I’ve Just Won 600k From Facebook!

Has anybody else been as fortunate as I have to have been chosen not once not twice but three times in the last year for prizes over 500,000 cash on Facebook by Facebook itself?

I just want to encourage all of you if you have Facebook accounts don’t give up just stick with it like I have and one day you’ll get a text like you see here that I put my screenshot on of what the result was now in this case she has not returned any messages after I asked for an ID but I’m sure that’s she would must just be busy right now I’m I bet there’s a check in the mail today I was wondering if anybody else has been so fortunate?

I knew my ship would come in one day and yours will to never give up …


      1. I am a Christian; Doctor of Audiology (hearing and balance); a homeschooling mom of 2; a singer/songwriter/pianist; author of books on my profession, a novel and two faith books (all on Amazon); and blogger on truth and encouragement for the journey. And lately, also a coach of homeschool PE and a baseball scorekeeper and gardener. Lol In my spare time, I help care for my mom and helped a lot in primarily caretaking my daddy (who had dementia) who passed away to heaven last year. So, ecletic. My spiritual strengths/gifts are faith, healing and worship. I come from a family of missionaries on one side and farmers on the other. I will help in any way I can.

      2. Awesome. I am also a believer and started this whole thing 5 years ago because God wanted me to tell my life story . No income just writing . Then yesterday I get a call from a huge potential advertiser sgd now I have to track all the demographic from Google analytics which I’ve never used

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