Somewhere in this Darkness…

There’s another world inside of me that you may never see. There’s secrets in this life that I can’t hide . Somewhere in this darkness  there’s a light that I can’t find, maybe it’s too far away, maybe I’m just  blind maybe I’m just blind; So hold me when I’m here, right me when I’m wrong, hold me  when I’m scared and love me when I’m gone

Everything I am and everything in me wants to be the one you wanted me to be I’ll never let you down even if I could I’d give up  everything if only for your good So hold me when I’m here, right me when I’m  wrong you can hold me when I’m scared you won’t always be there so love  me when I’m gone, love me when I’m gone,

When your education x-ray cannot see under my skin, I won’t  tell you a damn thing that I could not tell my friends, and roaming through  this darkness I’m alive but I’m alone- Part of me is fighting this but part  of me is gone.

So hold me when I’m here, right me when I’m wrong hold me  when I’m scared and love me when I’m gone everything I am and everything in me, wants to be the one you wanted me to be.

I’ll never let you down even if I could I’d give up  everything if only for your good So hold me when I’m here, right me when I’m  wrong You can hold me when I’m scared, you won’t always be there So love  me when I’m gone

Maybe I’m just blind

So hold me when I’m here, right me when I’m wrong hold me when I’m scared and love me when I’m gone Everything I am and everything in me wants to be the one you wanted me to be.

I’ll never let you down even if I could, I’d give up  everything if only for your good so hold me when I’m here, right me when I’m wrong you can hold me when I’m scared, you won’t always be there, so love  me when I’m gone.

Love me when I’m gone, whoa Love me when I’m gone, when I’m  gone When I’m gone, when I’m gone….

Sharing some powerful words from a 3 Doors Down song. I thought it to be very thought provoking and powerful. Hope you listen to the song sometime if you have not!


Holidays Can Make You Feel TINY!

Holidays  Can Make You Feel TINY!

Do you feel small and unimportant during the Holiday season? You are not alone. You may see the smiling faces and happy shoppers. Maybe you even have hundreds of Facebook friends and even thousands on LinkedIn or another network. But do you really know anyone?
This year, take time to meet one new person. Not just meet them, but get to know them.

After all, knowing one person is better than having 1000 acquaintances, Understand that underneath the cheery scarves and smiley faces, people are struggling just like you. They see therapists, some take meds for depression and some feel suicidal even.

Value yourself. If it wasnt for the little tires in this world, there would not be big tires!
Be content with who you are , keep dreaming, and someday you may be driving the big truck!

Our Family- To You..

Our Family

Merry Christmas to everyone from! We hope that you will experience the Joy that comes with the message of Christmas, and appreciate all of our followers and supporters! Have a great Holiday and God bless you all!

– The Crew at DLMK

When I am not blogging…..

When I am not blogging.....

This is one of the 5 children I am proud to call my own. Of course she is the baby. I have older ones that are in school for EMT and also have a 16 year old riding in the pro bull riders association, When Dont Label My Kid was just a thought, I had worked with thousands of teens, adults and children . I have had 25 live -in foster kids, 5 of my own, and worked one on one with thousands. Personally, grew up in a violent environment, with an absentee father. I have lived through childhood trauma, my brother committed suicide after watching a television show with me. I have fought and beat the addictions that I was introduced to as a child, and won, by God’s grace. Most recently, I have had 2 car accidents, and been diagnosed with AVN, which has landed me in the hospital 13 times in the last 2 years, including 3 major hip surgeries. Then it got really tough! LOL!
I feel a personal and a professional connection to this effort to help people overcome obstacles and labels in their lives. If I made it, you can too! Hope you enjoy the site!


People it is time to TURN the page on the past! Start your new life today!


We have all been wounded, scarred, hurt, let down, hopeless, helpless, broke, lonely, tired, weary, scared, depressed and the list can go on. That is part of life as we know it. Today I felt like I should post an encouraging but truthful nugget for anyone who is down right now for any reason. Listen- there is a time to weep, a time to mourn, a time to be sad and a time to review the past so you can learn from it. However 90% of people who go through this normal process in life get hung up on one or two areas, and it becomes an anchor, locking them into the emotional bondage of past events, or mistakes. The result of this is an endless circle of pity, shame, hopelessness, and lack of motivation. What if I told you that starting today, you are ordered to turn your head to the future. No looking back. Make a decision to be happy. Make a decision to forgive anyone who has ever accused, abused or used you. Turn the page and be free of the past, be emptied of the heavy weight you have been carrying…
How do you do this? It is a matter of discovering a few keys that not many people understand. I will share a few with you to help you stand up, brush yourself off, and move forward.

1- People come and go, jobs come and go, health comes and goes, feelings come and go, and money comes and goes. People come and go out of your life all the. here is the first key to moving forward- NEVER PUT YOUR SECURITY IN ANY OF THOSE THINGS. You are simply waiting for a fall if you do. Its going to happen. So, if you believe in God, I would recommend putting ALL of your security in Him, and who you are in Christ. He said He will NEVER leave or forsake us, and unlike the things I mentioned above, He is the same yesterday, tomorrow and forever. That is security! All those other things are fine to have in life, but as ” gravy ” if you will. You will find that if you focus on the relationship with Him, all those other things get put in right perspective and you will not obsess over any of them.

Next, TURN THE PAGE on the past. Have you ever tried to walk forward while looking backward? I recommend you try it once. You cannot do it. Neither can you dwell on the past and move forward in your life. Never stumble on something behind you. How do you do this? You wake up one day and make the decision that you are now looking forward. The things you say, the thoughts you allow in and the actions you take MUST be helping you to move forward. Negativity has no place in moving forward. Today, is the first day of the rest of your life!

Lastly, Put yourself around those who you want to be like. Stay away form, and cut ties to anyone is is a pity party lover. Bad news, and will try to keep you down so they do not have to make any effort to move forward. Misery LOVES company. Go find some people you admire, people with peace, and joy. You will become what you put yourself around. READ MY TEXT! YOU WILL BECOME WHAT YOU PUT YOURSELF AROUND! Choose carefully who you hang with, and what things you do. If you want a good snapshot of what you look like now in your life, just take a look at your circle of friends. That IS you. If you do not like what you see, then pull the trigger and make new connections.

I realize this a very brief post for such a deep topic, but I promise you if you will do those simple things right now, your life will change for the better very soon. Money back guarantee! Do not stay in bondage to the past. If you need help working through some things then seek out someone to talk to who will keep you on track. You are going to be what you say you will be. So choose words carefully and speak out loud the things you are looking forward to accomplishing. Positive speak brings positive results, negative talk brings negative results. By the way, I did mention God in this post, so if you were offended, you can cross that line out and insert ” palm tree” or ” the universe” or whatever it is you call God.
Listen, I am available by consultation to help anyone through this transition into a happy existence. You dont need to spend thousands of dollars on doctors to get this done. I am trained in social work and have helped thousands of people over a hump in their life.

You got this, now go do it! Contact me for phone or skype consultation, at tjpetri@


Here is an article that addresses some ways to deal with bullying. One stat that popped out at me was that 160,000 kids stay home each day due to bullying. Wow. This needs to stop, but how? Read this and leave any comments you may have!!



God’s own Healers…? Faith and Doctors!

God’s own healers…

Do you think that it is a sin to be depressed, or address other mental health issues if you are Christian? Here is one take on who really needs to be looking for help, the church!


Having Problems with a Child? Need Help for an Adult? Contact Me Now! —


If you or a person you know is facing challenges in the areas of behavior, mental health or associated issues, it is important that you finish reading this!

I help people who do not know where to get help. Here are just a few of the problems I help solve;

1   Behavior problems with children / adults

2-  Depression in children / adults

3-  Do I need a doctor? What kind?

4-” I think my son has bi-polar!”

5- What is the DSM-V ?

6- Do I need medicine for this?

7- How do I know when my child is depressed?

8–My kids are “out of control!”

9- My family member saw  a television talk show and is convinced they have _______________ disorder!

10- I am afraid to tell anyone  about our problem because it will ruin our reputation…

Do NOT spend thousands of dollars on several different methods of treatment before you even know where to look! You would not go to a Ford dealer if you wanted a Chevy, would you ? It is the same idea. There are many very qualified and effective psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists and other providers for you or children you have. You cannot know which to choose until you know what kind you need. I have spent a good part of the past 24 years helping people find appropriate care for their individual situations.I provide assessments that point to what your true need is,  and help you  locate the right resource for the need. Don’t spend years ” doctor hopping ”  while you or your loved one suffers.

Contact me for immediate assistance at    I CAN HELP!

Its 3am- I Must Be Lonely…

I have spoken with many people today, walked with some, emailed, texted, skyped, and shared with none.

It’s not 3am, and I don’t feel lonely, I feel unheard. I have spoken much but said little. I have voiced concern but heard only echos. I have Facebook, Yahoo, Google, WordPress, Linkedin, and all the right connections. I can make a phone call to some very important people you know.,,I am good looking, smart, kind, have a good heart and all that jazz.  I feel unheard.

Tomorrow, I will meet and talk with more people, walk with some, and email for sure. I communicate very well and am overwhelmed with the responsibility that comes with having so much going on in my life. Smile here, laugh with the crowd, present myself with a confident air and  make all the right calls, say all the right things, wear the right styles and walk the cool walk. It is easy being successful, but the tasks that come with it are troublesome and burdensome. I will have you know that I have thousands, yes thousands of contacts on any given social network and have access to people in any profession at any level at any time I choose.

I feel unheard. But I am a proven winner! I can do just about anything, especially when it comes to communicating. I am an expert on relationships, have paper to show I finished college, and I cannot even count the amount of letters behind my damn name. That’s how big I am, just so you know. I have mingled with well-known public figures for God’s sakes I have a following that would put most to shame, and my phone is so busy I have a  ” reject call ” setting on it. I just need a break from this hectic and difficult grind.

I do not use cuss words, am well versed on many a subject, can spew the vitriol when needed but I can soften even the hardest of falls you may take, if I choose. I am very, very accomplished as you may see by a glance at my profile. I am sought after by many for advice and I drive a nice vehicle too. You may be envious as you read this, since not many at all have reached the marks that I have conquered. As a matter of fact I wish I could allow you into my world to taste excellence, but you have to do it like I did and earn it.

Is anyone out there?

Is anyone listening?

Is everyone aware of who I am?

I hate picking clothes out to wear, making myself look “acceptable ” to the public by the way. I do not even feel like getting out of bed some days. If you have not picked it up yet, I am a critical part of many people’s lives. Yes, that is correct I simply have to be there for people! What would they do without me? I wonder sometimes what they would do…without me. I mean, I know I am needed but hypothetically speaking, how would everyone carry on if I was not me? I am so unheard. 


I know every abbreviation to know and I never take selfies, just so you know. I mean, with my schedule, it’s a full on photo shoot for this face to be on anything and it does not happen overnight I will have you know. I am practically a model, and people are waiting to hear my opinion. I hate dishes and dogs – classical music and most democrats. I despise haughty, lying corporate jokers who think they are just  ‘ all that ” because they drive nice cars and can talk a good game. I bet they are miserable and lonely inside and probably have a miserable self-image, although they act all grand and happy when the show starts! I bet they lie about their accomplishments and probably sit at home alone romancing a bottle of wine. Pitiful examples they are, saying one thing and doing the opposite. Proclaiming to be soooo innocent when they are as guilty as the rest. Yes, it is good to be me and free of that mess. I am so busy tweeting, Skyping, and Facebooking that I do not have time for hypocrites or selfish pigs like them. I get reeled out just thinking about what their lives are REALLY like. I bet they are lonely and desperate for attention, while here I am trying to just take 5 from my very jammed up schedule.

I think I will have pizza for dinner, the movie and pizza thing sounds like a good idea to me. I like using Redbox, so I can slip in and out with a movie without running into some needy friend, or co-worker who will want to rant and complain about something. Idiots. Who needs them anyways. Is anyone hearing me? I will be signing copies of my book all weekend by the way, so please try to reschedule any calls you planned on making. I hate the stupid book thing. I really hate all that garbage with publishing and crap. Is anyone out there? You do hear me, right? Good, because I am B-U-S-Y ! No time for games in my world. That is part of the price you pay for success, no time for anything. Can someone message me?

Oh well, this typing is exhausting and I am weary. Have to return messages in a little while anyway, so better stop here.

I feel unheard.

I feel lonely. And it is 3am.



Is The New DSM-5 Making Us All Crazy? Mental Health Professionals- Comments Please!

It is the book that hundreds of thousands of professionals use to guide them in making a proper diagnoses when working with children and adults. The APA relies on just under 200 ( anonymous) or so psychologists and psychiatrists to vote on what should be in this manual. Has anybody in the profession had any issues with some of the very broad reaching labels outlined in the latest version? It needs to be addressed, but how do you address or criticize the very tool you use in your practice? Conflict of interest at best ; partaking in and supporting a sham at worst.

What is the problem with the new DSM?

“Mathematics disorder” for 4th graders? ” Adolescent rebellion “,  ” Parental alienation syndrome ” ? Really? I will not take the space here to address the insanity that seems to be taking place, as I have attached a more comprehensive outline of why we are all ” crazy ” enough to be considered for a formal Dx under the new guidelines. However I will say that it seems as if anyone with any problems that have always been considered typical behavior, can now be tagged.

Taboo as the subject may be, it begs attention, and soon. Are we feeling good about this, as Social Workers, Mental Health counselors, Psychiatrists, Psychologists ? I hope not. There is much to be addressed about the money involved, the lives this can change for the worse, the lack of accountability it provides for people, the APA and their interests, big Pharma, and many other key points. I would address them but I have an appointment with my own psychiatrist. He thinks I may have come down with ” truth decay ” for wanting to write about this…

Well, I am certainly no COLUMBO, but I do feel that it is not a stretch for me to imply that this DSM-5 is more about money than anything. Despite all the vitriol I may take for laying this out, I have a vested interest as my own family has been dramatically affected by the subject. My own brother took his life after wrestling with the idea of a label. I have seen labels destroy thousands of kids and families, and been on the front lines of this. Before you check this article out, I want to make sure that people are aware of my personal position on this. I am NOT against psychiatry, psychology, or any other mental health service. I am against money hungry heavy hitters who could not care less about the impact these new guidelines will have on people and their families.

I would give you some statistics, however the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual does not provide any real statistics, and even the top providers in the field have stated that it is all speculation and trial and error, with no science to back up anything. Some have become downright defensive when even discussing the subject, which should at least merit an ODD tag or something related!

Please share any feedback you have about the DSM-5 and what you have to say about the validity and substance of the book in general. Discussion about the subject would be much more beneficial than taking a pass because it is too dark of an area to address. It demands explanation, and everyone who has ever used this book to make a diagnoses must have some input about this subject. Do tell of your experiences and comment on this article, so we can get a viewpoint from the inside out.



Executive Depression

Executive Depression

The Outside…Things look good on the surface. Is everything good inside? Today it is estimated that out of 50% of people who suffer from the criteria to meet a diagnoses of Major Depressive disorder, only 20% seek treatment. Is this due to a stigma attached to mental health issues? What would you say if someone in your circle revealed that they suffered from a mental health disorder? More importantly what you think? Many people try and ” fake it til they make it ” when it comes to these issues but it does not work. Stay tuned for more information on “Depression in the Workplace” at                                                                                    (Shhhhhhhhhh! )

Do Executives/ Professionals Get Depressed? Of Course Not! Picture of Depression…

This is a post from a person who has seen real depression …have you?


Depression expressed….

I scream out with my voice to be heard,

I reach out with my hands to be touched,

I push my heart outside of my chest to know love.

My voice is not heard, my hands never touched and my heart stays lonely.

I have seen that nobody is looking, nobody is touching, nobody is loving.

Thats how it is in my world. I weep for real hope, but it escapes me.

I pray for a way to make it through the day, I weep again.

I love but cannot feel love, I touch but cannot feel touch and I scream cannot hear.


My only hope is I will one day be able to enter the world that people around me live in,

to know real living. They think I can hear, they think I feel love, and they think I can feel ,

but I stare into their world through a thick colored glass, hardly able to see even movement.

I look at others through a dark fog, and feel the heaviness of that fog covering my heart.

The fog is so very tiring, and I feel like giving up. I do not and cannot bear the burden of my

own load, and am looking for a way to clarity, i want to see, touch and feel. I want to be seen

and be touched…

and heard. My soul is in the dark night, shall I enter into the darkness or shall I run fast

through it until light comes?

I think about this everyday, and wonder which I will choose. Every day, all day actually. I

weep from the very depths of my being,

but am unable to give up. I will not give up, I cannot give up I have come too far now.

My children make me smile, my life has purpose if for them alone, yet I often wonder what

will I do.

It is here where the crossroad is at, where I make the choice to give up or try again, to lay it

down or press on.

My options are few and my time is short. I cannot go on like this, so I give up.

My final decision is to give up completely, take a deep breath, look back at the good things in

my life, the hope that exists –

in what I have already acquired. It is almost over now, I feel relief, but scared as well. So

goodbye, to my fears, goodbye to my regrets.

I am deciding to give it all up.

Today I rise up and grab the arm of another, but to help them. I scream as well, but out of happiness for a good thing that happened

to a friend. I share my handicapped heart, as I pour it into another life to encourage them. I

am beginning to feel, and hear. My God…

what is happening to me. I am the one in need. I have waited and longed for many things, my

suffering has been greater than others.

I dont understand. I am a wounded healer. My senses are restored by helping others in the

same need I have. I am glad I gave up!

Hope is glimmering through the cracks of my mind, and the numbness is turning to feeling. I

weep again.

I weep for joy that I take in the comforting of others, but is this a trick? It does not make

sense. I fall back into darkness once again,

and quickly jump away, as I have tasted the sweetness of the senses now. I wont go back. I

will not go back.

I refuse to believe what I am telling myself, and press to what I know to be true.

I am feeling by giving touch, and hearing by listening.

My heart is touched by touching a heart.

I love my life.