Hey You Old Timers Here- Remember When? I Think I May Have Imitated A Smile For A Second Today!

Jesse Petri PBR Bull Rider

Sometimes I wonder if I will ever smile again. This life can whip us pretty good, a day , a week , maybe even a decade. But some things don’t play by the no smile rules.. Caught this on line today and I could swear I smiled fora second….

Plus when I got up my mouth was bleeding from both sides a little. ..felt like I cracked my skin or something… So proud of this dude and his brother and sisters. You all who have been around here awhile remember back in the gap maybe 3 years ago I posted his dream of becoming a pro bull rider.

21 years old and ranked today #121 in the World PBR –

( I doubt very long knowing that kid…)

Those who have prayed for him since back then – Here’s your sign!


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