Time To Get Your Vomit Bag- More Disney Pedophiles..

Another group joins the ranks…

There is nothing on this planet in all my decades of Social Work in the ugliest things you could ever imagine I’ve seen that even compares to seeing the faces of these people that molest little kids.. it should be immediate life lockdown.

End of story it’s disgusting and they make me want to puke and thanks Disney for being such a great advocate for homosexual and bestiality – whatever else your into .. most of your workers on the news. But I’m sure that’s just a coincidence right…



  1. I believe punishment should be immediate castration and possibly a shot to the head. It damages God’s precious children so much for the rest of their lives. So glad they are finally being caught. I hope prosecution and castration follows immediately and all their assets given to their victims for all they stole from them.

    1. I agree. We arent talking about a group of Chrisitians who realize they made a corporate mistake and are trying to make it right. I doubt many of these predators are real believers – more likely demonically oppress or even possesed to be able even stomach the idea of what they consider their ” fun” –

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