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Don’t Label My Kid is not just a phrase, it is a mindset that should be embedded in every parent’s mind. It is a way of thinking, a rule we should all adopt.If you have ever questioned whether or not a loved one has a certain disorder that needs treatment, it is imperative that you educate yourself on exactly what the process is to become “eligible” for a diagnoses, and the consequences that are assigned to anyone who is.
The most common questions I have been asked over the years always start with ” Do you think my son/daughter is _______?”
Many people watch shows on television or read something in an article or even listen to advice from a friend, and attempt to diagnose a loved one based on whatever they heard or saw. This blog and my passion after watching this happen over and over for 20+ years is to help people identify root issues for unwanted behaviors, and thinking, and apply appropriate solutions for the issues. This goes against the flow in some mental health circles, as it is a business. Businesses need to make money. As sad as it may seem,every day thousands of kids, and adults are assigned labels by Mental Health professionals, or others that are inaccurate or driven by big producers of drugs who are daily convincing people that they need medicine through media and many other very subtle methods.
There is a time to see a psychiatrist, a time to see a psychologist, a time to see a therapist, and a time to seek out medication. Before you make the decision to do any of those, get information, in detail on the road you are headed down as you make a decision. As a Social Worker, I have seen every angle and have also learned not to believe everything I think….contact me for help with your situation at the link below…don’t waste thousands of dollars on endless dead-end roads. I can help you get directly to the resources you need, without wasting years and lots of money. Thank you all for such great feedback on this blog. Together we can conquer whatever you are facing!


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How does the doctor determine my child’s diagnoses? Autism is a great example…here is some truth that may be disturbing to parents of autistic kids.

Did you know that how and whether your child gets diagnoses with a disorder is based in part on money? Here is an excellent article about the way that autism may be “discarded” in some aspects from the DSM-V! The diagnoses itself may remain, but the spectrum is adjusted as to who meets the “new” criteria. Sadly, the reason for the cuts are due to the cost of caring for those with the diagnoses….so how will they get care?

This is an excellent example of what goes on behind the scenes in the mental health field. The average person will accept a doctor’s diagnoses of ODD, AD/HD, ADD, BI-Polar, Anxiety, or any other label chosen for your child. However, the grounds for the diagnoses can be solely based on what money is available to fund coverage by the government for that label..confused yet? That is alright, most parents of kids with behavioral issues, or parents who ask questions like ” Is my child ADD or AD/HD” or” does my child need medicine for hyperactivity” have no idea what to do other than maybe see a doctor, who will make his or her decision on what their “bible” tells them. The DSM-V is the guide for making any diagnoses by a mental health professional. When you look at the criteria of most disorders, almost any child or adult can be fit into just about any one. For example, I once took the criteria listed to meet Major Depressive disorder, and made them into questions on a pamphlet. I then asked my staff at the time, of 50 teachers, therapists, and nurses to answer the questions but not put their name down. When I analyzed the data, about 85% met full criteria for the diagnoses of Major Depressive disorder…

If you think you may need some help figuring out what to do in your situation, I am available for as little as an hour of consultation, or months of help to see you through this very cloudy path. You deserve an honest answer, not a label to fund big drug companies who in turn may help doctors diagnose more people with certain labels, regardless of whether it applies in your case. Contact me for help.

Have you ever caught your kid being “bad”?- Shame on you! LOL!

Did you know that most parents have programmed in their brains to catch their child being “bad” or doing something they should not be doing?

Well, here are 3 facts that can change the way you think and the way your child behaves..

1- People in general do not respond to negative reinforcement (criticism) by changing their behavior patterns to please you.

2-The secret to getting a child, or teen, or even an adult to change behavior, is not to catch them being “bad”. The way positive patterns of behavior are established in us is through the use of positive reinforcement of the behavior you would prefer to see, not by constantly pointing out the wrong way.

3- How many positive comments in an average day do you think you make per day to your child, or children? How many negative?

The truth is, most of us have a ratio of somewhere between 10-15 negative comments for every 1 positive comment. The appropriate ratio to actually identify and change negative behavior should be around 10-15 positive comments for every 1 critical or re-directive comment.

Those are some things to really think about when raising children, or even running a business!

These tips are free. If you need personal and confidential advice or even long term access to me regarding your predicament, click on the link to access my services!


Me and the baby!

Me and the baby!

I not only have worked and lived with thousands of kids of all ages, I have my own too! This is the baby in the family, she is 2 now. From there it goes like this; 6, 15, 15, 18! needless to point out, but I will anyway…I have had the chance over the years to work with my own children on some of the same issues I work with other kids on. This has given me a passion for the professional advice I do give, as I have seen in my own life how things REALLY work….! Read about my availability on my link below!

How is my medical situation related to a blog about behavior and mental health issues of kids or adults?

The reason I include my medical challenges and history, is so you as the reader can understand why it is that I have posted the following story…….    (part 2)!

After you read the above link of my story, this will begin to make sense, and hopefully I can help you with your family needs as you help me with mine! Stay with me, as I think you will find what I have to offer you very helpful at least, and life changing at best!

Now, when you have finished reading the above link, you will begin to see postings about anything from tips on helping your child to follow your instructions, to how to make sure you get an accurate diagnoses for someone you love for any Mental Health or Other type of problem. I am a personal Social Worker! I have access and experience that allows me to help just about anyone with any problem, before they spend thousands of dollars guessing at what kind of medical expert they should see. I also create and develop personalized behavioral programs, make referrals to others that would be helpful to you when appropriate, and most importantly, whatever your issue is, I can be available to you for as long as you want and stay with you as an ancillary support until you feel comfortable that the problems or challenges you face are easily maintained by you alone. I wont leave you hanging not knowing what to do. I am a problem solver, I am in it for you to win it, not put a band aide on anything. I will post a variety of free tips and advice about things on this blog, and always leave you a way to connect with me as your own personal Social Worker/ Counselor/Support System…..

My Story ….how I got here

My Story ….how I got here

This is the medical side of what I have been living for the last 2 years and going….stay tuned as I connect the pieces of the picture through following posts….


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