Are you a mental health professional feeling ” Burned Out ” ? In Denial yourself?

It is just silly to pretend that mental health professionals do not experience the same issues and struggles that their clients and patients do. We all have periods of down time, or burnout. The good news, is that it is fairly predictable, and following a few guidelines can help you avoid the problem. Check this list to see if you are considering the idea that your stuck, and how to get past it so you can give healthy advice to those you serve! Dont be afraid, we all go through periods like this..


The RTBASE Model for working with children and adults… offers training on what we call RTBASE. It is a specific model used for 25 years to effectively teach people who really have no interest in learning. It is a formula of common ingredients that MUST be used in the order they are in. The results for teachers, therapists, all providers have been very successful for those who implement this model in their schools, behavioral centers, and any other setting. It is tried and proven, and is an available training which can be taught via telephone conference, Skype, in person or a myriad of other ways. For information on using our RTBASE model, contact us at and we will respond promptly.


Are You a Wounded Healer? Doing what You Love, but Burned Out?

Many people receive help from therapist, counselors, doctors, and the like. So who do you turn to when you are one of those providers, doing what you love, but burned out? You are only human. Everyone has an empty cup sometimes, but when you are usually the filler of the cup, how do you get your cup refreshed? It may be a prevention issue, and here is a brief article with some tips to avoid complete and total burnout in the mental health profession specifically…