Lets Keep Trying To Save Kids From Being Raped At Confession. Please Repost this…

As unbelievable as it is, SNAP is having to personally ask me to share this with my followers ( please share with yours too).

You know about Father Gondek who actually molested my own brother before my committed suicide leaving the perverted letters from Gondek for us to find.


I’ve tried to keep you posted about his now 22 long run of being a  child predator, who last year got another bust -this time 8 boys over  2 year period. Yep they had more living proof than anyone could ask for. So what did the church decide was proper punishment? Law enforcement? Oh no. They handle these things internally. As you may remember the church decided for his guilt with all 8 boys….


They should deport the first one that spoke up to Mexico to teach the others how stupid he acted. But there was more. They decided to give Gondek an early paid retirement, but with a double promise to pray a whole bunch during his retirement. If you just search my site with his name you can refresh your memory. Not even the Lexington NC Police would even take a report, thats how scared local law is to face a real child predator.

Here is a reminder shot of Father Albert Gondek who just got a promotion from Our Lady Of The Rosary church in Lexington NC for molesting 8 boys over 2 years..



Well, another huge cover up this time including a judge! I’m betting there i$ $olid money in that..

pope touching kids

Barbara who is the president of SNAP, sent the following email to beg me to read the link and fudged court rulings. Im going post the link at the bottom so you see how bad this is. Ive watched one predator who affected my own family for 20 years now. Never found guilty with all his accusations.

So here is her letter, and I know some of my own followers have 75k or even 100k followers of their own. If we all take 15 minutes to share it to every site we use I know a million people could see it by tomorrow night. Lets bust this pedophile playground ring up once and for ..it costs us nothing. Unless you are a child molester yourself I challenge you what quicker and stronger way to get the medias attention? We are these kid’s tools to freedom..Remember share the link at the bottom to the court outcome, not the email to me. That is just for your information and so you can contact Barbara at SNAP if you can help in any way.

At the bottom of this page you will find the link to the actual judges ruling post- you cannot click on it in this screen shot of the email.

Here is the actual article link to read and share. Not the above email to me!

thank you all-






Mikes Corner- Lets See How Much You Understand About Your Water…You May Not Be Thirsty For Awhile.

How Is Your Water- No Really?




One Last Thought On Transgender — Legs Before Lipstick Please.

Yesterday I posted a fairly rigorous argument against allowing transgender or anyone unstable in the military and around automatic weapons all day. I felt like I gave more than ample legal and moral reasons why it must always be no.

But this morning I want to add one more thought to that post..

Veteran missing limbs

As long as we still have these around in mass quantities..( vets with no limbs)

transgender person

Then we should never ever be financing any of these operations.


Veteran with Prosthetic

But we should be making as many of these as possible.

Legs Before Lipstick- Prosthetic Before Panties

Memo To Those Still Not Getting The Military Ban On Transgender..Psst! It’s Not About Hate- It’s About Safety.


Trump Is Oh Such A Hater For Banning A Group On The Edge..

(Article Above)

No matter left or right, liberal or conservative there are some things that you just assume all thinking people would be able to figure out on their own. I never thought I would have to write a post on why transgender cannot serve in the military. I have to take the time today and write it off as being  ” overlooked and needing explanation ” and so that is what I am going to do. Lay out some facts surrounding this situation in general that if you do not know, you have no business commenting against the decision to ban transgender from the military. This is not my opinion but facts that anyone can verify and which common sense should then validate.

I promise in this short time to make it so easy and clear to understand it that not even Obama could lie his way out of it. So simple that the very reverend Al Sharpton could not race bait his way out …( now I have to think of a white person so I am not a racist) .

..and so well explained that even Bill Clinton could not spin it.

The link at the top is another hate post about Trump and his hatred towards transgenders. It is just a typical ” he is such a bigot ” rant with no evidence of any thinking behind the post. I intend to make a few things very clear for you all.

 Fact– let me remind you that nobody, whether transgender or Bi-Polar is allowed to serve in the military. If you have a psychological or psychiatric disorder, you are not able, period. For some reason that I have not researched, why transgender people were given a ” pass ” on this in the first place when they fall into the same category as all others with a mental health related disorder.

Transgender people are diagnosed with Gender Dysphoria in the DSMV. Recently the name of the disorder was switched from GIDGender Identity Disorder to GDGender Dysphoria. The definitions of the two names have remained almost identical.

So if I stopped writing now, you should have enough information to understand why they cannot serve. However for the sake of leaving no doubts, lets include some facts that we don’t hear about much. If you are just now being told about the additional facts, hopefully it will put an end to any more speculation about where exactly people with GD should be spending their time and effort.



Celebrities and Hollywood are very quick to speak out about things they have no clue about. As a matter of fact they get paid to do it! That’s why they are called ” actors “. Also, as you may know the media is generally anti-Trump to begin with. So the campaign trail was an absolute up road battle from the get go with Hillary owning the liberal media. Lots of lies and half-truths spread.

To give you an example of how much they contradict themselves in general, listen to this recent event. During the presidential campaign, there were a few famous actors and television personalities that threatened a few things would occur if Trump was elected. One thing was that about 20 were going to take the first flight out of the country because they could not stand the idea of living under Trump. None of them ever left. 

Another threat was the total shutdown of Hollywood, from grips to producers, actors to stage managers. In the press during both of these events was none other than Brad Pitt.

Mr. Pitt absolutely took the position that the very best of this country – Hollywood would up and leave and we would all be at a great loss and regret electing Trump.

Things have an amazing way of turning around. Just a month ago Mr Pitt broke the news to the media that Hollywood and its directors and producers and almost all others were running the biggest pedophile rings in the world and that for 30 years in the field he had seen nothing but people in the industry using child actors for their own sexual toys. He went into great detail and even said the illuminatti and Hollywood together controlled the worlds pedophile rings. He had absolutely nothing but horrible things to say about the same people he threatened to runaway with!

I bet he is glad now he didn’t leave the country with a few thousand pedophiles. He must have thought of what could happen in a situation where he is so greatly out numbered…yeah..

So you have to take the media with a grain of salt.

 Above I clarified in a paragraph why legally transgenders are not permitted in the military. Now let’s look at a few other facts and see if when we finish you still will push for the rights to serve in the military.

If I told you the president had just signed an order allowing anyone who was only ” mildly impaired” on drugs or alcohol to serve in the military and be involved in combat would you support it?

Mildly impaired would mean for example when driving a car that a person would have a 25% risk of accident simply because they are mildly impaired. 25% of this group will, without a doubt be in some sort of wreck.

Would you support the President allowing this group in the military? As a matter of fact do you think that being around endless supplies of ammo and automatic weapons is a good match for that mildly impaired person?

 I’m going to assume most of you say that you are against that due to safety . So let’s take a look at how transgenders rate in the area of being ” impaired ” in that sense by their own behavior.

Were you aware that only 49% of transgender people will live out their full life? That’s right because 61% will commit suicide. No matter why or how they do it, the fact is, 61% will kill themselves. My first question after telling you this is

How good of an idea would it be for the USA to place those people around an endless supply of ammo and guns every single day? Also if you knew that a person that was serving with you in the military had made a conscious decision to increase his own chances of dying sooner by altering a circumstance in his life which was not mandatory, how confident would you feel with them as your sole cover in a gun battle?

Now lets add to the mix that a family member, maybe a son or daughter was in the same military group as that person and had daily contact . Perhaps even they relied on one another for combat backup if need be. 

Would you be committed to backing their rights to serve with your son or daughter in the military? If you would then let me ask you this.

Lets say I was guidance counselor at your child’s high school.  We were discussing colleges, I strongly encouraged and even pushed the child to go to a certain school that would offer lots more scholarship money, sports that he likes, and even a possible sports full ride scholarship. None of the others have any of this . None of the other schools can even compare to what they offer, and its even in your home state!

*Oh there is one little downside. Unlike the other colleges with a less than 3% student suicide rate, the child would have classes each day with some individuals who we know can get a little suicidal or homicidal, but we are pretty sure only 61% will actually kill themselves , and don’t know that any else would be injured . So in all truth, 41% of the child’s classmates will likely live long enough to graduate just like everyone else!

 But as a courtesy I did want to let you know about the slightly higher rates of violence and death. Other than that its …to die for.
Now if as a parent you are alright sending your child into an environment where not maybe, but for a fact 61%  of a certain group of classmates were suicidal or homicidal, and they would all at take at minimum their own life at some point in time, then there is nothing I could say to you to change your mind on transgenders in the military. You are whats called a ” high risk taker”.

Other than offer to pray a prayer of protection each day over your child, my hands are tied.


I did hear the argument once that the 61% suicide rate was inflated because most suicides are due to stigma or being made fun of, and not being transgender.

Here was and still is my response to that ;

Whether 61% of transgenders check out due to stigma, shame, someone else’s fault , or straight up conviction of sin one thing is for sure. 61% of transgenders check out early. Dead is dead.

With that thought in mind my friends, answer this question..

Would you encourage a loved one into a situation where they had only a 49% chance of survival? On purpose? Someone you care about. Fight to get them in a place where they had only a 49% chance of survival? Of course not you say?

Maybe if your brain would be malfunctioning, right?


That is what you are doing every time you ” fight for the rights ” of a LGBT group. You may as well look them in the eye and tell them your mission and efforts will put them in the grave much sooner.

…But they will die with rights. If that is what is so important.






Sexual Abuse On Kids & Its Relationship To Homosexuality, Transgender And Suicide….

Many people do not understand the significant connection between the act of sexual abuse and the lifestyles and choices that almost always follow the victim. 

As far as numbers go, I think people do believe them. Here is a common statistic-  80% of all those who commit sexual abuse on another have been abused, but not 80% of those who are abused actually abuse.

This is a true statement and very high percentage of abusers were abused, yet not many people comment or question it. So for whatever reason people don’t seem to either see or want to see the relationship between the child predator and the future of the abused. For the purpose of this post I am going to stay away from numbers , and simply explain in common sense terms why we have such a tremendous backlash from inappropriate sexual behavior. When a child or even preteen is taken advantage of sexually by a member of the same sex, they immediately have some additional baggage to carry and choices to make. When the child gets into his teens and his friends are hormonally drawn to girls, he may be unclear about that. Actually he may have some opposite feelings and be drawn to a man. Why? Simple. If you are 7 years old and some trusted male figure makes you feel like you have never heard about or dreamed about in a way you now know as being sexual, why would you look elsewhere?

So many times that’s where we see what people like to call experimenting or bi-curious. Many times they go with what they know, and that’s male on male. Now they are a  “homosexual”. 

Often times that will prove uncomfortable ( as it should ) and with the rise of gender reassignment we now have  another group  –  who being ” gay ” didnt work for. So they decided they must now be the sex which is opposite of what the physical evidence shows.

Now here are some facts . No matter which group a sexually abused kid ends up with,  the likihoid if suicide, drug activity and domestic violence is five fold of that of those in heterosexual relationships. The issue of not being sure about ones sexuality causes anger and anger leads to violence . These things lead to self medication and often, as in the case of my brother, suicide is the only way they see out of the pain.

Some, like he did -choose suicide as soon as they know something is wrong but can’t handle even thinking about the process of trying to figure it out. Some of the books I found in Danny’s room , along with the letters from the priest who actually molested him were entitled Search For Human Sexuality or books with  similar titles. . Very clear that he left very confused about how he should feel. 

The point is this; whether it be the horrendous pedophile rings in the Catholic church, or uncle Jonny who has been messing with us since we were little, there are no survivors who don’t at least have life interrupted, and for many its game over. 

For every vote you give to support the homosexual lifestyle , you are supporting the consequences if it.

Its time to quit acting.as if homosexual behavior is acceptable and start caring for victims. We have got to quit pretending one is a bigot if they stand up for truth while these kids being mass raped in church each day. 


Your Kindergartener- Coming To A Classroom Near You … Gay Marriage, Then Gender Identity & Oral Sex On The Menu Soon..

It almost seems surreal. It is surreal. I hope Jesus comes back soon. 

They dont even talk about straight marriage in kindergarten, or sex. Why the rush to jam.the sinful life down their throats? They afraid they don’t get enough in public each day?


VIDEO Christian Slapped With $12,000 ‘Shariah Fine’ For Not Removing Shoes

This thing is OUT OF CONTROL…unreal. What’s next? We get fined if we are caught talking in an area where they are ” releasing their lust” with a hot goat? 


Allow Me To Chime In On LGBT And The Church…


This is an article I just ran across and wanted to comment on. Many people think that if a Christian says that homosexuality should not be welcomed in the church that it is a personal issue. That is not the case. Anytime any one of us human beings who claim to worship the same God, and believe in the same bible should be ready and willing to be held accountable to God’s word. As a matter of fact we should welcome correction so we know we are taking steps to live our lives according to Gods will.


Now folks out there who think its bigotry to call out homosexuality in the church….you need to understand we would call out murder too. Or Coveting. It is not just you that is being called out, its you that is not willing to be held accountable to God’s word, which you claim to believe. There is no amount of lipstick you can put on this issue to make it seem ” OK ” with God. Do you really think you are going to put lipstick on a pig, and fool God? He is God.

You do realize you are just as accountable as me and all the rest, right?

Answer me.


See, denial. That is just what I thought.


I could likely find a  way to spin some scripture to say that robbing Brinks trucks bring glory to the Lord. Do you really think that even if I slid by all the earthlings as my convincing was so excellent -that God will be fooled? Seriously. I sometimes wonder if most of these people are truly closet atheists because  I don’t know how else  you could keep the charade going and still sleep at night without going crazy from shame and guilt. I know when someone calls me out on something I am violating the Word on, I feel a sense of shame, conviction, and guilt and sometimes even get sick because I know what I have done. So rather than pretend you do not see something in scripture that is very clear , or try putting the lipstick on, I think it would be better to make a decision to follow God 100% or not.

In the bible the Lord talks to the church at Laodecia, saying ” so then because you are lukewarm neither hot or cold, I will spew you out of my mouth. ” The church was just blah..not showing any concern for the things of the Lord. Yet you all take it a step further and try to manipulate God’s own word. Not just luke warm but actually twisting truth. My question to you is even if you can fool the entire world, what will you do when you actually have to face the truth? Just food for thought.

Father James Martin wants to change the relationship between the queer Catholic community and the Church.

via The Celebrity Jesuit Connecting With LGBTQ Catholics — Longreads

This Should Frighten Lots Of People…Latest Move By This Twisted Pope…


Can You Believe Who Is Fleeing Back To Trumpville For Safety From …Muslims? 

Hi. I’m egg. I am now on your face George Clooney . 


People In All My Years As Disgusting As I’ve Seen , I Never Thought I’d See A Child Predator Try And Make It Legal …A Bishop Of Course…My Lord..Have Mercy On His Soul.

I want to type but I have no words. I may add on later. Just read..


Any More Proof Needed Folks? Gay Orgy With Drugs At Vatican! Yes I’m Serious. Not Surprised. 


And we wonder why I can’t get a report in Predator Albert Gondek.

Looky Here. Why Isn’t CNN Telling Us This? Surprise! See Who Really May Be Headed For Cell Block H…

See Who The Bad Guys Really Are!

You know the media is the media and they will slant here and slant there. However there is a time…when you just have to present truth because you realize it will come out eventually and then you will look like a complete moron. Kind of like CNN has been looking. Lately calling for the impeachment of Trump , citing some glitch in policy or whatever. Meantime, back at the ranch in their newsroom, and off the air, this is what they are really looking at but do not report. Amazing.



Addiction 2017 – We Chose To Make American’s Drug Dependent- We Have No “epidemic” That We Did Not Prescribe To Ourselves..Read On..

My Linkedin Post

Day after day we belabor the point that America has such an ” epidemic” with this drug and that drug, and this year the other one took the lead.. We never had an epidemic of anything. This country was set up to make people dependent on drugs period. We don’t cure, we treat at best, we kill when treating symptoms. Does anyone else not see that the entire planet is managing by using the natural remedies we already have to CURE, not treat symptoms. There was a conscious decision at some point to make America drug dependent for financial gain, period. If any other country in the world acted as stupidly as we did by allowing drugs to be advertised on television- giving the impression that they work, and allowed their people to be BS’d to death by endless ” clinical studies” that we all know are nothing more than another way to slip a useless drug past the blind cash infested FDA so that another new drug is ready when the new deluge of bogus DSM ” disorders” are introduced every 5 years or whatever- that country would have the exact same ” epidemic” we do. Its called GREED. The USA makes up a tiny 5% of the world right? Yet we consume 80% of all narcotics and 50% of all prescription drugs around the globe.

We Prescribed Our Own Epidemic..


I encourage you all to read the above- this very short post I put on Linkedin and just consider what I am saying. We in America were never given a choice for our diseases, natural or prescription. There is good reason for that – Natural Heals! Prescriptions create addicts and lots of cash. Sound wrong? It is. It is straight up truth though. Greed is our epidemic. I will be doing much more on this down the road, but until we the people quit buying into the idea that drug makers are working harder each day to find good medicines to help with symptoms of disease- we will get nowhere. Drug makers NEVER cure disease.  They have no intention of doing anything but dragging out our dependency on any and all bogus drugs they can. Even if millions of deaths are the cost.


Meanwhile on the the other sides of the world people get completely healed of cancer and other diseases by the very plants God put in jungles! Healed, not treat symptoms. Just ask Mike Carey our partner and expert in this area. He has been guiding people through total disposal of diseases for 38 years! He is not shocked. We are. The whole wide world does it right and looks out for their people. Not America. Big Pharma fights in court anyone pursuing any natural healing agents. It would dip into their BILLION dollar pockets…

Does that sound too cruel to be real? Yes it does. Unfortunately I don’t have another sentence to add here saying it is not true.

Check Mike’s Site For Some Real Life Testimonials Of Healing Done Right..



Should I Feel Uncomfortable? Look Who Is Sitting Across From Me….

Yesterday I was waiting for my number to be called at DMV in Florida.  Across from me, I  notice this  guy sitting here, staring around other people quietly monitoring the whole room. I got nervous. I’ll admit it.

He was the right color, with the right beard, even had a pilots shirt on. It may be wrong , or it may be because the 911 pilots trained just minutes from where I was. Whatever the reason I felt uneasy and I know some might say I am a racist or bigot. I just know it was truth to me. 

Am I wrong to feel this way? Its sad I should even have any thoughts about him, but I did..


( BTW , those bright orange kicks in the pic are my new  Nike’s , and I dig them in case you were wondering.)