Mailbag Update* My Bad..

Well sure enough as soon as I post some recent emails from notables, I am flooded with emails supporting Hussein Obama. 

So I have decided to add one leaning towards the leftish/mental health side..

Dear DLMK!

Wake up! You write and write all about Obama like he is some kind of terrible, selfish, angry, temperamental and sore loser. Please .Like you or anyone else would not react the same way to disappointment. Grow up.Act your age 


John McEnroe

Nancy Kerrigan 

Tony Stewart

Bobby ( the chair) Knight

Hillary Rodham Clinton

Christiano Rinaldo

Kanye West

Chris Brown

Elton John

Mike Tyson

DLMK- My apologies. We should be evened up. 

King of Kings and Lord of Lords…

Name above every name, Jehovah Gyra, prince of peace, savior, master, only way to the Father. ( John 14:6)

He is the Word, the Creator, one true God. Became sin for you and I that we may have ours forgiven..

The deliverer, redeemer and sacrifice for us. The lamb of God and maker of all. The way, the truth and the life.

Its hard to describe Him…


Watch “Tracy Lawrence “Find Out Who Your Friends Are” Director Cut” on YouTube

You dont have to like country to get this song…anyone ever been there though?

Every Please -STOP -Listen Up


TJ- Don’t Label My Kid!- Message to my crew. These Little Ladies Are Mine. Boys are up and out. When I look at them I thank God I even get to hold them. It should not be.

This post is about giving many others a chance to watch their babies grow up. Not many would have made it through what I did, and I believe the purpose for this was to make some changes so others could not suffer through certain things that can kill. So please take this to heart and lets do this thing.  I don’t get to make the plans or set dates, but I am pretty sure this is an appointment we all need to be at.  Thanks for taking a few out to read and do what you can. .. You may make it possible for a guy like me to be smiling down at his little girls like I am here, when he would not have made it before…

You all who have been here for a while already know that as a group some very cool things happen through this blog . Nothing anybody could have planned but just incredible events. Well, fasten your seat belts because here we go again.  Last week I was looking around for just the right people to introduce to all of us as experts in their particular area of service. Lets face it, we are all here because some aspect of our lives are not where we would like them to be. You all have written and been very open about anything from suicidal thoughts to physical disabilities or like me a lifetime of hell with addictions issues.  You remember I started last week our kick off on addiction and invited everyone to invite their families and friends who just didn’t get it. Cool right? I  really want to offer every single person here the treatment they need whether it be PTSD or a fear of dinosaurs.  You know why? Because as many of you may know, treatment in general sucks. It is not at all very successful, and just is a dead-end.  I however, having a great resume on the rehab floor, and also as a social worker have had the answers to why. It’s not too complicated but much is about money. Greed. There are other things too and if I had the funding I would have offered REAL treatment from day one. But, I spent my last million a few years ago . Lol.

Well here is where the weird stuff we get as a group once in a while came in. In the last 3 days there has been an influx all over the media and in the treatment and mental health industry to pour out tons of money to start researching peoples experiences and issues with their failed treatment and actually consider making some changes. Wow! What a coincidence! That’s what we all have been talking about for 4 years. Hmm. Is anyone with me yet? We have the hard data compliments of WordPress. 

So bottom line we are one  of a very tiny group who has the opportunity that we do. That is to ask successful providers to give all of us the services we need and our family and friends too. My job is to find the very best 10  or 15 experts in every area we need to sign on to being here for us. I am talking virtual counseling all the way to 6 month stays out-of-state or country if needed. But that’s not the end. Personally I have been in 3 rehabs since age 23 or so. The first one sucked . The second one was a little better because I got some good drugs from other ” patients” – and the last was fair because  staff let us sneak a pill now and then.

So do we all get why our country is falling apart? The treatment centers and treatment is sub-par and I am being  generous. I went into this field hoping that a day like this would happen. Where we would have the upper hand. It’s here. But 2 things must happen.

1- I have to find and recruit the best of the best in each area we all need.

2 -You all need to share the news   DONT LABEL MY KID!    is a place that ANYONE who needs treatment can come. I will make sure nobody is turned away. That is handled by financial people who can split insurances and get grants or whatever.   If you read what Charles on LinkedIn posted and I reposted here 50 THOUSAND PEOPLE on FACEBOOK alone are looking for  treatment. Not 500. 50k.  Why shouldn’t we be the ones to get the best providers on our team and have them get help through us?  We could start hiring from within for admissions and case management jobs. Everyone of us can play a role in a trailblazing effort.

More importantly we can blaze a new trail of treatment  for outpatient treatment centers so that people with the disease of addiction are treated like people with the disease of addiction. Not losers who don’t care. Do you know how many lives that could save?  This little mystery blog we all met on years ago has already done  more to change major issues than any reporters could. That’s just one case about that priest who molested my brother. That isn’t over yet either.

So if I know you all we can do this and make a name that nobody will forget. For the people needing treatment and by the people needing treatment. It is not about me. It would not be a grand accomplishment if I said look what I did. But if I could share the efforts and input and conditions of all of us and the world saw how it all happened, I have to believe we would see long-term change.

Do you know that even if you can get your loved one into a rehab, the chances of recovery are slim. Embarrassing even. You would think those places would do their jobs right? And most of them do try to rise above the average 35-40% success rate . As a matter of fact the top 10 highest rated programs in the country do in fact boast a considerably higher success rate then the other 90%.

The only difference in their programs ( besides up to 75,000$ higher price tag)  is that some have an extra component to supplement the traditional 12 step method that AA and NA use.  Perhaps even a doctor who himself is a recovered addict. The luxury centers in Florida , California often incorporate yoga, hiking and special fruit diets. Fruits and yoga instructors don’t come cheap. All that said we do have some very effective treatment centers in the USA. I suppose there are also a few Ford Pintos still running too. The point here is not that nobody cares or is trying, but it is to address the reality of the logistics, treatment methods, staffing available and many other factors that together present an epidemic right now as we are currently in a never before seen high rate of overdose deaths from opiates and heroin. Gone are the days of the Andy Griffith sticking Otis in the jail cell until he sobers up. It is dead serious and all over.

This may be the most important post I have ever written as the timing of all this gives us as a group an opportunity to make a dent or even spearhead a new way of thinking when it  comes to treatment.

You all know I don’t keep track of numbers or stats and pay for publicity. The reason 4 years ago I didn’t even consider it was two-fold. First, I have lived the hell of addiction since age 12 due to exceptional parenting by my father.  (NOT).  The point is I know what it is like to want to give up. I know what it feels like to give it everything you got, and have people accuse you of being a slacker who didn’t care about anyone else.  I know what its like to drive home from work excited that I had made up my mind not to drink that night and as my truck passed the ABC liquor store it automatically turned in all by itself.

If you want to talk opiates , or anything else have no fear I have been there too. Mine is addiction depression. Yours may be grief. It may be disease in your body. It does not matter. All can be treated. 

So assuming you have the funding, the open bed, and the right circle of clinicians who are the decision makers  in that tiny percentage of the programs,  you may actually have as high as a 3/4 chance of remaining clean. At least for a year. Now as for the other 90% of programs that do  not have that fruitful, ocean side venue  with the possibility of a real live recovered addict as a role model to help treat them, the sad reality is that maybe 3-4 clients will stay clean for even a year. I personally think it is a horrible hope to stick any struggling addict in a system with results like that. I mean now you may be talking random philosophies of treatment for these citizens who just don’t take their lives seriously, and don’t care about the pain they are causing their families. Snap out of it. Grow up.

At least that’s how I felt when I myself found myself on a cold floor in withdrawals with a tiny mattress to lay on as I vomited and contemplated whether life was worth living. My first program I got lucky because the ” tough love shifter” who marched in like military generals demanding roll call and even exercise while you prayed your heart would not fail seemed to be there as a I began to come out of my life threatening symptoms of opiate and alcohol withdrawal. I remember one nice older lady who used to sneak us an apple or two even just to insure a healthy outcome. She may have known more than we all thought, since the crew I did time with all lasted weeks longer in our sobriety then some others.  That at least gave our families an extra week or two to see us sober. It must have been pure bliss for mom and dad.

Not so much. The next program AA though had a little secret that they were so proud of because it has been around for a century. You see they made it mandatory that we all spent an hour or two each day with al the other failures repeating publicly that we had no control over our situation. Thankfully they had a lifelong open door welcome policy to return after our  ” treatment ” just to remind ourselves of our future -the same as it was that day. If it wasn’t for the hope of making it 30 days or even 60 without using and getting to be presented publicly with a  poker chip  for our good behavior, I may have never had the success I did of well over 3 months sober. Pure heaven.  The only problem was I still felt like I was sick. Like I had well, almost like a real human who was productive  in society  would get, a disease.

Crazy me, here I go back to denial. I sucked it up like you do when you hold your breath.  Until again I had to breath. Now that I look back I am being a little hard on the program, because after my first 30 days of peeing clean, I did get to go into a real public place like the working folk and play pool for an hour with the fellas. Heck the guard that brought us even went out for a smoke break once. It was like we were on parole!

So sure, after a few detox weekends , verbal tongue lashings and contract signings in front of the staff who had never been so disobedient to life as I , I eventually was set FREE! I will never forget walking out of the compound to see my own truck there and more importantly my two young sons. They must have been seen me as a role model. I honestly to this day do not think they ever saw the 20-30 slices up and down my arm to my wrist from trying to figure out how to bleed out while in my hellish withdrawals. I couldn’t even get that right. Nevertheless, I had learned to hold my breath longer now. I was as a clean as a whistle. Never stepped foot into another rehab. It was the darn jail cells that got to me though when I earned my first DUI. I didn’t care for it.

Thank goodness on my 2nd DUI the judge allowed me to check in to a 90 day inpatient program. Heck with good behavior, my superiors at my job an as a clinical social worker would never even know!  This program was much different. I felt like a real human the while time. There was no television or computers. You spent all day working physical labor, the were fed well, but this place didn’t have the walk of shame hour each night. Instead mandatory church.  Oh well, I guess it couldn’t hurt. I knew right away I was never going to score oxy and Vicodin’s like at the Miami place, but hey, I will try.

People that was when I was only 30. It took almost 10 more years to even stay functional. That’s unacceptable. I tried everything. I took the shame and guilt and accusations . You all know. So do you want to let it all go or seize a chance to show the kind of pain uneducated people cause others  cause?

That’s it I am done. I got work to do.

Are you going to do your part?


Note*  To reiterate, I never said that all treatment facilities are useless. What I am saying is due to sheer need, different treatment types, and financial issues, people are dying not living.

I spoke to the Executive Director Of the # 1 best treatment center in the USA last night about this.  Asked his opinion.  He understands the problem.  Lets do this.

Junkie Reunion! Party Is Started! BYOC (bring your own critics)….


In case anybody missed the last post I’m going to repeat one more time who should and who should not be here. This is about the real deal of addiction this isn’t a cookie-cutter 12-step program that you go in and stay sober for a month and then relapse. It’s not about some special Supernatural therapy that you get better overnight and it’s not about any hypnotism. It’s for people that have been through things like I’ve been through withdrawals rehabs rehabs again failures success failures and finally find a road in the right direction .It’s a damn shame that a disease forces us to be guinea pigs. We can send somebody to the moon we can make more progress in this.

Just as important as that – you invite your family friends and anybody who you know that is not an addict and make them aware and involved in this series because they are a huge part of your success and recovery. There are  two things I’m going to make sure you understand if you’re an addict reading this. Number one you have a disease .

Nobody goes to the cancer wards and commands everybody to get out of their bed and get cured and just snap out of it,  so nobody should come to you in command you to snap out of it. 

The second thing is is that your support system is everything to your recovery negative reinforcement from family friends non-addicts people have no clue what you going through does nothing but dig a deeper hole for you. The way to remedy that is to educate them on the truth of what comes out of their mouth and I’m here to do that if you’re willing to invite them to be involved in the series that’s your call.

With that said if you are willing to do all it takes to get better you should be here if you’re not interested in getting your disease managed then you shouldn’t be here. Much of the failure rate of addiction treatment has to do with  groups like AA and NA type support systems.Imagine if you had a full-time job and everyday when you got into work you had to recite I am powerless over this job and I have no ability in my own power to do it and then you sit down and discuss how you would overcome it. That’s why groups like that have an embarrassing rate of long-term success. I’m not saying there’s no place for these groups. I’m saying that’s not for treatment and many times it ends up as a giant pity party that never ends. 

 This whole series is designed to walk through the different stages  of addiction  frustration failure  low self-esteem  and ultimately recovery. Every one of us has walked through different stages at different times with different support groups and different circumstances so it’s imperative that we interact with each other. It’s not a time to sit back and just rehash it over and over. This is a real deal where there’s real results- there’s going to be people involved in here that are experts that actually have results.

 Anybody that’s involved in this series are  people that have lived it, and in some cases are service providers as well  People that offer their input or services are only people that have been handpicked by me because of their success rate and because of the philosophy that we all understand that there is no cookie-cutter method to fix it all.There are a few successful treatment centers around and we’re going to be focusing a lot on similar philosophies but we’re also going to do a little bit of educating to support family and friends who are unaware of the impact  that  commanding people to snap out of it,  grow up you have kids get a job when they have no idea what the hell you’re going through. It maybe a little  down and dirty at times and that’s just fine. After all we all need a little checkup from the neck up on occasion. 

 we’re not dogs so I won’t be heading out any chips and you won’t have to stand up and make any statements all I ask is that you include any experiences that are pertinent to our conversation so that everybody can benefit.

I actually had an entire other post to prevent next but as I was looking at today’s news I couldn’t help but post this next one first. It is a perfect example of complete ignorance and setting up for failure and even death for a struggling addict. 

By the way these post will be in between all the other posts we talk about on other subjects, but they will be ongoing so stay tuned If you have any input on any subjects that you wanted to discuss feel free to leave comments or email .I’m open 

 and for those who follow me and her not in this particular category but have other issues or problems you stay with us because there’s going to be topics discussed on any area we need to talk about and anybody that is an expert that I’ve invited in to talk or help is somebody I have talked to and know that they have success. this isn’t just about addiction we’re just starting out with addiction and it doesn’t have to be to drugs or alcohol. so right now I’m going to ask you to please think of anybody in your family friends and Muse people that are armchairs sponsors or judge you invite him to participate or at least read and I would welcome any questions everybody in the support system needs to be on the same team because the centers that are out there right now are not going to do it for you.

Love Me Or Leave Me.

Just a quick note. I have great respect for these short read posts that fix things in a jiff. My life hasnt worked like that so if you follow me through some deep issues, they will be more then 2 minute cure alls. I just dont want to disappoint anyone, thats all. Go with what is best for you. 


1. Create constant content. One of the first keys to becoming a millionaire blogger is to start a blog. Aside from all of the tips and tricks of different things that will catch a reader’s eye, you need to focus on constantly creating content. There is no better key to success then constantly creating and […]

via Do These First, Then the Money Will Follow (3 min read) — Millionaire’s Digest

Paradise For The Brotherhood..

You have arrived- Goat is your reward..

Watch “Wikileaks Releases First Batch Of Barack Obama Emails & They Hint At A Rigged Election” on YouTube

It’s all one big misunderstanding . 

Good Morning Mr. President-Sir.

                     And Good Riddence Hussein

You managed to fool some into thinking that you had America and her best interest in mind when you were elected. I had doubts before you were elected, but decided to not judge you because you were a muslim.

But you had to go writing 3 BILLION dollar checks to people who hate us like the muslim brotherhood/ your alumni. You continued to attempt to dismantle piece by piece everything that made this country great. Not a coincidence. Yet you still had your sheeple following just as Hollywood is now. You cannot fix stupid.

For the rest of us, seeing what you have done this month by trying to piss off Russia and put our soldiers at risk – now that is a whole new level nasty stinkin jihad crap.  Its laughable that you ordered yourself a medal of honor right before you try to start a war.

                      You should be executed instantly.

Thank God we now have a real man who is an American and God fearing.

President Trump has forgotten more about life then you and your brotherhood will ever learn combined. He is way ahead of you. It is a shame you got even a tour of our white house, much less pretend to be our leader. Don’t let your prayer cloth hit you on the way out.





Obama wild

Goats are awaiting..











Nobody Has An Easy Life-So Now What?

So its been a very rough road for me in the last decade or two. Many times over did I wonder why the things that were happening were happening-and why those things that were not happening were not. I think everyone goes through that at some stage. It gets worse when you start itemizing the thing that have gone wrong in life.  Our nature is to identify what is wrong with a situation or a person.

If you have kids you understand this. The irony with kids, is we can point out what they are doing wrong all day long and never see any real change in them.  If we began to identify what it is we want to see them doing, than praise them when they are doing it we begin to see change. It’s a long proven fact that negative reinforcement never changes long-term behavior patterns for the good.

Occasionally I will be out at the store or doctors office and overhear people complaining about what they have to live with My immediate  response is to shake my head and wonder how they would deal with what I have on my plate. After all, I grew up with an alcoholic, abusive and violent father who was kind enough to turn me on to alcohol at 13. By the time I was in high school I was a full-blown addict and didn’t know it. The next years it got worse as I had to figure out how to address it. Of course that major depression in the genes did not help. Then my brother and his suicide put another dark cloud over me.

After rehab, 20 different medications or so and trying to make it through college to get into social work, it all got better though….

Not so much. Since then I began a career after college in the field and all but still couldn’t shake the depression and temptation to self medicate. Of course all along even people close to me were starting to judge me as if depression wasn’t real. Meantime I am in the other room trying to figure out how much life insurance I had to leave for my wife and kids. If they only knew. Maybe you know.

After a divorce and the trauma of having to share time to see my little boys it just got worse. I have spent the last 25 years trying to stay one step ahead of addiction and depression and memories of my very abusive childhood. If that is all I had to deal with it would be plenty. Fast forward years and after remarrying I have two little girls to feed. I once again pursue the best work in my field to provide for them and enjoy real living. Just a few years into this, I was out of the blue diagnosed with a rare bone disease called AVN or Avascular Necrosis. Bone death in Greek. In the right hip and doctor says my hip is gone and I need immediate total hip replacement.

Huh? I am 45. I workout. I have kids. I have to work. What do you mean hip replacement? He assured me I would be up and back to work in a couple of months. He as well said a few years. I don’t have money to pay up all bills for that time. However I had no choice. Without the ugly and long version, the doctor and hospital decided I was the perfect candidate to do the surgery live on the web, moderated by 5 other surgeons. I guess to show the world how great they were at surgery. It turned out to be the biggest nightmare of my life. The hip failed 13 months later and began just falling off.. Dropping out  socket. After this paralyzing event occurred 2x and I was taken by ambulance to the ER to have it jammed back in place, I called the doctor repeatedly but oddly Even enough no call back.

Short version, he acted as if he didn’t know me, rather than associate his world-wide debut on the internet with failure. I went on to have a world record 11 dislocations in 11 weeks. No help from doctor. Actually it became such a well-known story that some didn’t believe it was true. To this day it’s up on Dr. Earl Stevens website New Zealand. It’s at then just search Tim’s horror story.  So thanks to the good doctor , I had my 7th hip surgery just  1 year ago. Lost everything we owned. No home, nothing. Turned down 2x for disability because I am ” too well-educated”  which is against the law.

I have had 2 total hip replacements, a revision, bone grafts, core decompression, my jaw bone shaved and then those 11 dislocations. I am tired. I am broke. I wonder why.  Just one break is all I need. I deserve disability. I paid in for 20 years. My failed hip has been in a lawsuit with 8000 others and they recently awarded the first 10 people 80 million each for their suffering but before I got excited my attorney said they might fight my case.

What? Fight my case but why?  I don’t ask anymore. That’s how my life is.

So I told you those little tidbits which represents about 25% of my major issues so you know I am not blowing smoke. I have come to realize that I am not in control here. God had allowed this for His purposes, and there is no fighting that because He did allow it. Next I turn to His word and seek out how exactly I am to deal. First it was clear I am not the first to have trials.

  • 1 Peter 1 6-7Explains what trials produce in us.
  • Romans 8:28 Is a promise that God will work all things together for good for those who love Him and are called according to His purpose.
  • Hebrews 11 ( The hall of faith) – Describes how we are not to go by feelings or emotions, what we see or think. We walk by faith not by sight.

It is these things I have had to hold on to. It is very hard in today’s world because every single thing that happens in this world today is against what works according to Gods word. The world tries to talk us out of our faith every day. If you are not renewing your mind in real truth each day from Scriptures you will buy the lies of world.

  • (By the way all my atheist, Buddhist, agnostic, and universe worshippers you know the routine, just skip that bible part if it offends you. I am telling my story and for me its critical. No offense.)
  • Does any of this take away the pain? No. I have pain. I also have peace. Peace is the difference between panicking in trials and standing firm through them.
  • Anyways yesterday something else took my mind off of all my problems. I still have 2 kids at home. Girls. My little baby girl had to have surgery in her gums at the hospital .I could not be there so my family sent me a picture of her before and after. She is 5. These 2 pictures made me forget about some things and remember again what is important. I thought I would share them. It moved me for some reason to see her happy, and even though not really awake from surgery yet, she was safe.
  • wp-1484387152280.png
  • wp-1484387219122.png


I don’t know what your situation is. Maybe harder than mine. Remember, you have a reason to be where you are. You dont get to know all the details.

  • Here is the deal. Money comes and goes, jobs come and go, health comes and goes. Relationships come and go. Kids come and go. Feelings come and go. If you put your security in any of those you have just strapped yourself onto the roller coaster of a lifetime.


  • God  is the same yesterday, today and forever and His word will never ever return void. I like that..

In he meantime grab who you can that you love. Focus on things you are good at. Start training that brain to catch the positive things about your life and you. It works.












                                DEPLOYS TROOPS TO RUSSIAS DOORSTEP..



                      Putin is right- he is a little PUNK.

                        TAKE YOUR BALL AND FAKE MEDAL AND GO HOME.



Watch “Obama Exit Polls RELEASED! Criticized for broken promises” on YouTube

People are always doubting. .Quick to judge others who have risen to success. When someone else makes dramatic gains in their career or rises to some unbelievably wonderful place in their life, there’s always going to be people to shoot you down and that’s why we to have confidence in ourselves. As a matter of fact, no matter what we’ve done have confidence in ourselves.It’s no accident that Obama Rose to the highest office in United States.. He knew who he really was he sure doesn’t need any country to shoot down his accomplishments .

When recently asked if he had to pick one song to define his legacy and what he has meant to this country as being the leader of our nation America,  Obama picked this one.  ( Salt N Peppa-Whatta Man)

As a matter of fact he noted that as he becomes a regular citizen again and enjoys seeing how his “Legacy ”  plays out this song will  will be jamming in his MP3  while he remembers his accompishments..

Whether it be a slow day or just kickin it at home polishing his self -awarded  Medal of Honor,  or thinking of his Nobel peace prize, he knows he earned all he has awarded himself. No need for a countty’s approval – he has found himself worthy -that is what matters.

If he ever has a negative thought cross his mind about his legacy- this will come right back on..

My song- By B  Obama

Let’s face it he  could have done even more if he wasn’t so limited by those silly founding father issues…

Just to demonstrate his total awareness and support of the citizens of the United States it has been said that during his farewell speech tonight he will not  only avoid putting anyone down, even others who took a stand against him,  but he will encourage us to unite and still have some faith even though Trump got elected. 

Al-Hamdu lillah,  Mr. President      

  wahidat Kabira.

I would say mission accomplished.

What a Man! Just ask him. He will vouch for me!

I must admit I couldnt  help but document some amount of historical moments and if you haven’t seen that post you posted he has made some incredible moments for himself.

Addiction Series- TOXIC JUDGEMENT-

                                              Hard Core Truth




      Family members -and others can and do often sabotage the success of the recovering addict. Several reasons, but number one is they are ignorant of the disease. Snap out of it- grow up! I say to you cerebrally challenged folk, lets get a van full and go to al the cancer wards -room to room telling these people to get over it.

Treatment centers suck-I have been there back in the gap. Got some good stuff there. Good connections-for the street life.

Depression and hopelessness- is real and those who keep condemning are grave diggers. This is not a Scared Straigth deal. It is a disease

FUTURE LIFE–  is available but not likely with the lousy system we have. This series will start in a week or maybe 3 days after that. Once per week I wil introduce a new component of addiction and you all give feedback then we try to arrive at the best solution.

There is no set closing date for the group -I don’t care if it goes on for a decade or two. If we don’t get together and education the public and people who word with addicts, it is only getting worse.

The only person that this series would not apply to is the addict that does not care an has no intention of getting free of the bondage they are in. This is a waste of time. We are going to cut through some decades old BS that even well know places like AA have taught. We will look at the chances of an addict really getting free in this system, but we wont stop there.

There are solid treatment centers.

There are families who know how to treat an addict.

There is a way to get help for depression.

There is hope for a new tomorrow.

I am speaking from experience,..( I mean I have this friend…lol )

So if you dont follow me already, just know that everyone in here keeps it all real and legit , we all want growth .

Next update and final in a few days so please jusr tell all of your family and friends -other addicts to follow this blog-








If you happen to feel like your life has no meaning, and just sucks, perfect! Read.

My friend in high school and I clicked as soon as we met .Just one of those things. Since we both liked to laugh we took any opportunity we had to, well not just make people laugh, but make them think as well.

Since he was black and I am white, one of our favorite gigs was to walk in a store and engage in a conversation that was meant to get a reaction from people around us.

I might say loudly, ” hey grab some ribs, I know how you black folk cant enough of that”

He would act offended and say ” we changed it back to African American, crackka.”.

Then on the way out I’d tell the store manager that he might want to check his pockets. My buddy would act mad and say ” why- just cuz im a black man I am a thief?”

And of course  I would shrug my shoulders , look at him, then the manager and say ” hey cuz , just keepin it real, I mean 88% of incarcerated men are negr..I mean African American”

Depending how much fun we were having we would either quit or just keep it rollin. 

Once we were out the door we would be busting out laughing just on the reactions we got. We didnt know it at the time , but we were learning too.

I guess looking back now we were pretty fortunate because we were both brought up to know that racism is on the inside not the outside. I mean I’ve seen hillbilly racism black racism mexican racism every kind of racism.Ugly knows no color.

Those few years were short but they ended up actually defining much of my life and my perspective on how I would communicate and how I would engage in conversation with people.Really whether or not I was going to be a sheep or buck and go solo.

In all honesty as I got a little bit older and got married I was told that I kind of spoke my mind too much and too clearly and wasn’t very careful with my words.

For awhile I’d check myself and try to fit in- polish my speech and act as everybody else was but it never felt right.It never felt normal to me so eventually I turned back into myself.

There were a few things that I had to correct that I didn’t even realize, some of the language that I had used but in general I just stuck to myself and said what was on my mind- not to offend anybody and I never purposely would intentionally offend anybody but I spoke what was on my mind.

It had nothing to do with me trying to impress anybody, just my personality and if I got any criticism and realized that I had offended anybody I would certainly correct it without any hesitation.

As the years went by I continued in my normal way of communicating but I noticed that people seemed to be kind of surprised by the way I spoke or they might inquire as to why I thought the way I did or say that I had an unusual way of expressing myself. Even say I had a special way of explaining things but I never really thought much about it.To me thats what you do, say what you think . But their was more to it .

Fast forward 25 years and just in the last few years I’ve realized that everybody has gifts. Some people are artists some people are accountants some people have administrative gifts and some people have gifts of communication or writing or other gifts.

I really never spent much time focusing on my gifts because fortunately I was brought up not to focus just on mine, but other peoples as well.

But the fact that I didn’t pay attention to it didn’t mean that it wasn’t there and the fact that you might not know what your gift is doesn’t mean it isn’t there.

The reason I’m telling you this it’s because I’ve just recently realized that my entire life I have spoken and written as if I was all alone and really never considered that there are other people watching listening or reading. At first when I recognized that I was a little bit frightend.As if I might have really let loose on some personal and sensitive things. I did.

But it was ok. Because it was the real me and everyone knew that. It never was  intended  to hurt anyone. There is a big difference between saying or writing something intentionally to hurt someone, and saying or writing the same thing when the person knows you are speaking simply what is on your heart. Even if it is offensive they know it isnt meant for them.

Recently, for the first time in years I actually took time to see why people even read things I have written over the years , this blog and other things I have done. Why people have invited me to speak to large groups of people and run programs with 40 people working for me who all had higher degrees then me. Heck I cant even make a tie hang around my neck.

To my amazement much of the feedback and comments had to do with the fact that I was being transparent. I had to think about that for a minute because I wasn’t trying to be anything .That’s just how I communicate.It really got me to thinking. Is it that rare that people write what they think? What other way is there? Does  everyone else have some kind of secret buffer between their brain and their lips or what? It is rare!! Wow.

 I was just writing to myself.I was just speaking to myself and there happened to be 150 people seated in front of me.  When I write I don’t pay attention to anybody else or anything, I don’t write for other people I write what’s on my mind. No matter the venue, its always the same routine, once I put my head down to start writing it goes until my thinker is empty. 

I wonder what I would have written if I had paid attention to who is watching or reading or listening all my life? Would I change what I said? Would I have altered my speech or be careful not to say anything that I thought might not be pleasing to the eye or ear of a reader? What a horrible life it would be. 

Here is the key. It was clear to me that this communication style or writing technique was a God given gift, to me, and for me to use to help others in some way. Should I feel like Im bragging ? Of course not! I didnt come up with it. I never studied writing.I never took speech lessons.  Im using the gift I was blessed with as best as I know how. The secret to knowing you are using your God given gift, not a manufactured human attempt at having a gift is simple.

 Its in the fruit. 

As I look back over the years now, I am shocked at all the things that have come from MY work! Lol!

Yeah, its my work alright, but He gave me the tools. I always remember this, and try never to step outside of my true gifts, because well, been there and done that.

The problem there is you notice a sudden absence of ANY fruit! Like a huge drive by fruiting just passed you in the hood…( sorry I couldnt resist)

You get the point.Find your areas of gifting . Every single one of us has gifts from God. Period. To my atheist, agnostic, buddhist , and all other friends, you just insert the name you prefer if God or Jesus seems to really get to ya…

But go after your gifts. Its not about us.Yes we get to finally have some sense of value in life when we in fact find and work with our gifts.. It makes you know you are here for a special purpose. If you are a cabinet maker, be the best cabinet maker you can be. If you build supersonic jets, build the biggest and baddest you can. Whatever your gift is, never ever decieve yourselves in thinking your  gift isn’t as important as someone else’s.

You dont always get to recieve praise and accolades while using your gift, although some may more than others.

Watch this-

I have seen a little old lady with the gift of mercy take in a homeless man, hook him up with clean  clothes, a shower take him to church and change his entire life just by connecting him with men at the church who give him a job. The story gets better because he meets a  woman at that church and falls in love..

A year after he crawled out of his cardboard box in the woods and the little lady using her gift got hold of him, he is holding a brand new baby girl and the woman he loves.

Some things even a supersonic jet cannot produce….

Dont stay stuck if thats where you are. If you wanted apples and planted tree after tree in your yard for years, with not one apple, how long would you keep on?

Is that where you are?  Good news. The tree store is still open , to everyone. Go get the right one and watch what it produces..

Go get your gift.


(You can find tests on line to help determine your gifts. This has to come from a bible based organization and many are free or very inexpensive. Remember we are not talking about skills. You can learn skills. Thats great too. But the gift is what you want. )

Mailbag Time! The Questions Only We Dare Answer..

Dear DLMK,

Riddle me this. What do you get when you take 45 – 1 + 8 years and add in 90%?

Joe in Texas

Joe, you have to bring your A game here. Thats not even hard. 

Answer: the amount of felony counts Hillary Clinton should be charged with for lying under oath (44)

8 years? 

Answer: The length of time we put an anti-American, anti God delusional man in the highest office in the country!

90% :

Answer: the amount of intelligence that Donald Trump could lose and still be light years ahead of the delusional president ! Simple.
Dear DLMK,

Why dont you lay off us about leaving the country because Trump was elected? You know we were joking . Plus you came down so hard on Hillary just because she doesnt know how to use email. We are not all techies.Then you jumped on her because she had a little memory lapse about where Benghazi was. Dang she was under fire there remember? Maybe a little slack for PTSD? Have a little respect for our professional and personal track records you m#*th@_.


Miley ( anytime/anyone) Cyrus

The very rev. Al ( race-baiter) Sharpton

Cher ( just Cher)

Charlie ( i smoked the biggest rocks of crack ) Sheen

Whoopi (dont be callin me ghetto) Goldberg.

 Dear stars,

I actually got Mr Trump to chime in on this as Im not qualified to debate this.

Mr Trump;

Hello folks. Happy new year to you all. Let me just tell you up front that even though you rallied against me saying you would leave the country if I won, I as an understanding man had already made arrangements for every one of you to be full time employees of mine in whatever country you went to. 

I can never find enough help to sort and stack the 100$ bills that my investments earn daily. You Charlie, in particular, i think you are picking up what Im putting down, from what i hear you are quite experienced at rolling bills up..if you get me.

Rev. Al, you are forever welcome to carry my luggage as I noticed you enjoy jetsetting and quick media.appearances. 

Miley, I also own property in Vegas, perhaps that might suit your, um , personality.


I got you babe.


Much respect as well. You can work alongside my head housekeeper. Thats no joke either . You have shown your gifts on The View. 

I will always have 2 tickets to paradise for all of you.Heck Ill fly you for free and even get you a quick meet and greet with my pilot. 


Donald ( but you can call me Mr. PRESIDENT) Trump.

Thanks Mr. President.
Ok people thats it for now. Oh wait, just allow me to give my own shot at humor…its my first time so dont be hard on me..

How do we know for sure.that more then one believes Obama has left one shred of a ” legacy” in 8 years?

Answer, Narcissists have split personalities…thats 2. 

So it was my first try. I thought it was decent. ..