I’m Really Going To Push Some Catholic Priest Protectors Buttons Now…Lol

All the time in the last 5 yesrs that I’ve been exposing the massive pedophile racket in the Catholic church, most people thought my goal was to just shine light on some, and maybe get an article or two written. Since Ive been asked a few times recently if I really think I can make a dent, I want to reveal more of what my long term goal is .

I certainly would not be writing all these posts about this problem in hopes that maybe an article or two would be written on a national level, or that maybe CNN would do a quick piece on it. That’s not my goal.

My goals are more lofty.

I believe that busting the pedopriests in the future is a start. But hardly the end. I think the public needs to be educated on the going on in these rackets and on a large scale. Movies, television shows like COPS, but instead of busting thieves we get to watch the law break up pedophile priests, there supervisors, and make movies about it.


Movies. Not just one like Spotlight, which with all due respect was a fair start, but hardly enough to make a dent in the huge problem we have. And by the way, why should anyone have to convince an investor or movie maker to take a chance on making a movie?

The Catholic church has spent 6 BILLION dollars to bribe victims to be quiet, not testify in court and allow pedopriests to keep molesting kids.

Why can’t they dump a few billion into a series of movies about the truth? After all, they have the money, they do the crime, call it restitution. Everyday common criminals who steal 1000$ worth of tools from an auto shop are usually orders to pay restitution. Why should child rapists be exempt? Because they wear a robe? I think not .

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