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At the end of the day it’s never the hurtful words of my enemies that get to me. At the end of the day it’s the silence of my friends that hurts the most.







Sex offender used pool toys to attract children… Really! Big Deal! Thousands and thousands of priests are using the cloth and having no problem raping altar boys everyday – nobody wants to hear about that do they?

GASTONIA, N.C. (AP) – Authorities say a registered sex offender lured children to his North Carolina home with a basketball court, trampoline, pool and “other toys.” News outlets report 37-year-old Eric Svenson Spurling had a 2002 child molestation conviction in the state of Washington, and was again convicted nine years later for communicating with a…

via Warrant: Sex Offender Used Pool, Trampoline To Attract Kids — CBS Sacramento

Prayers Get Answered. You All Need To See What Just Happened In The Father Gondek Pedo-Priest Situation…

Finally One Diocese Is Going To Be Held Accountable ..


It was 3 years ago I announced to you all that there was a priest who was going unpunished after decades of sexually abusing kids. It just so happened that Father Albert Gondek also groomed and doomed to suicide my own brother Danny after Gondek kept pressing for an adult relationship after high school.

Well the video clip by the news reporter tells it all and I think this will bring an opportunity for some closure for those who never came forward.

They are no longer alone.

Gondek’s most recent playground – a North Carolina church and its diocese is finally under investigation . This is the beginning of the end for all those who covered up for pedo-priests and/or took part in destroying young kids lives.

Click on the blue link above to watch the story unfold…


I Was So – “Not Surprised” By This That I Forgot To Post It When It Aired!

Huge Bombshell Rocks Catholic Church!



For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil. Ecclesiastes 12:14 



Well- Not really but I suppose to some who had been living with head buried under rock,  it may have been a bit shocking. To me, it was long overdue and just the tip of the iceberg. I still felt a little hoarse in my voice from years of proclaiming this very thing to anyone I could.

This truly was a wake-up call for me in another way, however.  I watched the Pennsylvania official list hundreds of priests busted and thousands of victims identified in just one area of the state. I remember watching it and not even shaking my head in surprise or flinching as he read of the most hideous, perverted, disgusting tools the worlds largest organized pedophile racket used to keep their system working.

Some of the examples were several pedo-priests ordering kids to stand naked in the shape of the cross, because Jesus did. They snapped pics and God only knows did what with them. Another example of the intimidation used was after children were sexually abused they were ordered to go to confession! This way they could bear the guilt and shame of the deviants.  Continue reading “I Was So – “Not Surprised” By This That I Forgot To Post It When It Aired!”

Song For Today Is Not The Usual Upbeat One- But One I Have Listened To Over And Over…As Of Late..

Sometimes the music we like or that touches us is not associated with positive things…

Mercy- The Song



The Catholic Church Pedophile Ring -From Spotlight- And Zero Tolerance – To Two Years Later – A Paradigm Shift Occurs..

jesus touch

After the movie Spotlight came out ( 2015)- the Pope was adament that there would be a ZERO tolerance for any pedophile activity in the church. Noting that there were a few bad apples which the movie uncovered- He vowed to form a committee to oversee and monitor the every accusation.

pope saying zero tolerance

But- within just two years things changed. Or did they? Personally I have always said that it was never ” a few bad apples” and called the Catholic Church the worlds largest organized pedophile racket- Fully supported from above.

( For the record I did speak to the makers of Spotlight but at the time they seemed a bit star struck did not think there could be more to the story. So – I will tell it.)

Yes, fully supported from above.


But shortly after this commitment- A sudden u-turn occurs as New York Bishop Cunningham not only makes no apologies for pedophile priests- but actually proposes that pedophile priests be allowed to have consensual sex with any child – as long as they were at least 7.


Click below…

Let us priests not only be pedophiles- but let us have sex with 7 year olds



Surprised to see the Bishop with free public media reign to make such an obvious plea to tolerate active pedophilia in the church, most of course expected to hear the Pope destroy the Bishops comments- instead we got this from the pope- about the victims just a month later…but another surprise…click next blue link…

( Note : Even uses Jesus as an example )


Pope says victims of pedo- preists are like a ” pack of wild dogs”



Houston – we have a problem…click link below

Pope Makes U-Turn On Zero Tolerance

But..Promoting an accused pedophile? Click below…

Accused Pedophile PROMOTED BY POPE!


The Real Truth

Well, for this outline I think we have seen enough of what a major turn around the pope has made since his ” Zero Tolerance ” days. So let’s get more specific about how this points to the fact that there never were a few ” bad apples” and how the movie Spotlight was in many ways a victory for the Catholic Church.

There are no well-organized operations that just came to be overnight. As the news has been broadcasting about the Pennsylvania catastrophe for example, a well organized plan with many components was in place.

Take a peek at the grand jury findings there…click below

Comprehensive Cover Ups With 1000s of Victims..

The Real Truth


The above information should be ample to convince folks that the pedophile racket in the Catholic Church is nothing new not the scope or the size of it. However I actually have personally been very involved in a major cover up recently which I spent years collecting data and identifying exactly what and how they manage to pull this off. Ironically the same priest in this scandal, actually molested my own brother 20 years ago, and my brother ended up taking his own life.

Somehow, maybe divine providence, I got a call 18 years later from a lady in another state who had followed my blog and asked me if a certain priest was the one who molested my brother. Yes, it was. He now was just accused of molesting 7 boys over two years. It was my good fortune to have the cooperation of a few parish members who witnessed the boy coming to a parishioner and stating he could not take it any more and proceeded to tell a two-year nightmare of abuse.

We communicated for a year and a half and I was able to get the ” other side ” of the story about how rampant this is and how an entire Diocese was involved in cover ups. I even talk to the victim. That entire story and all the ugly details is what we are planning to use in a movie that ( unlike Spotlight) will reveal the truth about this incredible and worldwide pedophile ring and how higher-ups are trained to cover up, get rid of, or pay victims to avoid issues.

To my knowledge it will be one of or the first ever proof of the fact that most if not the majority of members of clergy and others are involved in the actual molestation, or cover ups . Also we will reveal the types of intimidation priests are trained to use to keep the victims quiet. We are not talking theory here -facts.

Stay tuned and follow this blog at

Dont miss updates and time frame for public viewing!


Don’t You Dare. Unless You Been There. Just Dont…



Don’t you dare tell somebody suffering from the disease of addiction that they need to “snap out of it” or think about their family- unless you been there. Do you understand that no addict has ever asked or wanted or desired to be in addict? Has it ever occurred to you that addicts at some point in their life  usually go through periods where they feel like they might as well take their life because they’re causing more pain then good?

Don’t you dare talk to the clinically -major depressed person and tell them that we all go through sad times and they need to fight through it and buck up- and just work their way through it. Have you ever been so physically- emotionally- mentally paralyzed you wanted to move and do things but you couldn’t even get your socks on and think straight and find any reason why you should even wake up the next morning? Have you ever had your children ask you how come you can’t work right now? How come you’re not working like everybody else and they think it’s because you’re lazy when they have no idea that you haven’t slept more than 30 minutes in a month?

Don’t you dare tell somebody they need to pray more and obey God and that’s why they’re having problems in their life when you don’t have any idea how much time they put into prayer and bible study or whatever to seek God in their life -probably more than you ever will even think about doing.

Dont you dare point your finger at someone who has lost everything because of a disease that put them in the hospital for years of surgeries and even had their own spouses walk out on them because they got sick due to no cause of their own. Have you ever felt so depleted that you feel like everything you try to do is 10x harder in life- then had the people who supposedly love you point their finger at you about the hardship you have caused- over and over? Then Dont.

Dont you dare coach someone on how to get re-established in the workforce and income when you have no idea that your 2 hours a day spent sending out resumes is a damn joke compared to the all night sessions for months with no sleep putting together resumes and sending out proposals – networking and doing 10x more than you to find work?

Just Dont.

Dont you dare take advantage of someone elses misfortune by exploiting them or pressing them for that 100$ they owe you- unless you have been through the same misfortune. If you are a parent dont you ever use your spouses situations to manipulate your kids into thinking that you just dont care. You are an evil person who will not go unpunished.

Had a few rough days? Maybe a funeral for a family member got you down? Dont you dare walk around claiming you have Bipolar Disorder because a few mood swings have come your way. Believe me – you dont want to know what that is really like. Unless you have sufferred to the extent and length of time of the other- keep it zipped.

Dont you dare question the PTSD symptoms of someone who has lived through more in a year than you have in your life. Why are the vets who come home totally disabled and suicidal condsidered heroes but you tell your loved one to ” buck up” and move forward?  Have you grown up in an alcoholic, abusive, violent environment and gone on to live through a family members suicide, full blown addiction, major depression that 20 different medications didnt touch, been struck down with a disease that put you in the hospital for 6-7 surgeries over 4 years that caused you to have to tell your kids they cant live in their house anymore? Then Dont.

I have lived through all of those things and let me tell you it sucks to have especially the ones you love and thought loved you bail out and mock your situation- compare you to others who have never been through any of it. Oh, and the above is only a shortlist- a partial listing of the things some of us have lived through. I dont ever talk about the REAL serious stuff- lest someone suggest I am looking for pity. I dont want anyones pity.

But I am not afraid to give an occasional reality check to those who need it.

Its really something to spend the first 20 years in your career working for peanuts but choosing a profession that is designed to help others. Making yourself available 24/7 for anyone who is suicidal or just needs help and then fast forward to a period in your own life when you walk through even darker and longer times than those you helped- yet those who even know this have the stones to criticize you.

If you are one of those people- here is a word of advice-


If you feel the need to address the issues in someone elses life that you are not familiar with-

Shut up and help.



Pedo-Pope Supports Pedo-Priest Infestation -Thousands Of Predators Continue Chasing Boys Around The Altar To Give Them A “Special” Touch By Jesus…

After the movie Spotlight- The Pope and his boys insisted he was shocked!

“We will have ZERO tolerance for this!”

Whats that Mr Pope? You are cracking down and going to stop this? ” Yes we are – I am putting a committee together to monitor this!

But You Are Letting This Bishop Do This??

Click On Blue To See What Really Is Going On…

Bishop Says 7yrs Is His Lucky Number- For Boys

catholic chucrch violates

A Cardinal finally retires – has to start paying for his boys himself now.

You are being celebrated, paid retirement, lounge around at the estate all day- Why the long face Cardinal?

Cardinal- ” I was turned down for park patrol and locker room helper at the YMCA..”

vatican protects pedophile

Father – the boys are just supposed to light the altar candles and go- Please! Let him get dressed and go sit down….

Father- ” Oh Sure! I am just making sure he does his calf raises here at the altar before he gets his clothes back on…


Excuse us Mr. Pope- But Are you only saying ” Yay For Gay” since the Vatican -Cocaine/ Little Boy/ Priest Bust? Or do you always twist the words of Scripture? Hmm.- So God said its an ” ABOMINATION” to live as a homosexual- but today you say “who are you to judge?”

Arent you the moron who is supposed to tell us what Scripture says?


Father- good news today! You get to take confession from all the single young ladies today! I mean- what more can a man ask for??wp-1495503477975.



Whats going on here today? Did someone die?

Priest #1- “No- We just got word that we wont be getting the backside passes to Justin Bieber as we had hoped…”

“But Father- didnt you hear? Justin turned 12 last month- Are you just taking any old boy these days??”

justin bieber




And so the plot thickens- as Bishop asks for consensual sex with any 7 year old poor altar boy who cannot run faster than the Bishop….Stay Tuned- As Next time we inquire as to why the need to lower the consensual sex age for little boys when Pedo-Pope swore ZERO TOLERANCE! Could it be because the ZERO TOLERANCE was meant for any more punks who spoke up??? Hmm.



Now Ranking #30 In The World – Jesse Jon Petri Has The Heart Of A Champion…

Professional Bull Rider Jesse Petri – 20-  of Texas 

Jesse Petri
No Fear Here-

Please read the post before clicking on the link below-when you are done reading click on the blue link below and click ” Skip The Ad ”  when given the option on screen.


The Heart Of A Winner- Jesse Petri

( Music Video)



Jesse winning another rodeo

I know many of you have followed my son Jesse in his pro bull riding career and also have prayed for his safety and recovery from a snapped leg from a bull stepping on it at a rodeo.

Thank you for praying for him and now I have to update you on the power of corporate prayer combined with a young man who has the heart of a champion and the Faith to match.

I just spoke with him 2 days ago and he informed me of his approximate ranking in the world of Pro- Bull Riders. He is around 30th in the world and informed me he plans on cutting it to 15th or better in a month or two. He is now 20 years old.

You may remember just a year ago he was in a Minnesota Hospital getting a rod put in- to hold his leg together . Many never perform the same after such an injury due to the injury- and the fear of re-injury which has been the mental collapse for many an athlete in the past.

Jesse got through his surgery and rehab and got back on the bulls with a different attitude. I never can explain ” It ” – but I can hear that thing in his voice and see in it his eyes. It is not cockiness or false hope . It is like he has already determined who will win the battle of the bull- even who has won it – be the next one he actually will meet  at the rodeo

Here is a clip of a recent rodeo that Jesse won.

Not many people understand that bull riders do not just go to rodeos and the staff at the rodeos go out in the fields and round up a few loose bulls so they can have a rodeo.

These bulls that the pro’s ride are every bit aware of what is about to go down when they are loaded up to head out for another rodeo. When I first started learnig the inside aspectsof the rodeo Jesse would walk me behind the chute where  bull meets cowboy in a tight space to prepare for war.

He had showed me documentaries before on different bulls that were so fierce not a living soul could hold on for 8 seconds. Yet, Jesse pointed out, once the show was over and they were back home in the field many of them didnt care if you came up and petted them !

It took me a good mitnute to really buy into the idea that a bull has any clue about what is going on at a rodeo as far as them actually being one of two athletes competing.

Come on their just big dumb animals and people have good imaginations….right? 

I didnt buy into it – that is until maybe I had been to 10 or more rodeos after.  I watched as Jesse was belped into the shoot where the bull he was competing against that nght was escorted in.

If you have never seen that- it is amazing. The bulls kind of walk or hustle over toward their area, and the rider is assisted in getting on safely. From that second until the opening of the gate for them to exit into the arena its is the most intense battle of wills and strength I have seen.

The first few times back in 2011 0r 2012 that I stayed back with Jesse whle he got in and settled on the bull I was extremely surprised to see that the minute Jesse was on and they were both secured in the tiny area they are held in and that gate shut tight locking them in – the gloves were OFF!

I saw the bull up on two legs almost right away and I thought maybe he was hurt or caught in the gate.  I soon realized that it was simply the start of ” showtime” for the bull and it only gets worse when they pull that gate open. Take a look at the article below which is about the toughest bulls in history- one was named Red Rock and was ridden over 300 times- never once allowing even one bull rider the privilege of an 8 second ride- they ALL got thrown.

In Rodeo, the Bulls Are as Legendary as the Riders

What does it take to not only survive a ride on a bull- but to be in control and confident-carefiul yet fearless? I have been asked many times about Jesse and his early and contued success. Of course the first thing is he did the work.. He got on any bull, anywhere and anytime when the owner would let a 12 year old do it. Years of that. He prepared in every way he knew.

Lots of bull riders did that too though. Not many are Southern States Champion at 17. I knew Jesse was a praying and God fearing kid- he did the work- but after a few years of bumps in his consistency he took off and it was clear there was more –  I never could identify it .

Until I saw that same ” it” in a totally different setting , A music video!

 I happened to see a video that after 8 years of watching this kid mold his dream and his never give up – never give in mindset- I saw the same thing ! In a four minute music video..You are about ot see it.

Words cannot really define what the heart of  a real champion is made of.

All I know for sure is that ” it ” is in Jesse’e DNA.

( I need to warn everyone that if you have young children you may want to remove them from the room while the video plays. The singer is Eminem – so if you have never heard the words -shit , fuck. or mother fuck etc.. you will hear a few of those words here…)

 I dedicate this post to my very own champion – Jesse Petri – This is how I have seen you since you were a young buck with a dream,. You are a true champion.

I Luv you Cowboy-


Now – Please go to the top of this post and click on the blue link to see video!


Can The Catholic Church Ever Be Absolved For Running The Largest Pedophile Racket In The World?


Click the link below for a short but powerful clip-

Suicide- Solution?i lied


You know suicide is death. Regardless of the reason the person chose it. The thing is though, when we are dealing with death – you would almost think that if any common denominator could be found or pattern of behavior that proved to lead up to suicides, we would absolutely POUNCE all over it and end it ASAP! You would think…

In the case of my brother Danny- there was a clear trail of evidence that shined a bright light on the reason that a recent college graduate, waiting to get on with the Police force fresh out of school and ready to embark on a new career would suddenly pick up his pistol, while we sat on a couch and watched late night television and blow his brains out.

Of course at the very moment he got up and told me he was going for a walk I noticed he was not acting his usual self. He didn’t drink, but that night I noticed as we watched the tube, that he was holding a shot glass. Never saw it before,  I didn’t say anything, he was an adult, and that was his right.

Then he casually walked out the door at around 10pm maybe later. I fell asleep on the couch and when I woke up it was around 2am. I walked over to lock up and noticed his car in the drive but I hadn’t remembered him coming in the door from his walk. So I took a look around and saw nothing. I checked his room to see if he got in without me a hearing but nobody.

I knew something was wrong but no clue what. I woke my mother and told her he hadn’t returned from a walk and I was going to look around, Instantly I knew by the look in her eyes that she knew something was wrong, in a way that only a mother could know. We split up in the woods we lived in, and went different directions. It was not 15 minutes before I was stopped in my tracks by a shriek/scream that I will never forget. It was my mom. She had come up on Danny. Laying in a field a few blocks from the house – dead.

He used his .38 to put a round in his temple and the only other things he had on was his cross from a recent Curcio weekend he had been on and a little piece of paper in his shirt pocket he had written

Mom- Tim 

I Love You.

I am sure the shock we felt was similar to many who had the same experience. But there was one thing I was about to discover that changed everything for me and has kept me busy for 20 years tracking and revealing to any authority who would listen the news I had. That night my brother gave up on his pain, I found a locked box in the bottom corner of his closet. When I cracked it open a huge stack of folded and neatly stacked letters fell out. I picked one up and quickly scanned it looking for any clue as to what was going on in his life.

I soon read about the third line down and realized this was a romantic and personal letter with sexual innuendos and comments like ” I miss your touch” etc

Damn it. His girl must have broken up with him and somehow sent him over the edge. I slowly read the rest and as I got near the last line my eyes bulged out of my head as I read the signature it did not say, love Julie, or goodbye, love Samantha.

All these letters romantic in nature were signed by Father Al-

Wait just a minute Father Al was Dannys high school priest at the Catholic High School he attended before college. These letters were written while Danny was out-of-state at college. They were love letters, letters reminding Danny of how much Father Al had done for him in High School. He expected immediate contact when Danny arrived back home. And that was exactly the time my brother knew he would either soon have to face Father Al- or exit stage left and avoid the painful memories and expectations. 

After the initial shock, I gathered the letters to get over to the Diocese and hoped and assumed the police would have Father Al questioned and maybe arrested within 24 hours. I brought the letters into the diocese and explained the situation, then showed them graphic evidence of obvious abuse over a long period of time that had been going on. At least the freak will spend a long time behind bars I thought. That day, July 5th 1992 was the beginning of a long journey for me of discovering that what had happened was not only of no interest to the Diocese but they were supporting the Pedo-priest and even sheltered him from any media or police.

Its 26 years later and I have been inside Catholic organizations as an employee, I have tracked repeat offender pedo-priests over and over only to see them protected by whatever Diocese they belonged to, then quickly shuffled out-of-state and back to raping kids. Well, I thought, It’s a no-brainer, I’ll get the law involved with all the evidence and they can prosecute. To my dismay, I have yet to find any agency whether the Police, States Attorney, or Child Protective Services who would so much as take a report on even major cases – they refused.

There is a saying ” The fish stinks from the head down” – so I decided to start at the top. Let’s see what the Pope and his crew are doing about this whole epidemic. As it turned out, around the time I started researching the Popes actions – he was smack dab in the middle of an unfortunate case of bishops and priests found naked at the Vatican, with their play toys altar boys, oh yes and also alot of powder cocaine.

At that time the Vatican had filed suit against the Italian Police to disallow them any involvement or information about ANY further molestation charges that would ever occur at the Vatican. The pope cited his own team’s ability to investigate and resolve any issues.

While that went back and forth the pope was asked publicly about yet another scandal involving another crew of pedo-priests who were caught chasing their boys around the altar and then having their way with the boys. Eagerly awaiting a bold stand from the pope now that his gang had been cold busted two times in a few months. However, he chose to tell the public that we should have mercy on the predators and remember to extend forgiveness, as the Lord would.

Now at that time, I could only recall scripture where Jesus said ” If anyone should cause one of these little ones to sin, it would be better if they had a millstone tied around their neck and be thrown in the ocean” 

Then another verse from Jesus came to mind  ” If your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off . It would be better to enter the kingdom of heaven maimed than not enter”

Somehow I was not getting any of that from the pope – just justification for pedophilia and a paved road for the homosexual lifestyle in general. 

As it turns out the Catholic pedo-priest racket is no occasional mishap in the church. It is currently estimated that over 30k priests are under investigation for abuse, and the Catholic church has paid out over 6 BILLION dollars to pay off victims from testifying in court. In a few cases I was involved in the youth who broke the secret of a 2 year-long -8 boy molestation ring in one church, suddenly found himself deported out of this country, leaving his family behind, but within two weeks of opening his mouth, he disappeared. Others have not been found.

Recently a high-ranking Bishop in New York publicly announced his filing of a court document that would seek to make the age of accountability for an altar boy caught in a sex act with a priest 7 years old.

Let me repeat that.  The Bishop is pushing for a law that will allow priests to continue and rape little boys, however, if the child is 7 or older,. the act however gruesome would be considered ” consensual “.

Now despite the hope of  the faithful who continue to support these pedophiles by giving large sums of money to the church and  even allowing their children to be ALONE with a priest, the reality is that the Catholic Church is far and away the worlds largest organized pedophile  racket and  is supported from the top down, It is estimated that 50-60% of all Catholic priests, bishops, Cardinals, etc are in some way involved in supporting this organized racket.

So as I close, and after you have heard what a friend went through in the Facebook clip after the suicide of a close buddy how do you feel about the fact that we have a clear and shining path and pattern which is responsible for thousands of suicides, drug overdoses or criminal lives – you see usually a sexually abused victim of a priest especially long-term will select one of the three choices.  Suicide, Drug OD, or street crime and gang life.

You see we have a spotlight shining on a direct line to cut off many of these tragedies. It’s in our laps. The evidence,  The victims. Payoffs. It’s all irrefutable evidence.  Why – oh why do we allow a massive pedophile ring to thrive in the Catholic church when we know the outcomes after the freaks are done playing with their play toys. They are simply disposable. Garbage. Trash.  I have read the victims sworn statements. I have tracked down a young man who after being raped for two years with 7 friends, could not take it – he told.  In 2 weeks he was by himself in Mexico, I spoke to him.

What happens if one of our neighbors is busted molesting a young boy or girl?  Its cuffed and stuffed correct?  But, somehow,  we allow undercover ” holy men ” to enjoy their perverse ways and get paid well to do so. Oh, and by the way – the priest who was accused ( and found innocent ) by the ” Church Investigation” is named Father Gondek. This 8 boy allegation over two years was totally on his hands as he was caught in the act and some other acts I won’t even repeat. Eight boys, two years, sounds like life maybe right? Let me tell you what punishment Father Gondek of North Carolina got.

1- Early and fully paid retirement.

2- Relocation to one of the churches lavish resorts for his type.

3- He was pronounced the richest man in Lexington, NC as he was awarded a service award in front of the entire church congregation.

Oh- one last thing Father Albert Gondek (pictured below) is the same Father Al who molested my brother in high school years. The one who signed the letters. Oddly enough, he was accused 2 more times between my brother’s death, and the 8 boy rampage he went on for 2 years in North Carolina.

Funny thing, he managed to walk on those two and the 8 boys.

If he has committed 3 we know of, then its safe to say maybe 30-50 at least are out there….but hes not the only one. Those 30k others under ” investigation”  are all over. You know – I don’t care of you are Catholic, Lutheran, Baptist, or atheist.

Sexual abuse is KILLING thousands and we know who, and why and we have proof.  It’s curious how it continues to thrive. ..Any other fruitcake like these predators would be being punished in state prison. Yet there are still people today, who choose to stick their fingers in their ears, yell ” La- La -La ” and keep dumping money in the church for their legal funds to pay off those victims that they cannot make go away.


Father Albert Gondek- Molesting since 1991


Other members of the flock- doing what they can for the community


It’s all about the children when it comes to mentoring by priests


Often times the Diocese will even take care of children at the mall while the parents’ shop! It’s all Hands On with these servants.


Now for some light reading here is a link to the Catholic Churches report on the guilty flock members…. even as cleverly as they divide by state and diocese  and all  to make the numbers seem smaller, a few extra clicks will get you a more accurate picture of all the accused Bishops , and Priests, Nuns, etc Nationally and Internationally.

Now these are the numbers that the church has kept to themselves and not made privy to any outsiders…

I am positive they have gotten a good portion of the predators on paper…but just in case, I usually figure this represents about 50% of the actual guilty.

Oh and as I mentioned – it is VERY costly to keep paying off these punks who speak up and need a payoff to skip court  like I said over 6 Billion has been paid out….so in light of this fact you will notice the Accountability site has made available a chance for us to donate to their cause of running their criminal priests site. I am sure it goes to a good cause.