I Need You All To Answer This Question. If You Are Too Lazy Then At Least Like If Your Answer Is Yes. It’s Important.

Many of us in this network have suffered from or know someone who has someone who has suffered from depression. Here is the question.

If you knew that a non- drug method which involved no side effects and not a single drug or therapy would have a 80% chance of totally eliminating the depression and stay that way would you do it for a six week period each week day for 20 minutes?

It would include a new non invasive therapy that you would have a tool attached to your head for each treatment. No pain , no side effects and happy days start as soon as 2 weeks after starting the 6 week commitment. Your depressed mood disappears and you stay that way permanently.

Please like or comment yes if you would. I rarely ask for effort from y’all lol but in this case it could end up with us making this available to all our audience. So it really does matter. You are free to ask questions but that is it and the FDA has given it a thumbs up. Literally no possible side effects and and a 70-90% percent chance if total freedom from depression. We are assuming insurance will cover for the purpose of this question m

If I only get a few helpful people to take 30 seconds and answer – I’m quitting this blog and going into telemarketing.

I don’t need your likes . I need your answer. So help a brother out.

So consider that too.

Lastly the most helpful answer will be eligible for a handsome door prize. ..


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