Now Ranking #30 In The World – Jesse Jon Petri Has The Heart Of A Champion…

Professional Bull Rider Jesse Petri – 20-  of Texas 

Jesse Petri
No Fear Here-

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The Heart Of A Winner- Jesse Petri

( Music Video)



Jesse winning another rodeo

I know many of you have followed my son Jesse in his pro bull riding career and also have prayed for his safety and recovery from a snapped leg from a bull stepping on it at a rodeo.

Thank you for praying for him and now I have to update you on the power of corporate prayer combined with a young man who has the heart of a champion and the Faith to match.

I just spoke with him 2 days ago and he informed me of his approximate ranking in the world of Pro- Bull Riders. He is around 30th in the world and informed me he plans on cutting it to 15th or better in a month or two. He is now 20 years old.

You may remember just a year ago he was in a Minnesota Hospital getting a rod put in- to hold his leg together . Many never perform the same after such an injury due to the injury- and the fear of re-injury which has been the mental collapse for many an athlete in the past.

Jesse got through his surgery and rehab and got back on the bulls with a different attitude. I never can explain ” It ” – but I can hear that thing in his voice and see in it his eyes. It is not cockiness or false hope . It is like he has already determined who will win the battle of the bull- even who has won it – be the next one he actually will meet  at the rodeo

Here is a clip of a recent rodeo that Jesse won.

Not many people understand that bull riders do not just go to rodeos and the staff at the rodeos go out in the fields and round up a few loose bulls so they can have a rodeo.

These bulls that the pro’s ride are every bit aware of what is about to go down when they are loaded up to head out for another rodeo. When I first started learnig the inside aspectsof the rodeo Jesse would walk me behind the chute where  bull meets cowboy in a tight space to prepare for war.

He had showed me documentaries before on different bulls that were so fierce not a living soul could hold on for 8 seconds. Yet, Jesse pointed out, once the show was over and they were back home in the field many of them didnt care if you came up and petted them !

It took me a good mitnute to really buy into the idea that a bull has any clue about what is going on at a rodeo as far as them actually being one of two athletes competing.

Come on their just big dumb animals and people have good imaginations….right? 

I didnt buy into it – that is until maybe I had been to 10 or more rodeos after.  I watched as Jesse was belped into the shoot where the bull he was competing against that nght was escorted in.

If you have never seen that- it is amazing. The bulls kind of walk or hustle over toward their area, and the rider is assisted in getting on safely. From that second until the opening of the gate for them to exit into the arena its is the most intense battle of wills and strength I have seen.

The first few times back in 2011 0r 2012 that I stayed back with Jesse whle he got in and settled on the bull I was extremely surprised to see that the minute Jesse was on and they were both secured in the tiny area they are held in and that gate shut tight locking them in – the gloves were OFF!

I saw the bull up on two legs almost right away and I thought maybe he was hurt or caught in the gate.  I soon realized that it was simply the start of ” showtime” for the bull and it only gets worse when they pull that gate open. Take a look at the article below which is about the toughest bulls in history- one was named Red Rock and was ridden over 300 times- never once allowing even one bull rider the privilege of an 8 second ride- they ALL got thrown.

In Rodeo, the Bulls Are as Legendary as the Riders

What does it take to not only survive a ride on a bull- but to be in control and confident-carefiul yet fearless? I have been asked many times about Jesse and his early and contued success. Of course the first thing is he did the work.. He got on any bull, anywhere and anytime when the owner would let a 12 year old do it. Years of that. He prepared in every way he knew.

Lots of bull riders did that too though. Not many are Southern States Champion at 17. I knew Jesse was a praying and God fearing kid- he did the work- but after a few years of bumps in his consistency he took off and it was clear there was more –  I never could identify it .

Until I saw that same ” it” in a totally different setting , A music video!

 I happened to see a video that after 8 years of watching this kid mold his dream and his never give up – never give in mindset- I saw the same thing ! In a four minute music video..You are about ot see it.

Words cannot really define what the heart of  a real champion is made of.

All I know for sure is that ” it ” is in Jesse’e DNA.

( I need to warn everyone that if you have young children you may want to remove them from the room while the video plays. The singer is Eminem – so if you have never heard the words -shit , fuck. or mother fuck etc.. you will hear a few of those words here…)

 I dedicate this post to my very own champion – Jesse Petri – This is how I have seen you since you were a young buck with a dream,. You are a true champion.

I Luv you Cowboy-


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