Pedophiles Are Everywhere ; Parents Should Be Too…

Pedophiles Are Everywhere ; Parents Should Be Too...

Pedophiles seem to get away with much more damage and much more heinous crimes than others, and it is not getting any better. Nobody really likes to discuss the subject, as if it will fade into oblivion if we omit these unspeakable acts from our daily conversations. Ironic to me, as a parent and as a social worker since the most hurtful and dangerous violations of human beings are committed over and over and nobody seems to be jumping out of their skin out of concern.
I could be missing something, and I know there are groups out there working hard to catch these predators – it just never seems enough to me. I mean as a parent alone I cannot express with words how angry I get at the idea of someone violating innocence so casually and selfishly. I cannot ever justify or rationalize this particular issue. It haunts me and I am concerned that people are so easily passing their children around like hot cakes from one person to another and trusting anyone who ” seems nice” to watch their children.
I see teachers, police officers, counselors, youth pastors, and many others quietly arrested for these incredibly horrible crimes all day long all over the country, and yet I feel like I am the only one worried about it.
I still remember the day that they found little Jessica L. in Florida, buried in a trash bag, filled with holes from her trying to scratch her way out while dying underground after being raped over and over. She was maybe 7 or 8 years old.
It breaks my heart when I hear about these things, and especially when I am daily seeing more and more predators moving near schools and parks, for a clear view of plenty of kids. Out of the very tiny amount we do catch, we are letting them off with light sentences? Really? Are you kidding me?
It is time we get serious about these child killers and actually give them the attention they deserve. I know I do. I will. I am always on the lookout. I do not leave my children with just anybody, and be sure that I would much rather find that I had left my child with about anybody other than a pedophile. I would much rather stick needles in my eyeballs than leave them with anyone I was unsure of, but child predators are totally on my radar. It does not get any uglier or hideous than this lowest of all deeds in my book. It isn’t just old uncle Joe who is secretly molesting little Johnny or Suzy once a year . It is their teacher, their youth worker, their person of trust in their life and worse than I can imagine , sometimes it is even their own parent.
Pedophile are not all one eyed and wearing pony tails like the creature in the photo here. They look like you. Professional. Outgoing and popular but with a secret, a secret that could change your family forever if you allow it to.
We cannot screen every person that ever interacts with our children, but we sure can take the time to be where they are when we can. It is difficult logistically sometimes, we get tired and have other things to get done.
However, gone are the days of letting your child roam the park while you read a book on the other side. You have to follow their lead, be the eyes they need and the ear they need to protect them. How many more children need to get raped and tortured before we take this seriously.
Please, if you err, let it be on the side of caution. I would rather have someone tell me I am over cautious than find one of my children missing.


Sexual Offender Lives Across From School!

Sexual Offender Lives Across From School!

I am going to get a little personal and laconic here at the same time. First, I am not the judge of anyone. Second, I hold myself accountable just as my friends hold me accountable for things I say, or do etc…I realize that we all have things to work on, areas we could be better in. This is not a judgment, but I post this as a parent, a human being, a counselor who has seen the dark side and the consequences of what I am sharing here.

I understand (not condone) why people drink to excess. I understand (not condone) why people use drugs. I get why some people have quick tempers and even can see where people are taught to imitate certain negative behaviors as they grow up in households full of turmoil. I know and have worked with teens who join gangs, and I have come to relate to their situations (not condone).

With this said, I am about to say something I need to word carefully, as my emotions have already got me typing quickly and wanting to get this out there now. I have seen this in hundreds of my clients and even in my own family. The one area or type of behavior I cannot justify. I cannot rationalize. I cannot condone under any circumstance. The most vile, hideous, horrific action a person could take against another, and in this post not just another person, but babies and little children.

I wish I could spew another paragraph of vitriol about the people who do these things, but this is where the controlling my emotions part comes in. I am trying to maintain a casual, laid back approach to a problem that makes my blood boil. As a human it disgusts me. As a parent I would go to prison if one of mine were a victim. I have no problem saying that, and I would make sure anyone hurting my child in that way would suffer greatly. Long, and painful. So this is me being upfront about a subject that has affected many thousands each day, and is on the rise. Pedophilia. Sexual predators. I cannot trust anyone with my daughters anymore. I see a certain look in the eyes of the abusers, the ones I have met, and the ones on line that I keep an eye on. There is a different look in the eyes of those who prey on little children for sexual pleasure. It is a sickening look that makes one look in their eyes feel as if you were on the set of the exorcist-or maybe makes one feel like they are in the presence of a demon. People who rape and murder children CANNOT BE human…is what I think many times. At any rate, this is another example of how we set our kids up for failure, and these predators up for another round. We let these guys out early, let them work around kids, and pay more attention to white collar petty crimes than we do these monsters. If you have not watched an episode of Dateline MSNBC ” To Catch A Predator ” – you should commit to at least one episode. It will blow your mind. Here is an interesting article to ponder. What would you think?

High School Suspends Teen Porn Star…Good Call.

High School Suspends Teen Porn Star…Good Call.


An 18 year old Florida high school student was suspended after it was discovered that he was involved in on-line adult porn sites, as an actor. He is 18 and claims he did no wrong and did not break the law. He gets excellent grades and is never in trouble.

His own mother says he is being the  ” Man of the House ” by supporting her in this way. How do you feel about the school suspending him, do to being a  ” major disruption ” to others?

Here is a case of morality and disruption versus legal rights. But would YOU allow this if you were the school administrator or even the mother? I think it was a good call to suspend myself.