I Was Not Going To Share This But It Is Still Bothering Me.. So See What You Think. FB Lady Calls Me A Pervert.




A few days ago I was invited to a FB group that focuses on depression and anxiety and all. I offered up my site for articles and my contacts for personal help. Everyone was happy to see some help arrive since all they all do basically is get on each night and complain how miserable their lives are.

Everyone was happy except one lady who decided to make a comment about a picture I posted of me and my daughter. She said ” I wonder if he is a pervert ?”

I cannot tell you how many words I had in my mind to respond. But I held back on all that- and just called her a bitch. . Was I out of line?

I am very easy to get along with but mess with my family and its on.

Ok I vented so any input?



  1. She totally is a bitch and in the heat of the moment she is gonna get a mouthful. You held back for sure. I would have acted in a similar manner, but from the outside and with no emotion attatched I can say that she is the sort of woman that needed challenging on her obviously pathetic response. It is people like her that can stop others from moving on as she puts doubt on stuff. She could have been asked to explain herself and then when she comes with some lame excuse then explain how her behaviour can affect people involved. Easy to say, right. Good luck mate. Keep up your good work

    1. Thanks bro- Actually after I posted this I got like 25 facebook messages from members of the group saying she was an idiot and anyone could see it was me and my daughter coming from the beach. But it did rattle me for a good minute. Thanks for the support brother,

  2. She sounds like a sad person who may have been molested by an adult male in her life and never has worked through that. Or… she’s a bitch and that is that. God knows the difference. ❤

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