Let Me Clarify..Here’s What My Site Is About.

Recently someone wrote and asked me what my site was really about. Kids? Mental Health? Addiction? Family? Faith?

My answer was yes.

I realize many bloggers have a niche that is easily seen at first glance. Mine is a little different. My blog includes many areas that happen within life. I suppose some may see this site as extreme situations in life that only apply to some, but actually it applies to more than you might think.

Not all if us have gone through depression, addiction, suicide, and teen issues in our families. However most know someone who has experienced one or more of these. So it does apply to many.

I mix in some humor, politics, motivation and inspiration because it can get very heavy just hearing about what is wrong in life. But make no mistake, we are here to help people work through and overcome difficult issues that we as a team have lived through.

You will notice that the team at Don’t Label My Kid! each has a specific area of expertise. This is in purpose. Our ultimate goal is to provide services virtually to anyone, anywhere regardless of income or location.

After five years of writing and responding to comments and questions, we are very close to being able to achieve our goal. If you or anyone you know has need of help in any area we work with please contact us.

Soon we will have formal options to do so, but that doesn’t mean we cannot work with you now.

Whatever you are going through, call on us for help. That’s why we are here. No need to spend thousands of dollars to find out your depressed or addicted when you already know it.

Email tim@dontlabelmykid.com or tjpetri16@gmail.com today to start the healing journey. We turn nobody away. For any reason.



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