Stop Judging Others Because They Sin Differently Then You-

Its so easy to point out the flaws in others. Im guilty of it on occasion and I have to reset myself.

Why do we do it? Whats in for us? Actually there is alot in it f88???m?

Ror us. For all the wrong reasons.

The Many Faces Of Babies…This Place is Out to Change the Lives of People!

I saw a show about this type of service that helps children with deformities and thought it was a great resource for anyone who knows of a family in need of this service…



Here is an article that addresses some ways to deal with bullying. One stat that popped out at me was that 160,000 kids stay home each day due to bullying. Wow. This needs to stop, but how? Read this and leave any comments you may have!!



Bullying prevention in Orange County- ” dozens” turn out.

People wonder why the bullying and thug life is growing at such a rapid rate with children and teens these days, kids are dying, getting shot, imitating violent videos thinking they could handle a life like the people acting in them. A 12-year-old recently jumped to her death after being bullied through Facebook and at school. Children are killing their parents. Parents are killing their own children.

Now comes the Orange County Public school system, much of Orlando Florida to offer parents a few pointers on prevention and detection of bullying. Thousands would be there, right? Dozens were there. Dozens.What a telling day about how much effort parents are making to make a change in this area. It is the sad reality of what is going on with our children and families today. Here is the article from WFTV about this event


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Should parents be able to take over their child’s school for non performance?

Interesting concept. Do you think the problems in schools like the ones in this project are the kids? The parents? The teachers? The standards? Personally, I think it is useless to try to teach children anything if they have never been taught the necessary social skills to be able to be taught. I also think that teachers are responsible to model the expectation behaviorally, before they can ever get to the idea of teaching. I would not ask someone to build a house without making sure they had a set of tools that were sufficient. Along those lines, I have learned from operating programs for expelled kids, that I could not ask them to be willing to learn and listen, when they did not have the skill set needed. That is called setting a kid up for failure. Now, with that said, it may be the parents who are responsible for not teaching the skills, but that is an entirely different topic, that we will address. What are you thinking as you read this? Please share.

If you or someone you know needs help with behavioral issues, or family problems, you can contact me for personal attention and follow through with your loved one or friend.