Attention Everyone- Please Read- I NEED Your Help… This Is Urgent And Personal.


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Sometimes things just seem to keep getting harder and harder. After a decade of 7 hip surgeries, 3 replacements and much more I am still recovering from it all. Especially from losing my home and all. Well a few weeks ago my mom ( who lives with me) was diagnosed with leukemia.

I am stunned shocked and overwhelmed. I am her only caregiver and I have no way to cover her treatments, meds, specialist visits not to mention try to make the household bills.  I can’t even cover what she needs for this week. Im looking at thousands of dollars over the long run and she has only Medicaid which covers not much.

So,  I am reaching out to my viewers. You.

If you personally have been touched or helped by this blog- consider a donation for her. She has done nothing but help people all her life, lost my brother to suicide and has had more than her share of hardship.

If you know of a friend who is well off and is looking for good causes to help out with – please share this. I can’t even cover what I need this week, let alone the rest.

Now- in 5 years I have never refused help to anyone and never required a dime . I have invested all of my time and effort into making sure people who are sick or need help get it. Now I am asking you all to return the favor.

The best way to make a donation ( anything helps) is to send a check or money order directly here made out to her. Her full name is :

Darlene McRoberts

148a Cardinal dr

Ormond Beach, Fl. 32176

If you have easy access to Western Union please email me at fo rthe details to send. 

First I am asking for you to pray for her.

Pray for me too- I am overwhelmed.

But the bottom line is no money – no treatment.

Please help if you can – check with your church if they have a benevolence fund maybe they would help. Share this with people looking for good causes to donate to…just please do what you can.

God BlessYou



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