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As we draw closer to formally offering all of our coaching and counseling services to the public, it is important that you stay connected through our Facebook page so you will know first of any material, webinars, parenting workshops, addiction events or Mental Health services.

Don’t Label My Kid! Followers will ALWAYS receive priority treatment over anyone for services, materials, or anything we offer. This includes a built in discount! So don’t skip this one! Click the above link to our page then follow the page!






    1. I did as well a year ago, unfortunately FB is the biggest forum out there with billions. For me to expand our services and reach people we don’t have a choice. My account was hacked last year by some lady who put her name on 1000 posts I had written. I stayed away but I have to at least have my foot in the door. There are 50k addicts on FB alone looking for help.

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