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Welcome! Before you learn about some of what we will do for you, your family or your loved ones let me first tell  you that for whatever reason you have been placed in the hands of some very caring, very educated and experienced people who love nothing more than seeing others recover from the hurt, the suffering, the depression or anything that has stopped them from living life the way it should be lived. Make very sure, that if you choose not to get help with us, you understand it will statistically likely be years before you seek it out again. That is real talk my friend. I say this because you got here.

Don’t walk away from a chance for freedom.

We help adults and children.


ATTENTION-Read Until You See ” Final Point” before you go on to the rest of page…

In a recent interview the MD of Daimler Benz (Mercedes Benz) said their competitors are no longer other car companies but Tesla (obvious), Google, Apple, Amazon ‘et al’ are…… There have always been the 3 constants … Death, Taxes and CHANGE!

  • Software will disrupt most traditional industries in the next 5-10 years.
  • Uber is just a software tool, they don’t own any cars, and are now the biggest taxi company in the world
  • Airbnb is now the biggest hotel company in the world, although they don’t own any properties.
  • Artificial Intelligence: Computers become exponentially better in understanding the world. This year, a computer beat the best Go player in the world, 10 years earlier than expected.

In the US, young lawyers already don’t get jobs. Because of IBM Watson, you can get legal advice (so far for more or less basic stuff) within seconds, with 90% accuracy compared with 70% accuracy when done.

Finally- last but not least Your Health! Surprise!

Health: The Tricorder X price will be announced this year. There are companies who will build a medical device (called the “Tricorder” from Star Trek) that works with your phone, which takes your retina scan, your blood sample and you breathe into it.

It then analyses 54 biomarkers that will identify nearly any disease. It will be cheap, so in a few years everyone on this planet will have access to world-class medical analysis, nearly for free. Goodbye, medical establishment.

Final Point

Thank you for reading the above facts before going on. Now that you see what lies in the near future, you can fully understand how you can manage your overall health without ridiculous prices and endless and useless appointments. You see Don’t Label My Kid! Has brought the Professionals to you here and now.. You mauy need to read the above few paragraphs a few times to fully wrap your brain around it. I know I did. Its amazing for the future, but for today too!


Where To Land When Life Has Your Balloon About To Pop!

We all have this thing. Its daily and never lets up. Work, kids. health, kids, finances, kids, parenting, and of course the family. It’s this thing we call…LIFE!

Relax. The team at Don’t Label My Kid!  was especially designed with LIFE in mind! Whether it’s parenting, suicide, mental health, kids in general that is got you looking you are here on purpose so don’t leave! There is a way we can help everyone.

We have assembled some of the most experienced professionals in all areas that make up this thing we call life; Mind, Body and Spirit! We put them together and made up the Don’t Label My Kid! Team. Each of us has certain areas of expertise that we want to share with those who need them. Without spending your savings account.

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Mental Health -It’s Driving Me Crazy!

No matter the area, Depression, PTSD, Spiritual Help, Addictions, Women’s Counseling, Ad-Hd -Kids & Adults, Anxiety, Social Phobias and many more. We have helped people just like you overcome!

Don’t Label My Kid! Coaching & Counseling Team


“I’m getting sick..I’m getting well..I’m getting sick.. I  feel better, but then again my therapist says I’m in ” denial

I’m now broke too. I think I am depressed.  Maybe not, it could be the fact that my mother died recently and I am just feeling down.  It’s hopeless for me. I am so confused.  I need to call my therapist. What the heck is ” indecisive disorder?”

I feel like dying . ..What does she mean “ Baker Act?” …

And so it goes with many people who are not educated on the business of mental health. If you have ever been to a  ” quick lube ” or ” jiffy lube” for an oil change, you may have experienced the hated peek into the waiting room, when the technician tells you that he found some other major problems with your car.

 Good news he says, we can fix it right here. That will be 79.95$ please. When we think about healthcare in general we need to have the same caution we do in those type situations. No matter whether your general practitioner, your dentist, or in this case we are talking mental health.

    ITS A UNIVERSAL PROBLEM (Only In America That Is..)

The United States represents 5% of the world’s population. Yet we consume 50% of all prescription drugs and 80% of prescription narcotics.

On this particular page I chose to emphasize the area of Mental Health.  However America’s healthcare in general is operating in the same way. We pay and reward providers of all  types of care lots of  “extra”  cash for extending services, stacking services on patient”s plan of care which simply do not apply and are not needed.  Does this mean that each member of the care giving community is purposely defrauding patients an payers? Of course not .

It’s the product of a monster that we created. No accountability and the total reliance on one provider to dictate what will be need to care for any given purpose. If you compared the healthcare system in Canada to America (they have something like 3x the success rate that we do) and identify what is so different , the first thing to stand out is the careful process with which they go through before officially labeling/diagnosing anyone with anything.

If I remember correctly,  before a diagnoses from one doctor for  a serious condition can be made in any of the branches of healthcare, an outside and independent doctor must confirm the diagnoses without any compensation from the first provider.. It seems like common sense and it clearly works.

There are many honest and well-meaning doctors, therapists and professionals in each of the branches of healthcare. However the amount of providers who utilize and take advantage of the  ” pay to fail” or ” keep them sick ” model for financial gain is significant enough that it has a great impact on the general population and is only getting more ridiculous.

My hope is that this brief overview using Mental Health as the example , we can stir up enough concern and interest on the subject to research it and move towards making a change. It’s not just the money wasted, that’s actually the lowest on the list of problems. It is the damaging effect that ANY diagnoses from any health care professional can have on people in any arm of health care.  


Everyone’s kid has a ” disorder” these days- right?

“I Know My Kid’s Got Bi-Polar. I Saw It On The View. They Know About This Stuff”- 

There are many buzz words going around these days about what is “normal” for my child to be doing or how they should be acting at their age. Sadly, people will often watch a popular talk show, and come to the conclusion that their child has a certain disorder…or a friend who just read a good article forwards it to you in an attempt to help diagnose your child with some disorder. I have even heard people discussing what they think their child “is” as they scan magazines in the lines at grocery stores….

How do you find a way to really know if this new obsession with diagnoses for children  (and medications) even applies to you and your situation? You likely wont get any opposition 1 child psychiatrists, as their primary role is to identify a disorder and treat it. Their primary challenge is to find what the child could meet criteria for according to the DSM -V.

In case you were unaware, that book the DSM, or Diagnostic and Statistical Manual that all psychiatrists use to find a diagnoses for their patient, contains ZERO statistics. After all  every single ” disorder ” listed in there was totally made up. No evidence, no data, all theory. In a nutshell, 200 or so psychiatrists or so gather together anonymously every 4-5 years and toss their new ideas for ” disorders” in the hat and vote. Enough votes, and it is in the next version. Sure there is a little more to it but not much.


Then, somehow  by an amazing coincidence -the major drug companies felt a need for a new drug to treat just such the type of disorders the doctors approved and as the group of doctors make the trek down the mountain from their secret meeting place, the drug makers offer up some samples for a new  ” designer” drug made for that purpose. Now that is just something you cannot learn in a textbook.

The doctor writes for it and suddenly finds himself being rewarded for using that drug! Another “disorder”  is born, and new medication on the market.


 The problem is that even smart people like doctors can make up only so many new ” disorders ” It has now gotten to the point that the latest DSM reads like most people’s life at one time or another. So, are we all nuts? Or are we maybe just too gullible? 
Even the names of these new “disorders” are getting more challenging for doctors to make sound clinical. For example I think one recent discovery is something like “teenage rebellion syndrome”  which is the  “medical” term for teens acting, well, like teenagers. Yeah, so there is that.
By the way, we are aware that mental illness is real. There is a need for treatment and in many cases medicine. In many cases however, the root problem and appropriate care for the problem is absolutely unrelated to the recommended treatment plan. Does this really mean that hundreds of thousands of people right now are taking medicine and getting a specific treatment that is useless?
Of Course!
How can this happen so easily? All these  people getting sent to the wrong type doctor and put on medicine that not only wont work, but could hurt the situation even more. How can it be? Let me help you understand.
If you were shopping for a new truck and walked into a Ford dealer, and had a heart to heart with the salesman about just exactly what you need, would you be likely to  get answer A or answer B below. 
A- Well Sir and Ma’am, It is your lucky day, we have 3 of the last years models of that truck out back and the boss said this morning at the sales meeting ” Guys – Move those 3 pickups today! At any cost, we need room  for the new models. I bet I can get you in one for 3k below book, if you buy today!
B- Gosh folks, I would love to help you out but my gut tells me you will enjoy a Chevy much more. Let me give you some directions to the closest dealership and pull the model I think you all will like off the internet so they don’t try to take advantage of you.  I sure wish I felt my Ford was best, but I am a Christian man and I cannot sell it to you even if you lay out 30k in cash right here. I hope it all works out. 
Now think for a minute. You have your answer? Of course you do. I think any of us would have a heart attack if a salesman said go to the other dealer. Well, when you are choosing between a psychiatrist or psychologist, you are up against the same problem. Because all doctors are rotten lying cheats who don’t care about you? No of course not.
 The new pills keep coming At The Expense of Millions Of American Lives. We lead the world in every category of overdose deaths and addiction to pills. Yet many even most ” experts ” try to tag it  An “societal epidemic” here in America. Well the truth is it’s a self prescribed American epidemic. We chose to restrict our people from what the rest of the world does. They all use natural elements, plants and ingredients that God put on this earth for illness.
Guess what? Their diseases go away. No more symptom treating. It’s about healing in most cases anywhere but here. So we cannot call it anything but a prescription to ourselves only allow drugs for illness and pain and gave the drug companies free reign of the media. We overdosed. The drug companies in turn do what they do best.
Pour out as many bogus drugs as they can get by the FDA -and make billions while Americans die. Any country without any other options but drugs would be in the same exact boat. How can you avoid excessive rug use when there is no alternative, at least publicly. By the way, that is the reason Mike Carey of Alternative Solutions 4 Health is on this team. He helps people get rid of diseases like liver disease,, cancer , and many others naturally. See more on Mike in a minute .
Every now and again they may even go public like a few years back and admit that 12/13 of their psychotropic medications for those with suicidal thoughts actually CAUSE suicidal thoughts…oh oops. They waited until they had sold it for 7 years before sharing that and believe it or not I think those drugs are still on the market.
Kids and adults alike are being labeled with countless disorders and prescribed medicines they do not need. It is disturbing to think that money would drive some doctors to over prescribe medicines, but it happens every single day. Not all doctors are doing this, but enough are.


Its gotten bad enough that one group of researchers  say that up to 10% of those being treated for addiction to prescription drugs, inpatient and outpatient are physicians themselves.
Its important at this juncture for me to insert a piece of information. It may be shocking, it may be hard to understand but it is true.
In each area of lives that we are experiencing crisis, the spiritual, mental and physical health which makes up mind , body and soul we are 100% responsible for . We created our own crisis. For example, in mental health, we chose to be the only country to offer drugs as the only alternative for most healthcare. We ( Big Pharma) did this and pushes for it due to the billions of dollars it brings in.
prescription cash
Understand that no other country in the world had forced their people to be dependent on drugs. So we don’t have an epidemic – this was self induced and any other country that did this to their people would be in the same boat. This same applies in the physical health, and the spiritual health or the church. Whatever food and drugs the FDA knowingly approves of is what we get to choose from. The FDA approves things each day that they know are either bad right from the start or that they likely end in death even. Both mental health and physical health patients could do much better in the way of healing by using natural healing products as they do in is in most countries, but the drug companies fight it with lawyers if need be to protect their billions in pill making.
Each of the three areas of crisis has hundreds of thousands of ” professionals” to who are for decades trying to find ways to treat the symptoms of these problems with very little success despite the accolades they get in ” research” which is oftentimes nothing more than a way to get grant money without having to show any actual hard data about success.
The mission of this team and purpose of this site is not to jump on the failing merry-go-round of people throwing theories out when millions of people are getting sick and dying over these things.
There is lots of talk but nobody sharing the root problems and initiating change in the thinking . This requires education. Then it requires total resetting of the mindset in each area of your life. That is what this team is about. Educate and reset. Corporately and individually. Someone has to do it. When you know the truth about something, and see no progress is being made, it’s just a matter of time before action has to be taken. Our team is on it.
We are here not to put band-aids on, but to make a change. Give people hope by sharing truth and offering our resources to help that change take place in lives.

TJ Petri BSW ( Founder)

 Let me formally welcome you with a personal guarantee that when you place yourself in our care – we take it very seriously. You want to know why? Because not only has each of us had extensive experience professionally in our areas of expertise, and education – but we also were suffering like you. That is correct. We actually know how you feel. We lived it. Let me tell you that there is a big difference between reading about a condition someone else is going through, and having experienced it. You are with people who have walked in your shoes.

(Take a minute and read our bios at the top of this page just click on the MENU and then MEET THE TEAM…)


I’ve had a few questions about whether I am a therapist, counselor, psychologist, psychiatrist? Teacher ? Or what ?? Lol ..In other words, how have I been able to help thousands of people get the treatment they need while steering clear of all the labels and piles of drugs? Am I all those things?
Yes and No. I do counsel and consult.  However my gift and most useful tool is that I can accurately assess whether you need the Ford, or the Chevy. I can assess your needs and steer you clear of thousands in wasted doctors fees.  Many times a simple behavior plan that I write with and for your home, will solve much. No medicine.

If counsel is called for I will facilitate. 

Educationally my background is Communications and Social Work. but equally as important is the fact that I have been through major depression, addiction, PTSD like some of you or your loves ones struggling right now. My brother killed himself. I have some real life experience. I have had 40 teen foster kids. I have started schools for expelled kids and run day programs for adults with severe behavioral problems. I have 5 kids of my own too.

Some Good Advice From Us To You

 Do Not Go Blindly Into A Doctors Office Because His Job Is To Find A ” Disorder”

  You come to me for mental, behavioral, and addictions, and all parenting issues. You contact me for a personalized plan of care before you ever go to any mental health provider or psychiatrist/ psychologist/addictions center.

I also have been very involved in foster care having been a foster parent to more than 40 Teens. Recently I was asked to write an article for Dr. John DeGarmo, one of the leading International voices in Foster Care.  I wrote on foster care normalization . If you are or are thinking of becoming a foster parent I would ask you to not only read the article in the link below follow and subscribe to Dr. DeGarmo’s awesome site.

Finally – How are things with your soul?


Let me introduce the man who handles the soul in this place.

Pastor Matthew Winters

Now there is another very critical piece to our well being, The spiritual side. We have that covered too. Click on Matthew Winters at the top of this page, Pastor Matt is to you what Mike and I are in our respective areas. He is gifted in what he does just as we are. Pastor Matt is a co- blogger and also a team member at Don’t Label My Kid! I can tell you that although you likely will not here this from him, he is super qualified to assist all if us when it comes to the most important thing in this life, our relationship to God.
 if you made it this far but your not a believer than please know that this is not a Christian bubble blog where a bunch of holy rollers sit and mock all the people going to hell. Pastor Matt is here and he happens to be a Christian. Most people on this team are Christians. I can assure you however we are too busy working on our own issues to be throwing rocks at yours. At the same time it is very nice to Matt here. He makes himself available to anyone at any stage or age.
With 3 degrees and many years experience in several phases of pastoring there is not too much he has not seen in this arena. Like myself and many of you all Matt is what I call an old soul. He has lived and seen a bunch compared to the amount of years on earth. I was grateful when he agreed to partner up and I can promise you that besides his blog, his newly planted church will be getting some airtime around here! You can trust him with your soul.
Pastor Matt with his wife Jennifer

Decision Time


Well, this is it…

No Change Is Going To Just ” Appear” If You Keep Thinking About It!

This very moment- no matter what the issue or how bad it seems you do have a choice to take a step toward healing – or back up and keep being miserable. The hardest part is done. Your Here. Leave Now? You Wont Get Help Anytime Soon.

You are family here. Just ask anyone who follows each of us and all of us for help in our areas of expertise. Many thousands in total. They cannot ALL be wrong, right? Make a good call right now and make today- the 1st day of the rest of your life!


(Creator – Don’t Label My Kid! Coaching  & Counseling Team – 2013)

Don’t do another thing until you go to the top of this page on the right and click follow  and let that serve as your comittment to yourself and us that you mean business .,,

Here’s’ To The New You, the new family, or whatever your need is.

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