Don’t Get Greedy…

We all get greedy on occasion, but we just have to learn to be content. Like a good woman, you keep her! However some are never satisfied.. Take this guy who thought he would round out his stable of goats with horses!

Horses don’t lay down like goats, and he should be happy with his stable as it is. So…see what happens when he tries to ” dominate” a horse like a goat…

I mean how many days is your wife out of town and you round up the fellas and hit the stable anyhow??

The Dark Night Of The Soul…

Only  those who have lived there know…


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I Firmly Believe This…

And The Tomb Was Empty! Happy Easter!

A Christian who is a former atheist, Dr. Josh McDowell was approached about being a scientist and now a Christian.

“Surely science and the Bible cannot coexist”, they would say. Dr. McDowell began sharing that it was his search to disprove the scriptures that actually led him to get on his knees and ask for forgiveness for his unbelief.

As an atheist he had gotten so weary of hearing about Jesus that he decided to once and for all put an end to the ridiculous idea that all scripture was God inspired and that not one word could be proven false.

After several months of studying the Bible and lining it up against science and history, he could no longer deny what he had been fighting all along; that it is science which is finally catching up to the biblical account of things.

In one of his many books , called More Than A Carpenter, he gives several scientific and mathematical examples of what he discovered.

One that stands out to me even 20 years after first reading it, is a stat about the odds of one man ( Jesus) fulfilling over 250 prophecies that are outlined in the old testament which Jesus actually fulfilled hundreds of years later. In order to relate it to his colleagues who also had scientific minds, he documents the following:

The odds of one man randomly fulfilling all the prophecies that Jesus did are 1×10 to the 17th power.

Or, In an illustration, he explains that those odds would be equivalent to stacking the entire state of Texas with quarters, and three feet high. If we had only one chance to select the one correct quarter out of the entire state stacked with them, it would be be the same likelihood that Jesus was NOT who He said He was, the son of the living God, one with the Father and the only way of salvation.

On this Easter I pray that anyone who has yet to come to belief in the deity of Christ read some of Dr. McDowell’s writings. Study for yourself this evidence that demands a verdict, so you too can rejoice that Resurrection Sunday ( Easter) is a sweet reminder of the security in salvation that all who confess Him as Lord have.

Happy Easter!


Why Some Don’t Get Upset At Pedophiles…The Worst Answer Possible.

One of the darker parts of being a social worker is having to see and learn about some situations that are very disturbing. For me an area that bothers me very much is the problems with older perverted men going after little boys and girls for their sexual gratification.

You may notice that I write alot about the pedophile racket in the Catholic church and any other things t hat harm children.

I’ve written about just about any situation a family can go through from mental health, behavioral health to addiction and parenting just to name a few.

Usually the response is very good because we all go through some struggles at sometime. There has been one thing over the years that has eating away at me though and I’ve just now gotten to the bottom of it. It’s not good news to me.

The sad fact is that we have nearly a million sex offenders in the USA. We have around 300 million people in the USA. This means if you have 1000 followers in your blog, it’s likely that at least 3 are pedophiles, that have been caught. So could it be that the numbers of offenders is much higher and thus the lack of support for anti- offender posts? I hope not. However numbers don’t lie.

A million registered offenders just in the USA is a ton. Anyone share my concern?


Thoughtful Thursday Quote #4

Thoughtful Thursday Quote #3

There Is Nothing Like A Name – Dropper To The Put The Flame Out In A Conversation..

Desperation and insecurity. These are terms that describe people who feel the need to let others know about any connections to famous people they may have.

It would be easy for any of us to reach into our bag- o -tricks and drop some connection we have. But what really is to gain from it?



I don’t know but after my latest Linkedin connection I sure am going to find out!


No haters please!




Tis The Season…But Could You Forgive This? Can You Forgive Stupid?

I try to be very understanding,  and if not  I am always forgiving,  because my Bible says if I desire forgiveness I must forgive. Not always easy, but when I think about the consequences of withholding it , I don’t even want to be a part of it. However,  I am not perfect, and occasionally I have found myself on the wrong end of a laugh at someone else’s expense. After all, how badly can it offend someone  if people get a chuckle out of a silly mistake. As it turns out I was about to find out.

So what to do when you are faced with a real life, honest to goodness incident that actually requires complete stupidity, and total absence of any thought at all? Is it ok to laugh?

If  something has occurred that you have never even heard mentioned in your lifetime and yet now someone you are very connected with has personally been involved in and you know all the details. Do you tell?

Sometimes when we are feeling a little low on the intelligence pole, someone does something that absolutely makes you feel like Albert Einstein on his best day. An act that defies all logic and leaves you with several options. You can exploit it, cover up an offense ( the biblical way), or just go with the flow and laugh with the crowd.

Well I was privy to such an act just recently and even as I write this, I am laughing at the picture in my head of what this looked like.  Although I promise you not much laughing was going on at the time of the incident. More like crying . However,  we  know that time heals all wounds, so after much prayer and contemplating, I feel it’s ok to share. Just so you all are aware, I have full permission to share this highlight of a most memorable event. So here goes. You decide whether or not you could let this go, or slide, even forgive?

sandwich and microwave

Not so long ago there was this guy who woke up around 2:30 am, and hungry. Not such an odd event for him as he is known to sleep little and snack much during the night. This particular time was unusual only in that he was still a little groggy as he made his way to see what the fridge had waiting for him. Just a tad more unsteady than usual, and more hungry too.  So he spots in the freezer some White Castle sliders, which are irresistible no matter what time of day when cooked right, who can argue that?

plus sign

I am trying to tell it exactly as it happened with details, so I will say that he got a tray that was ok for the microwave and placed it on the counter ready to hold the sliders as they were cooked. The tray and sliders were sitting on the kitchen counter between the stove top and the sink.  Before cooking them the man realized he had not stopped to use the restroom as is customary when he woke up at this time and the urge was too strong to wait.  Still holding his drink and his cell phone as both were in his room next to him when he got up, naturally he  set the items down since he did not care to bring them into the bathroom. So, as would make sense,  the drink and phone are gently set down on the tray by the sandwich, so they would be protected from the sink/ water next to them.

cell phine mine.jpg

Always the perfectionist and some may even say a bit OCD, he still would not allow himself to go to the restroom until he had done the traditional laying of the paper towel over the sliders, lest he run into the problem of not cooking them just right.  After leaving the items on the tray and using the restroom, he got snagged by a headline on the laptop across the room which had the national news on. So, he wanders over and checks it out, after all this guy is a writer like us and if a good post opportunity presents itself, he is on it. After a few minutes he heads over to his snack to prepare it with every intention of enjoying it while finishing the story,

equal sign

Mesmerized by the story on the internet he quickly grabs his drink off the tray ( you cannot microwave coke cans) and carefully places that tray with the covered sliders in the microwave for exactly 77 seconds , which despite what the package says is exactly the right amount of time to cook them if you want them to taste like real sliders. In the blink of an eye he is twirling around back in the office chair by the computer to continue the very important story on the news, just awaiting the aroma of the burgers to come…seconds pass, more seconds pass and many more… he smells no aroma of cooking sliders…. just an eery silence approaching.


No aroma,  the noises start, the flickering of the microwave begins, and he knows now what has happened.  What an idiot, he thinks to himself! He must have left a fork on the tray  before cooking the food. Oh, man. He rolls that chair  to the oven faster than you can say Samsung– before the buzzer goes off, hoping to salvage the burgers, yet at that very moment one of those goosebumps all over, throat gets dry, hair stands on back of the head moments occurs and a blank slate is all that’s on his mind. He opens the door to the microwave, he has lost his appetite, forgotten what was on the news and is sweating profusely. Consciously he can’t grasp it but something is wrong,- oh so very wrong. 

burnt cell

As he kneels before the microwave, in somewhat of a praying, yet almost fetal position on the floor, he comes to realize that there is no fork in the microwave. Oh, how he wishes for a fork. yet he is aware that the flames coming from the tray could not be burning from a fork. You know the whole metal doesn’t burn thing …

At this point he looks over his shoulder at his desk and spots the box to his recently purchased Samsung Galaxy 7 cellular phone. Holding back tears but also prepared to run around the house and scream like a 2-year-old, he composes himself, and puts the flames out. He glances at his phone and realizes he failed to do step three when preparing sliders;  #2 is place paper towel on sliders, and #3 is remove cell phone from tray.

Always the optimist he thinks -WARRANTY!

But that thought passes. He moves quickly into the justification phase. ” Heck I have had that old thing for months now” then onto the flat-out denial phase of ” I have been wanting a new phone anyhow, no big deal.”

The people-the only people who got to see the roasted ghost of a phone were supposed to have mercy as he was a good customer . Instead he finds himself in the middle of a drive by mocking as he parades through the Metro PCS store to see if anything could be saved. Apparently the manager, (despite a request for privacy during this time while he mourned) decided to let the other employees in on his little laugh so they could all enjoy it. In front of the other customers the manager shouted not to dispose of it in any of his trash containers, because of any possible danger with the microwave/battery issues.

group of people

If you all, or any of you were thinking it would be okay to laugh or spread this around the office then you have absolutely no heart. I mean how could you let someone, an innocent man, a good and hard-working man like me suffer for this? I mean let anyone suffer like this? It is painful enough I have to go through something like this. Pretty soon your 10-year-old daughter is telling her class about it. You never know.

This could happen to anyone. No matter who you are. So please do not relish in the fact that this actually was last Saturday morning and  in my home-  I was the guy in tears on the floor. I was dying to find a way to blow another 100 bucks I didn’t have anyhow, I swear.

Being the forgiving person I am however, I chose to forgive myself this time.

How embarrassing. But yes it is true.  I am facing it head on. My therapist says denial will just delay the healing and therefore delay my children from wanting to be seen with me in public again.

One request I have for closure purposes, is that you all stop asking me to sign your cell phones. To me this is no joke.

 Oh and don’t act all haughty taughty, as if you have never nuked a phone.  Actually in my opinion any phone advertised as ” smart ” would have come with a built in microwave alert system anyhow.


With A Forgiving Spirit This Christmas,


Uh -Oh- Mailbag Time! Questions Only We Dare Answer! Warning Laughter Ahead!

“Dear DLMK.- I need your advice. Only lately have I been freed up enough to discuss this. Here goes..

I have NEVER ever felt like a poor and broke person. But every time I look in my wallet I still see nothing. Well today and after seeing what a glorious time Mz B. Jenner had, I  am officially taking control of my inner being.

I am coming out as a RICH PERSON! Next time I dig in my pockets I believe I will find my wallet stuffed!

If i look and its empty then im still poor. But if it appears full of cash then its who I really am. There is a message for someone in there…

My question is will I still be accepted at places like the dollar store? Thank you. I’m a big fan!


Coming into money-Texas.

Dear Coming into money thanks for your bold question! I want to first congratulate you on getting in touch with who this universe REALLY intended you to be! You have a wonderful life ahead. Dont sweat the Dollar Store. Heck I would walk by each day flaunting a new RICH store bag! That should get to them. Good Luck!-DLMK Staff

giphy (1)

Dear DLMK-

I am absolutely disgusted with what is still going on in this political fight between Trump and Hillary. Here is what irks me to no end. I believe Trump alluded to the idea that if we had suffered another economic collapse, that he surely would have taken advantage of it by buying up more real estate. What happened to the ” Presidential” in the president? It is obvious that Mr Trump has no idea how sacred the office of the president really is. To even think of using his position for personal gain or pleasure is deplorable.

Has this man no morals? What do you think?

Sincerely yours,

William Jefferson Clinton



Dear President Clinton We have no response at the current time, and yes we remember we owe you a box of Cubans for coming on the show last month. They are on the way.


Dear DLMK!

I have been a follower of yours for many years  and enjoyed your posts and in-depth information about mental illness, addiction, and all the kid issues. I wanted to thank you for your sensitivity ahead of time as I ask you this question. I don’t want everyone knowing. Here goes.. I suffer from chronic halitosis and constant flatulence. Lately however I have gotten into the habit of always wanting to be right in front of the blast that comes from either end. I just cannot help it – it is like a compulsive behavior. Whenever I start manuever myself to be in the direction of my breath, a belch or if I will be breaking wind I start picking my nose obsessively. How can I get some help for these things?


Smelly Shelly in Boston.

Dear Shelly, I have consulted with the team on your case and it just so happens we are all pretty booked up for quite a long time. We don’t take nut jobs around here anyhow. I would think about inpatient hospitalization at this point. Thanks for the compliment about being sensitive. However there is a line Shelley. You have crossed it.  Do you have vodka running through your shower or something? You are disturbed and need help. As I said we are currently full. Forever. God Bless ..

Sincerely ,

The DLMK !


Time To Turn The Page- Move On With Our Lives. Stop Looking At The Past.

We have all been wounded, scarred, hurt, let down, hopeless, helpless, broke, lonely, tired, weary, scared, depressed and the list can go on. That is part of life as we know it. Today I felt like I should post an encouraging but truthful nugget for anyone who is down right now for any reason. Listen- there is a time to weep, a time to mourn, a time to be sad and a time to review the past so you can learn from it. However 90% of people who go through this normal process in life get hung up on one or two areas, and it becomes an anchor, locking them into the emotional bondage of past events, or mistakes. The result of this is an endless circle of pity, shame, hopelessness, and lack of motivation. What if I told you that starting today, you are ordered to turn your head to the future. No looking back. Make a decision to be happy. Make a decision to forgive anyone who has ever accused, abused or used you. Turn the page and be free of the past, be emptied of the heavy weight you have been carrying…
How do you do this? It is a matter of discovering a few keys that not many people understand. I will share a few with you to help you stand up, brush yourself off, and move forward.


People come and go, jobs come and go, health comes and goes, feelings come and go, and money comes and goes. People come and go out of your life all the. here is the first key to moving forward NEVER PUT YOUR SECURITY IN ANY OF THOSE THINGS. You are simply waiting for a fall if you do. Its going to happen. So, if you believe in God, I would recommend putting ALL of your security in Him, and who you are in Christ. He said He will NEVER leave or forsake us, and unlike the things I mentioned above, He is the same yesterday, tomorrow and forever. That is security! All those other things are fine to have in life, but as ” gravy ” if you will. You will find that if you focus on the relationship with Him, all those other things get put in right perspective and you will not obsess over any of them.

Next, TURN THE PAGE on the past. Have you ever tried to walk forward while looking backward? I recommend you try it once. You cannot do it. Neither can you dwell on the past and move forward in your life. Never stumble on something behind you. How do you do this? You wake up one day and make the decision that you are now looking forward. The things you say, the thoughts you allow in and the actions you take MUST be helping you to move forward. Negativity has no place in moving forward. Today, is the first day of the rest of your life!

Lastly, Put yourself around those who you want to be like. Stay away form, and cut ties to anyone is a pity party lover. Bad news, and will try to keep you down so they do not have to make any effort to move forward. Misery LOVES company. Go find some people you admire, people with peace, and joy. You will become what you put yourself around. READ MY TEXT! YOU WILL BECOME WHAT YOU PUT YOURSELF AROUND! Choose carefully who you hang with, and what things you do. If you want a good snapshot of what you look like now in your life, just take a look at your circle of friends. That IS you. If you do not like what you see, then pull the trigger and make new connections.

I realize this a very brief post for such a deep topic, but I promise you if you will do those simple things right now, your life will change for the better very soon. Money back guarantee! Do not stay in bondage to the past. If you need help working through some things then seek out someone to talk to who will keep you on track. You are going to be what you say you will be. So choose words carefully and speak out loud the things you are looking forward to accomplishing. Positive speak brings positive results, negative talk brings negative results. By the way, I did mention God in this post, so if you were offended, you can cross that line out and insert ” palm tree” or ” the universe” or whatever it is you call God.
Listen, I am available by consultation to help anyone through this transition into a happy existence. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on doctors to get this done. I am trained in social work and have helped thousands of people over a hump in their life.


There Is An Old Saying ” No Matter Where We Go-There We Are”. But Are We Really?

Last week I was involved in a pity party. Now let me clear, this one was not self hosted. This one just surround me,  enveloped me and I felt like a could not get out. I felt so sorry for myself that I was shutting the laptop down, not changing my clothes for a day or two, and so selfish that I decided not not return any messages that first day. I did not even look up to wave at the old lady who waves to me all the time by the beach when I walk. I felt the ocean itself should feel blessed that I even decided to make the walk that day. Yeah it was pretty bad.

But it got worse. I got to the ” comparing my life to others thing” . I would see my dream jacked up Silverado roll by as just assume he must have won the lottery. Not that he worked for it. This lasted 4–5 days and I was oh so pitiful.



One day last week I got started thinking about the veterans. The guys who had seen that were still affecting them 40 years later. Things worthy of rocking their world. I started taking note of some of the homeless vets who were suffering from PTSD but just returned to jail for trespassing instead of being offered the treatment they needed, They were dumpster diving for food, 50 years old but looking 70. Then I am bombarded by all the lawsuits actual traitors are winning for time served before they turned coat. The illegal immigrants getting more benefits for free than most of us ever get. I cannot imagine having to for the best dumpster food all the while knowing what they know.

Christian Author / Artist Joni Erickson. Joni broke here neck, leaving her totally paralyzed for 50 years now. She can only speak, and draw with a pencil in her mouth these amazing sketches. Totally paralyzed relying on an amazing husband to take her to the rest room , change here and feed her 24/7. My problems just started to look smaller and smaller.

I could go on all day with examples but the point here is  We Are Not “Wherever We Go”. Most of problems although some serious, do not have to dictate where we are in our mind. That is up to us. It’s a matter of perspective and to some extent our knowledge of what is going on every day around us. Child trafficking, organized pedophile rings even in the church, entire families lost in a day from an accident. Hundreds of things that make our situations look very minor. Not all, but many.

So here is what I recommend we all do from now on. Take some time to actually select a group of really needy or hurting people and plan an ongoing outreach once per week or month and celebrate those people. It’s a win-win situation for all. We get the benefit of seeing someone lifted up and we get the real perspective of just how serious our own ” problems” are.

Try it, you don’t make it policy anymore to allow your circumstances to dictate where you ” are” . 


Happy Veterans day to all and God Bless America!

 Storms Of Life- The Hurt And Healing. Where Did God Go? How To Be A Rock In The Midst Of The Thing That Is Ripping Others Apart…

This world can be harsh. Our circumstances can attempt to break us down. Whether you are a Christian or not, I am wrting this to offer to you the only way to remain unshakeable from any of life’s flaming arrows. Will we not feel pain or sorrow and never cry if we do what this article tells you? We still feel the pain, and cry sometimes.

Its our core, our spirit that can remain steady and strong.

If you are a Christian wondering why you feel so vulnerable when things seem to fall apart or you are a straight up anti-God soldier who claims not to need God, this is for both of you. For the Christian, you can learn about why you may be weak in your faith when bad things happen. For the soldier, drop your weapon for a few minutes and see if you might see how this could work and hopefully give it a shot.

Whether we are talking about some tragic circumstances in our own families like unexpected death or loss of income or a number of possible issues, we all have felt at one time or another that God surely must be punishing us. Unbelievers sometimes use these circumstances to affirm their non-belief in God.

Recently we have had some large-scale disasters like the wildfires in California and hurricanes in Florida that forced over a million people out of their homes, not knowing what they may return to. On a personal note I have been through wildfires, dozens of hurricanes and other natural disasters. I lost my brother to suicide and my grandparents the next year. My family has seen a bunch of personal tragedies and natural ones like these storms and fires I referenced.


This year though was the first time I have ever evacuated.  When hurricane Irma took over the entire state of Florida, everywhere you turned you saw people crying or pleading with God to take the storm away. You know what? That’s okay. The problems arise when believers don’t get the requested answer in the time frame they have allowed God to wipe these things out. No question people are genuinely hurting, scared. helpless and sometimes hopeless when these things happen.

The question to believers in Christ, is which way are we going to trust now. In our own understanding or in God, period? Here is the mandate from God’s Word;

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart,  lean not on thine own understanding. In all our ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct thy paths”. Proverbs 3: 5-6 ( KJV)


Now, before anyone gets irritated by this order from God because it does not seem possible at certain times, let me introduce a missing ingredient in being able to trust.


How do we acquire that kind of strong faith though? It surely does not come from reciting ” I have faith” all day hoping faith will enter into you. Faith does not come by mind over matter or manipulating your self into a false sense of faith.

Once again if we refer back to our life manual, the Bible, we are told that there is but one way for genuine faith to arise in us. Faith that will sustain us through anything.

Romans 10:17 says “So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God. ( KJV)

Wait just a minute you may say” I have read countless Christian books, I pray, I try to do all I can to please God, I even leave tracts for my waiter or waitress  I should have strong Faith!

Good for you for choosing Christian books over romance novels or inappropriate magazines. Those are wise choices but don’t for a minute they give you lasting faith. You see- God never changed the rules about how legitimate faith is gained, it’s still by His Word. Yep, that means no other Christian anything has the power to do that. Now do not mistake me as if I was saying we don’t need Christian magazines, books, videos and all because we do. They can encourage us, keep us focused in the right direction, even provide us with an emotional spiritual high for a day or two. They keep us in touch with other believers which is a recomendation the apostle Paul made.

However, don’t mistake emotions for faith. So why am I emphasizing the true way to get real faith? Because lack of real faith is the number one reason people stay in crisis mode when problems come, walk away from the faith or never get involved. Maybe they have never been told what we are talking about. Whatever the reason they are drifting and doubting is because they do not renew their minds daily with the Word of God, the Holy scriptures.

What is the difference between you fueling  up only on Christian books and movies which can produce an emotional charge or maybe a temporary ” Jesus high” ? It’s the difference between real faith and manufactured powerless temporary faith. Lets see what the Bible says about what the power its own words hold for those who stay in it and keep renewing their minds everyday from it.

The word says this about itself-

“For the word of God is alive and active. Sharper than any double-edged sword, it penetrates even to dividing soul and spirit, joints and marrow: it judges the thoughts and attitude of the heart”-  Hebrews 4: 12 ( NIV)


I challenge you to find any Christian publication other than the Bible that makes that claim about its contents. You wont. Not even the most famous Christian authors would even consider comparing their words to the power of ” the Word”.

I dedicate so much time to the Word of God and its importance in the midst of crisis and storms in our lives because those who obey the order on how to get real faith are the ones who really remain unshaken regarding God no matter what is going on. One other thing to note, is that in the bible you will find that every true follower of God had to come to crossroads at some point in life where they surrendered their own will and plans and decided to put it all into trusting God. Take Job for example. An honest, faithful man who God clearly allowed to suffer in almost every way he could. Lost his fortune, his family, even his health.

Job was frustrated and not happy about his situation but he decided nothing was going to take his faith away. He made the decision right up front to operate not on feelings, but Faith. So after the storms in his life, his life was put back together by God even greater than it originally was. Now that is faith. In today’s mindset you will likely not find too many Job’s in your life. Most people just get mad, give up, curse God, denounce God or even take their own lives because they decided to play the role of God and decide how things would end up. What was so different about JOb? Was he a better person than we are? Maybe God gave Him some superpowers that we dont have? Nope.

Only one thing kept Job so trusting in God that even when his own wife said he should curse God and die, Job said ” Even though He slay me, I will praise Him”

There is another scripture that Christians need to keep in mind as well. Romans 8:28 says ” All things work together for good for those that love the Lord and are called according to His purpose”


Job understood God was not going to just abandon him. That’s why the man who makes our little problems look insignificant was unshakable in his faith. That faith to keep on and even have total peace is only found one way. Reading the word of God often to renew your mind ( if you have not figured this out yet, the world we live in does everything it can to talk us out of our faith.)

The only protection from being affected by that is to renew your mind before you walk out the door and face the world that wants you to walk away from God. That is part of the armor God has given us to be unshakable when everything seems to be working directly against you and your family and faith. He will not force us to stay in His word though. We have free will. If you go to Barnes and Noble and choose to cozy up with a good Anton Lavey ( church of satan) book, that’s your call and of course so are the consequences. So our choices in crisis are critical.

If you have grown children or even younger children you surely have noticed that in their first few years of life they never question what you say or do. If you hand them a bottle, they don’t spin the top off to inspect what you’re giving them. It could be poison but their childlike faith does not even tempt them to go against you or question you about any major decisions. If told your young kids they need to hit the basement now because a tornado was coming through, its doubtful they would pull out a weather radio to challenge your statement. That describes childlike faith.

Guess what that Bible says about what kind of faith is pleasing to God? You got it- childlike faith. Just like your kids never questioned you as a child, we are to have the same attitude with our heavenly Father. Once again, you cannot order childlike faith online or talk yourself into it. Faith comes from where again? The Word. Period.

As adults as we find discipline to renew our minds in the Word and experience true trust in God no matter what is happening, your friends, family, kids are witness to that peace you have unlike so many. That is the opportunity to share your secret with them, and they will believe you because sometimes you are the only calm one around and they notice it. The mindset we get from reading the truth all the time and building real faith goes a little like this-

People come and go ( death, divorce). jobs come and go, health comes and goes, riches come and go, friends come and go, but God- He is the same yesterday, today and forever. That is what you will have etched in your soul as you stay in the Word. It leaves very little room for trusting in any of those listed things. But your realization that God will never leave or forsake you and is always the same will provide you with an entirely new kind of faith in any circumstance.

It doesnt matter if you are an atheist today or a lifelong Christian who even ushers in the church. The Word of God is available to both. One is no better then the other but by their trust in Christ. We all need a savior. Not one of us is righteouss enough to land in heaven except by the finished work of Christ at Calvary and by the blood He shed for anyone who accepts His forgiveness. Nobody has a one up one the other. If you are an atheist now, but tonite you choose to invite Christ into your heart and ask for forgiveness, assuming you get in the Word right away faithfully you could be alot better off then a Christian of 20 years who chooses to keep his Max Lucado reads up to date but not too much time in the Word.

That is why this article is for everyone. No matter what your past has been or where you have been. Its all able to be washed away with that blood of Christ for the asking.

You know when I began writing this article, I considered adding some pictures of the massive storms and fires that are happening. Then I got my head straight and realized I was about to give glory and even more attention to the things that are tearing people apart. Thankfully I realized that this is a hope centered piece, not a piece for lots of people to glorify the bad things that hit us.

Thats why the emphasis has been on the awesome opportunity to overcome this world and its attempts at defeating us. What we need is more instruction on how to overcome this world according to God. Thats victory. When you choose that route you will find that the things that used to wear and tear you down are now like flys on your shoulder that you can swat off and keep moving forward in God’s Word and plan for you and yours!

Listen to this womans confidence. I guarantee it did not come to her by never missing Oprah.

Whatever your storm, whether tragedy in your family, fires in your woods, or crazy rain and winds over the entire state, they all get smaller and smaller as the Word grows bigger and bigger in you!

Test it and see. After all God said not a word of His will ever return void…