This Is A Question For Everyone Who Suffers From Depression And Nothing Has Worked.

Before you click on this link I want you, depressed person to be totally honest with me. Iy would you to read through this link about a miracle treatment for depression with no drugs no side effects,.with a 80% chance that after the treatment you would feel like a totally new person for good.

Mayo clinic, John’s Hopkins, and many others hwave alread ised iit and the FDA approved it years ago.

People who go through said they haven little memory of Depression have no way of feeling down because the chemical change has made them feel so happy that he cannot remember the old .

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  1. My depression is largely over for me. I lived with it for about two years. My treatment was intensive prayer, Bible reading and service. Now, the depression is subsided almost entirely. The problem with forgetting is that sometimes depression offers a lesson and always provides a reason for thankfulness when out of it. I would not trade my memory of the journey for anything. But that is just me. I am sure many would just prefer to forget. ☺

    1. Yes there are many types. Some situational , or hormonal or the worst is what I have lived with all my life- clinical and chemical imbalance that is not helped with temporary boosts of psychotropic meds… I know of many people God has used the word to bring out of darkness. Its a powerful tool and I use it each day to help with my spirit. But so far God has never chosen to just pull the holy trigger and heal me.

      1. True. He did not do that for me either. It was two solid years of intense humble prayer and Bible reading. I fasted during that time also off and on and . I purposely shied away from any medications at all because my sister is a drug addict and I see how she doesn’t face anything and takes meds to dull any and all pain (and had her 4 kids removed from her also in doing so). So I had strong motivation to not end up that way and asked God every day to show me my errors and forgive myself and everyone a little at a time and remaking me. It is a painful process but for me was worth the journey. I am not saying medication is not helpful for other people, just why I rejected that option for me. That is all. Just one angle, life is an individualized journey. ☺

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