My Absence. I Was In Many Ways In Mourning…

I hadn’t really planned on sharing any of this because I really didn’t think Id have the energy to even write the title down at this point. This last month has been the most difficult month of my life medically, physically, spiritually and every way it could be.

Certain revelations gradually came to me over the month and each one was like another thousand pounds of weight on my shoulders. It got to the point that I couldn’t really function as I should. A couple things that I did get out of it and realized why I was so down was I really truly believed all of my life and my career that if we just kept pounding the information about the atrocities that are going on in this world and getting it out there that there would be changed people would take note.

But when I look back at the hundreds of articles I’ve written about the Catholic Church being the biggest pedophile ring and the drug treatment centers having a 10% success rate- but nobody addressing it and all these other issues I realize that there hasn’t been any change or even any real note taken by anybody.

That realization which came after about a week or so was almost like going through a funeral to me as a writer, as a social worker because I really did believe that that’s what it was going to take and I have found out for sure it doesn’t matter who, or what their credentials are with their audiences- certain points on what’s really going out there are certain things in this world that people will just ignore no matter how hideous they are.

Just that fact alone took the wind out of my sails for wanting to write much more or wanting to research much more.

It just all at once occurred to me it doesn’t matter what’s exposed what truth it is – what evidence is there – there are certain issues we face in this world- child trafficking- drug treatment- Catholic priest pedophile rings etc.. things like that that are huge that we will not get the attention of the majority no matter what we do.

So with that I want to make sure I make it clear that it didn’t drive me to give up on anything but it surely made me rethink strategies and I’m still not sure about what the right strategies are but that fact and revelation alone really shocked me. I’ve always been a believer that you just keep pounding and keep pounding away and eventually they’ll be is not true in many terrible areas that are going on in this world.

I’m not sure what my next step is but that’s the reason I haven’t been around for awhile.


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