Oh, and that is the figure the church puts out- so I figure double it.


A Creepy Sex-Cult Scandal and Firebombed Churches Greet Pope Francis in Latin America

This is dedicated to my followers who have said my claims of massive pedopriest cults like the North Carolina one I have followed by are exaggerated.

I’ve documented in this blog usually involving Father Albert Gondek who was recently blessed by the North Carolina diocese for molesting 7 boys over a 2 year period. He was guilty alright, but his penalty was paid early retirement with a promise to do penance.

So I’m kicking it up a notch for you naysayers. Here’s more of a satanic group of pedopriests….

I’m curious to hear how the pope justifies the satanic brand of rapists in his confessionals..


WOW! Police Say ” No”  When I asked To Give Evidence Of Pedo-Priest ..Refuse To Take a Report !

Well it’s no wonder the jackass is smiling in his pictures. 

I just told the head  detective in North Carolina and his area that I have the statement from the victim five other victims – plus two adults  eyewitnesses and want him to take a report – and he refused.




Vatican Gives The Thumbs Up To Hide Pedophile Priests. My Brother Was Groomed-He Shot Himself In The Head.

I often contemplate what I feel to be the most heinous crimes against human beings. They are all bad, and many leave lifelong scars. However, some crimes are at least on the surface more hideous and deserving of punishment than others. One of those crimes is the taking of the innocence by those trusted to actually preserve it. Specifically, I am referring to molestations that seem to plague the Catholic Church in this world. Priests who are treating altar boys as their personal sex toys, and not only continuing on in the priesthood, but avoiding any legal issues. The pedophile protection law has been signed in Vatican city. How pathetic.

Words really fail me, and I was hesitant to attempt to post on this. I could not find any picture / image that could possibly capture what I feel about this crime – so I wing it with words only, and find myself sick to my stomach as I type.
I have seen what this crime can do to the innocent, and am amazed at the decision made to le the pedophile priests be protected from legal prosecution.

One night, many years ago I was sitting next to a young man, who just a few minutes later would end his life by putting a bullet in his head. Mystified, I went through my brother’s room looking for any clue as to why this had happened. It was not long after that I had my answer. His high school priest had been following him through college via letters, highly inappropriate and disgusting letters.

My own brother was a victim of this sickening crime. The priest is still in the priesthood today, just shuffled around a little, and nobody wanted to hear about the letters. How many more did he violate? He may still be today. Suicide is the answer that many of these confused and frustrated boys and young men choose. Suicide. All because some pervert priest wanted to get off using a child for his prey. No consequences. As a matter of fact the church even supports and covers up these acts, we have all seen it. Recently they made it public though and it is a hard pill to swallow for people like me who think the death penalty is the only suitable punishment for the pedophile priest.

That is all I have to say. Sad times in the world when this is accepted and even supported. God knows what else is going on that is being covered up. Judgment may tarry, but judgment will come- and that is what keeps me going when it comes to things of this nature. Thanks for reading. Pray for change in the church and accountability for those in charge of the young people today. God help us.