I Was So – “Not Surprised” By This That I Forgot To Post It When It Aired!

Huge Bombshell Rocks Catholic Church!



For God will bring every deed into judgment, including every hidden thing, whether it is good or evil. Ecclesiastes 12:14 



Well- Not really but I suppose to some who had been living with head buried under rock,  it may have been a bit shocking. To me, it was long overdue and just the tip of the iceberg. I still felt a little hoarse in my voice from years of proclaiming this very thing to anyone I could.

This truly was a wake-up call for me in another way, however.  I watched the Pennsylvania official list hundreds of priests busted and thousands of victims identified in just one area of the state. I remember watching it and not even shaking my head in surprise or flinching as he read of the most hideous, perverted, disgusting tools the worlds largest organized pedophile racket used to keep their system working.

Some of the examples were several pedo-priests ordering kids to stand naked in the shape of the cross, because Jesus did. They snapped pics and God only knows did what with them. Another example of the intimidation used was after children were sexually abused they were ordered to go to confession! This way they could bear the guilt and shame of the deviants. 

So all I could think of as the details were read was – ” Why didn’t anyone listen to me two years ago when I offered up proof that the movie Spotlight was a huge victory for the Catholic church as it gave the pedo-pope the chance to shake his fist in the air and proclaim there would be a zero tolerance for these few ” bad apples” .

His hand was so limp in the air that he was not very convincing,  and his ” zero tolerance ” stance clearly was meant for the little brats who speak up! I knew then that this huge well-organized pedophile ring was likely making up the wrong side of 75% of all staff in the Catholic church.

Of course, when I broached that topic with Michael who was the producer of Spotlight, I got an email back brushing the idea off and suggesting I pitch the Charlotte Observer and maybe they would run a story. He was so satiated in award dust and ego overflow that he was convinced his epic uncovering of some 75 priests that ( many were dead) had in some way covered up or violated children was the end of the story.

I got the same response from CNN and all media outlets even though I was offering something never before revealed in the history of the church as far as I could find. I had years of paper trails, victims and proof of total cover-up from very high up in the church. Proof that the notorious ” bad apple ” theory was useless.

This alone was ok, but what made it priceless to me, was it was in real-time, and all the players were alive. The predator priest, the victims, the entire North Carolina diocese which covered it all up, even the law who refused to even take a report about an incident where a priest was accused of two years molesting 6-8 boys.

I envisioned media cameras flooding the diocese demanding answers and for the whole world to see. Finally we would share with the world how this well-oiled machine functioned so well and managed to front themselves as ” church” all the while. We all knew the first two moves the church made when a priest was accused.

A fairly quick chess type move shuffling the priest out of state would often time solve the problem as the church had put laws in place decades ago that shielded them from any long term accountability once the priest was out of state. I am also pretty sure we all knew that the church had the law in their pockets and hardly ever was anyone ” investigating ” anything except the higher-ups in the church.

What the mystery seemed to be is how in the world did the church get away with almost never prosecuting any priests, even the few that they actually publicly announced were guilty. Only if it was a high profile cardinal or similar circumstances. If you watch the YouTube clip I started with, you will hear the speaker refer to what he defines as a ” playbook” that was found in the church files.

He goes on to describe it as a comprehensive and detailed instruction book on how to deal with anything from direct allegations, right down to the language they were to stick to when discussing any incidents with anyone outside the church. Steve Spurrier had nothing on these pedo- predators and their protective playbooks. That explained the next step.

I still am left with many unanswered questions, such as how thousands of sworn law enforcement officers could knowingly drive by the rape zones each day knowing that some poor altar boy is probably getting chased around the altar knowing what his fate would be.

I also am mystified that the general public could hear the pope publicly ask for mercy and leniency for the pedo-priests who got busted. To take it to an entirely different level, how the public could stand by as a New York bishop proposed law that would make the age of consensual sex between a priest and the altar boy- 7 years old for the boy so that the adult would be off the hook.

I feel like I am fairly intelligent and I try to be fair and weigh things out, but folks if you can stand by and hear an argument from a Bishop that fair game for little boys rape should be 7 years old…you really need a check up from the neck up. No need for Colombo or even Magnum PI on this one. Yet millions -I would dare say the majority of the public acted as if they did not hear it. I am still in awe at the willingness of the American public to sacrifice young boys at the hands of PRIESTS!


Well, the important thing is that somebody had a set big enough to step up and tell the truth. Watch now though how some states will be bucking when their officials come knocking for records. As a matter of fact the straw infused backbone of the Attorney General of North Carolina has already made his move and proclaimed he ” just does not have that kind of authority” to initiate huge investigations. he even went as far to say of any victims out there needed assistance, they should contact the state’s attorney…for counseling  Not for help prosecuting -but for counseling.

Well sadly for him I have given decades of my life and health to make damn sure that the old North Carolina wheel of torture gets cracked wide open and stays open until its flushed clean. They cannot stop it because they don’t have the records to hide. I have been collecting all that and distributing it all in safe places and hands fro years. They have no clue what is even out.

So stay tuned to your news and especially when it turns to the great state of North Carolina. For once I am fairly sure they will be on the receiving end of an anal cleansing. Its the Charlotte diocese who has covered up all of Father Gondek’s kiddie hobbies and even punished any staff who dare threaten to suggest any accountability.

Well that is about all I can stomach for today – I will keep you posted.


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