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Its Friday- Time For- ‘Mike’s Corner’

Did you know that lower back pain (which is a worldwide complaint) most times is pain referred from another part of the body and has nothing to do with the back?  Usually it is a result of the Occipital bone being out. Since the Occipital bone is a part of the brain, chiropractor cannot usually adjust it. However there are 2 herbs that each have a frequency which will cause it to go back in very quickly.

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2017 Series -Getting Through The Dark Times; Faith It ‘Til Ya Make It!


In the last 4 years I have written about many topics from parenting to depression, addiction to PTSD, medication, suicide, therapy  and so much more. It seems like a lot but as I have always said, I don’t speak on anything that I haven’t lived through personally or at the very least studied professionally. In the beginning I thought writing about so many different types of issues would make it seem like life is filled with nothing but bad stuff. However  I learned two important things in the last four years; I am not alone, and people need to hear from others who can relate.

So far I have mostly  discussed all the different types of problems and medical mental health struggles and family issues that exist. And there’s plenty to discuss no doubt. . Up until now, I have not really delved into how we deal with these issues as we go through these dark trials. Its imperative that we have some way of staying grounded during these times we walk  through the valley.

 It’s very important that we have some sort of an anchor to keep us from drifting too far away from reality when we feel so lost in such darkness, and with so few friends. As most of you have understood, if I shared my life experiences, some of these times are gone through very much alone and there are not many people around that can relate. Unless you really search. And most of the time we don’t feel like searching for anything when we’re barely able to wake up every day and get dressed. Having been through very traumatic times that caused depression, and nightmares and loneliness and sometimes the inability to function normally. I can understand the darkness that prevails if we allow it to.

 There’s a few things in my life that I can honestly say, are the only reasons that I am here today, both physically and mentally spiritually and emotionally. I know that if it took those things to keep me saying then all of you also had to have some way that you’ve coped something that held you together. and some? To that you’ve used to make it to the point, we are able to even write about it today on a blog. The truth is professionally I’ve seen that it isn’t a very high percentage of us that are able to make it even this far- in fact we are a  very blessed group of people to have come through what we have and able to share it with other people. Speaking of sharing it with other people that is a critical piece in healing. It isnt always about us -the spotlight can’t always be on us even in our dark times and the truth is some of the ways out of these dark times the very quickest are by reaching out to others and pulling them up with the knowledge we have.

Sometimes when you need a friend the most you got to go and be a friend to someone. . Sometimes when you need encouragement the most you need to go and encourage someone. And even sometimes when you need financial help, you need to reach out to someone who you know could use what little bit you have and help them.. The point is as tempting as it is when we are in these dark times, the worst thing we can do is send out invitations for a pity party. I have always found some good advice from a guy that sings a song full of truth abut these times. I would like to share this song with you and I’ve shared the one with lyrics so you can read along… Please take 3:38 minutes out and watch it…at the end of this post. It may just resonate with you somehow…( you may have to click on it to play it)

So as I kick off the on going series on how we have made it to the point we are, I would ask that you all share any advice that you have. I shared all the problems lol- now I need help with looking at many solutions. I am leaving this wide open, and welcome any guest posts on the topic. Like I said – the more you share the more therapeutic it is.

So lets see where this goes y’all

If You’re Going Through Hell..

Well – This Should Rock Some Worlds! Most MEDICAL STUDIES = BOGUS!!

This is what I’ve been preaching all along since day one but it’s sure nice to have somebody like Mike Carey share something like this with us.

Most medical studies deemed bogus! Even Dangerous!

Courtesy of big Pharmaceutical. Even if you don’t want to hear this you really should read it- it’s a life-or-death issue.


Mike”s Corner- Unusual Facts About Your Health!

Did you know that there are only two eye colors blue and brown. Colors of green and gray or hazel are all shades affected by the toxins build up in your body. As a matter of fact with a good cleansing the colors will be restored to blue!

Anyone who has suffered from what they call acid reflux really has what’s called a hiatal hernia. This can be cured permanently with a simple adjustment.

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Who Do We Think And Believe The Things We Do?

I can’t figure out if we’re more like people or more like people that take three or four steps forward and start all over again  three or four steps forward and start all over again.  Do we do it to sabotage our own ships us or we just ignorant and some areas.  This brief post is about why we actually do and say some of the things we do and say and why we believe them also. It always amazes me how people will basically believe anything that is told to them. We think we are so smart and on the edge of everything in this day and age and then the next we know it a 10 year old has outsmarted us or an adult that we trusted has not been trustworthy. So when do we completely stop believing anybody and do we if ever.

We become sheeple,,the sheep mock us even..

 There’s a story  of a guy who came home after a Long Day’s Work ready for the holiday. His wife was just putting the Easter ham in the oven. He saw that she was slightly upset and asked her what was wrong period She said oh nothing I’ve just been a half an hour to find that stupid pan to put the ham in.

But, she  finally found it and got it in the oven. So the rest of the family came over and  ate dinner. While chatting around the dinner table the conversation came up  the rough time that the wife had finding all the necessary materials to make the meal. 

 The mother-in-law said- well you’ve got many many pots and pans in there, why didnt you just grab another? 

The lady  looked at her mother-in-law kind of confused and and said ” I don’t know!  For generations it has been a family tradion to use it.”

I really have no idea why.  Im going to phone my mother who after 40 years of cooking Easter dinner – called it quits and passed it down to her daughter ( me)   Finally the lady had called her old elderly mom  and they gave me that I gave my daughter I don’t know why.

” mama can you tell me why when you pass this Easter pan for ham baking I down to me years ago that it was such a family tradition that you used it for almost four decades and I’ve used it now and what is the tradition mama? 

Tradition? Mama said. Sugar-  the only reason I used that pot for my hams all these years  cuz none of my other pots and pans could hold the size ham we needed. it on the pan I could use wouldn’t fit in my bigger pots.

I think it was Ronald Reagan who said “trust but verify”  I can’t think of any better words for this situation.

If you’ve read the front page of my blog you’ve seen evidence that the pharmaceutical companies in the United States absolutely refused to give away the rights to advertise on television why is that because they know we are humans and especially capable of having our opinions swayed and persuaded according to the media..


Mike”s Corner-Amazing Facts About Your Health!

Did you know that there are only two colors of the eyes. Yes- brown and blue. The colors green,  yellow and others are shades of the original color, caused by toxins built up in our systems.(The real color is blue! You can tell the health of a person through the eyes.)

With a good cleansing -the green, grey or yellow eyes can actually be restored to blue!

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ADDICTION SERIES 2017- The Pathetic Failure To Provide Effective Care & The Hoax Of AA & NA..

People are always talking about how addicts don’t seem to ” want ”  get better or that they don’t try hard enough . We now recognize addiction  as a disease and that’s progress.

However- the blame for the miserable 25% -40%  (at best) success that some claim they have, goes right back to the providers. In this country is least when we go to an auto repair shop we expect them to know how to repair the auto, or we don’t keep taking it there. If we go to a lawn mower shop we want them to know how to repair our brand of lawn mower and wouldn’t accept anything less. Things in the area of human care and condition are quite different . There is no accountability for starters.

 As  you see in this LinkedIn document posted here,  my featured image,  one addictions “specialist”  asks a question of other ” specialists” ..on how to handle a client.. that in itself is not typical or shouldn’t be but what really should be astonishing to all is the response..

 The result is not one or two opinions but more than 80!

How comfortable would you feel if that patient was you or one of your loved ones that you we’re going to get effective care?  That is unbelievable. How could we ever treat anybody effectively if we can’t even agree on how to treat addictions in general? 

This is one of the reasons that Don’t Label My Kid! is advocating and implementing our own treatment models and services so that we can make sure treatment is actually successful and appropriate..

Another mind-blowing statistic is the failure rate of AA and NA organization,  how it came to be and what a prosperous organization it is financially. In this link you can read of all about it.

What hope does the addict really have- knowing what we do?

We are striving to be that hope!

The Hoax of NA and AAThe Hoax of NA and AA


Now This Is Uncalled For! I Slip Out Of The Editing Booth For 1 Minute And We Got A Funny Man.

I have a feeling this is going to be an ” anything” goes day extreme to the other. Lets see if I can bait some hooks ( especially the new guys) . Sit back and watch!


Parenting 101- Just When You Think You Knew It All! Lol.

Sometimes we think as parents we are one up on what our kids do, where they go , what the code words they use with friends are.

Then other times reality texts us in the face…did you immediately spot the problem with dad”s response here? 

If it took you a minute that’s okay if you still do not understand we need to have a talk…



Audio Greeting From TJ..To My Blogging Family ..

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Kill Cancer With This Guide!

Kill Cancer With This Guide… That Cancer – Naturally

 Roses Are Red, Opiates Are Blue -“Go Treat That Addiction” They Say! – “But My Counselors Haven’t A Clue!”

If you’ve ever wondered why I keep pushing for services for everyone and talking about providing treatment that actually does something besides make the providers rich,  and keep talking about providing virtual services and all those things today is your day. You are in for a rare treat, ESPECIALLY if you or a loved one has seemed to be stuck in an addiction cycle forever.

Never in my 23 years as a social worker working with addicts and in mental health or behavioral health,   have I ever been so blessed as I was today to be able to share this with you; actual documented of how truly stupid our whole system is when it comes to addictions treatment. It’s almost hard for me to believe. What you’re looking at is a post on LinkedIn by a clinician that works in addictions. She says ( I am paraphrasing)

“I have this client and he’s like this and this and this anyone got any advice on what to do with him?” I was reading going –No, lady but you should! You are the ” specialist”

You’ll notice it says 83 comments. Out of 83 comments I think they were over 70 opinions from clinicians and doctors and addiction specialists giving opinions on what she might do. Actual opinions suggesting a certain diagnoses and even treatment recommendations.They have never met him don’t know anything about him and they’re recommending their brand of treatment.

Nobody should be publicly posting that type of information to begin with. It would be easy to track the kid down just by where she works, and a little homework. So if you had it in your family or a friend or you are an addict not everybody thinks that you’re crazy. If you’re an addict- I know the truth and there are lots of people who are trying to come forward and help an addict so they can get effective treatment.

It is bad enough that people seem to think addiction is a hobby like golf  – but they don’t even get the fact that just as diabetes is a disease, so is addiction. Would you go to the cancer unit at a major hospital and start yelling at all the patients to ”  snap ” out of it ? Of course not. The families of addicts do it each day. To make things worse, nobody seems to know how to treat it..

I wonder how those people would respond if I told them that about 10% of addicts in treatment right now are doctors…

Personally I was invited to meet with a major insurer in July to be considered in a joint partnership to build treatment centers using my model of care. I am doing all I can to bring awareness to the terrible system we live in. If you have read my home page  ” mental health its a crazy business” you know that this same problem exists there too. Basically whoever or whatever company is getting paid to ” treat ‘ ( its hard to even call it that) patients in addictions and mental health facilities get paid their 50-100k per bed no matter of the patient does better or not..

Forbes Says Treatment Sucks ( In Forbe-Speak)

I want you to keep this in mind every time you want to judge anybody who can’t seem to shake an addiction. Don’t you think they would like to get better instead of being stuck in hell while everyone around them shouts how they should ” try ” harder! Excuse me, but try harder at what?  As you can see the ones supposed to be teaching addicts how to try don’t know themselves! Sad.

Lets hope this momentum keeps up where people are starting to open their mouths like Forbes…






The Two Kinds Of Stalkers..The Truth Behind Both ..

If I wanted to I could ___ and ___to you._right now and youd never know it…( Sick Smile) ) Heavy Breathing…

Gone are the days of the rare stalker in the bushes before you come home at night he actually stabs and kills people. Stalking has become kind of a hobby for even professionals and  people of all ages races and just about any demographic.

It’s so common these days that people use the word  joking with each other like “are you stalking me”   years ago -nobody would use that word as a joke at all.

For today’s lesson  I’m just going to gjve a quick overview  in two different types of stalkers.. The primary two types.

 The first type- the bobbing up and down foreigner. This type is often the most spooky. For two reasons number one he’s foreign. And number two he’s so close and that alone in itself is very scary. And to all my foreign followers I mean foreign to whatever country you live in.

 Now the fact that he is foreign is  scary because  people outside of our  countries have different cultures and  we aren’t familiar with what they’re thinking. 

Unless we get lucky and this is some sort of Hindu greeting meaning hello , I’d like a banana please ..or it’s nice to meet you.. then we might be in trouble here…

Although he  may be spooky and scary and we may be in trouble he likely wasn’t going to hurt us -but it’s a scary experience.

The foreign bobber stalker  gets his thrills  from seeing us spotting  him. If you look at the picture closely the closer he gets to the man the more intense his eyeballs seem to get. It’s just a a game ..but it’s not.. for him.

He may run faster away once we spot him then we would from him. But he may be laughing a very odd type of laugh  all the way so I recommend staying away anyways.

The second type of stalker is the ” I could tell by the look in his eye” stalker  is far more dangerous. This is the stalker who while doing something else with one hand or other parts of body is so focused on what he’s going to do to you that you can see it leaking out of his eyelids..

He’s the quiet stalker who speaks only to himself and within himself. He’s also the one who when caught and they find the bodies -says  nothing in court – could care less about how many life sentences he’s being sentenced to.

 However if a guard walks by with today’s paper and he knows his picture is on the front page he may ask to please see that and then chuckle very quietly under his breath when he sees his own face in the media. He quietly whispers to himself it was all worth it as is let out to the electric chair .. he is the only prisoner that even the hardest core prisoners are actually afraid of because he is truly crazy.

More on stalkers will be coming hope you enjoyed this! If you have any questions about stalkers or would  like another  type disussed please let me know.

 If you are a stalker, and want to share some stalker stories please contact me. 

If  by any chance there any “breathing heavy” type  stalkers -I would like to know what the heavy breathing stands for. Its  something I’ve  always wondered about -thank you!