The Catholic Pedophile Priest Issue Is OVER! Said Michael R. Who Is Behind The Movie Spotlight….”We Got The Job Done!”

“Where are your mommy and daddy junior? You did tell them that this weekend is a sleepover to practice how to wash ” Holy People” -Right?”


Never Count Your Grammy’s Before The Investigation Is Over…



The Response I got from Spotlight Influencer and mega award-winning journalist Michael Rezendez- After I informed him that I had proof that the catholic pedophile racket was 100x bigger than even what his movie Spotlight uncovered. Keep in mind I had evidence and living witnesses. So his response to me as you can see below was to contact the local mullet wrapper – The Charlotte Observer!





I was wondering if you could connect me with the right people who may
be interested in pursuing the case I spoke with you about.
I know you are involved in other things, but if anybody would know it
would be you.
Just to give my story some credibility, I am sharing with you a statement
that only 2 others have seen.
It’s from a priest, not involved in the pedophile ring, who was the last
person to speak to a young man before he was quickly deported to Mexico
after opening up about what a Lexington NC priest did to him, and 7 others
according to him.
This priest as you know happens to be the same priest who.violated my own
brother. That is pure coincidence.
The fact is this same priest accused at least 2 other times in Lexington. As
always, after the ” investigation” nothing was found.

Mike the difference here, is we get to watch in real-time what really
happens behind the scenes when a priest is removed for the investigation.
Its ugly and nasty involving drugs and threats and the zero tolerance is
enforced, but on the kid who talks.
In this case, immediate deportation and separation from family. He. Spoke
to a parishioner, and the priest, and thankfully the parishioner kept
up with it.

What was happening on the inside, via email to me? It was
documented again by the priest in deportation.
He also reported it to the diocese.
Nobody was questioned.
Every effort has been made to get the boy out of the country, and it’s about
time for the church to return with their findings.
They are accustomed to the media has moved on now after a year.
They have.
But we have proof of what really happened.
It would be a shame with all that you have done, to let a chance for the
world to actually watch in real-time how it works.
Cameras should be everywhere awaiting the verdict, letting them spew out
lie after lie. Then to share the real truth.
If you could connect me with anyone who might want to cover it I would
appreciate it.
Please dispose of the statement.

The priest heard the ugly details from the boy, and will back that up.
By the way, his report was diverted to Georgia, and to a higher up who I’m
quite sure won’t be notifying law.

Anyhow, any help at all would be great. Timing is important.

Timothy J. Petri



As I said, I can’t help with your situation. I think I already recommended the Charlotte Observer.



Michael Rezendes

The Boston Globe

135 Morrissey Boulevard

Boston, MA 02125


The Charlotte Observer Mike? But Mike- This will eventually require more media and resources than you ever dreamed of using for the kind rendition of priest abuse in the Spotlight…

Are you sure you mean the Observer? The mullet wrapper in town?

But Mike…I’m telling you – I have the proof!

Mike? You there?

I really think you may have missed just a few…..



Its A Glorious Day For Confessions! All DAY! Gather Round Little Boys…





Uh- Oh…


Pennsylvania Official announces last month ( 8/2018) that he has uncovered over 300 guilty priests and 1000+ victims. Oh, I’m sorry -that was just in a tiny area of Pa. One or two dioceses only and all of the sudden everything I have been shouting at the media and Michael from Spotlight is suddenly true!

Now I don’t mean to downplay the 75 or more priests that the 20 Million dollar movie uncovered as shady. I do have to wonder if Michael heard flashbacks of me telling him that it was much bigger than he knows.

After all- the fog of the trophies and awards must have burned off pretty quickly when he heard the announcement that 300 priests were busted in one tiny area.

I am not sure the 75 Mike uncovered will be enough to act as salve as he realizes that this is exactly what I told him and it is only going to explode.

At any rate – I wanted for the record to post that I did my very best to share all the evidence he could want. But…hungover from Grammy fever or whatever- it seems he was content with his little contribution.

You can click below to watch the announcement on CNN that rocked the world of those who have been protecting or ignoring the truth.


*Now I need to be clear that Mike from Spotlight was not the only one to plug his ears when told of new information I had. Every single outlet, the local police in Lexington NC, States Attorney, All News Outlets and TV affiliates REFUSED to even consider taking a peek at the evidence.

Although David Haines of the Charlotte Diocese gave a media statement that law enforcement and the church would work tirelessly to find the truth- I was unable to convince the detective at the Lexington Police Dpt to even scribble some notes on paper as a ” report”.

Same result from Child welfare and all other ” protective agencies” I asked in NC. 

So actually some might say- the point is – it was uncovered. So chill out Petri.

No- that’s not how it works. Because years passed before the truth came out -although I personally offered proof – thousands of kids were being raped each day needlessly because nobody seemed to care. That means everything.



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