A President With Good Motives…It Feels So ..Strange.

Despite the tiny little group of liberals still trying to mudsling Trump, he continues to push on and prove that he does love this country, he does want America great again, and that he values the voice of the people.

It’s so unlike the previous administration, which fed cash to the enemies of this country to dismantle us.

It shouldn’t be such a big deal, but having come out of an 8 year love affair between the President and our direct threats, it’s refreshing.


I Have Shared This Once Before, But In Case Anyone Missed It- It’s Worth Another Look. The First Time People EVER Hear…Wow…

I could watch this all day. How awesome is this!


Are You Looking For A Little Faith Booster? Listen To This Prophetic Word!

Awesome Prophetic Podcast!- Doug Addison

I don’t often have the time to listen to many podcasts, but when I started listening to this Christian Prophetic podcast by Doug Addison, I could not stop. It speaks to me on many issues in my life and questions I have had this last year, and I am positive it will for you too. If you are going through a ” where is God ” time, or suffering from addictions and sickness, this is for you.

If you just need a boost in your faith, and encouragement this is for you. Take time to listen to it while you are working on a post or something, but don’t miss it!





My Rescue Cat – Update…

I really thought this cat looked normal when I rescued him from the Humane Society.

This, is the wild thing WITHOUT catnip. Stone cold sober. Let it be stated for the record, right after this the thing actually threw an SOS pad at me. Yes, I mean he picked it up with his right paw, and tossed it my way striking me in the face, and with no re-Morris… ( Get it? Morris?)

He’s on probation.

I’m Really Going To Push Some Catholic Priest Protectors Buttons Now…Lol

All the time in the last 5 yesrs that I’ve been exposing the massive pedophile racket in the Catholic church, most people thought my goal was to just shine light on some, and maybe get an article or two written. Since Ive been asked a few times recently if I really think I can make a dent, I want to reveal more of what my long term goal is .

I certainly would not be writing all these posts about this problem in hopes that maybe an article or two would be written on a national level, or that maybe CNN would do a quick piece on it. That’s not my goal.

My goals are more lofty.

I believe that busting the pedopriests in the future is a start. But hardly the end. I think the public needs to be educated on the going on in these rackets and on a large scale. Movies, television shows like COPS, but instead of busting thieves we get to watch the law break up pedophile priests, there supervisors, and make movies about it.


Movies. Not just one like Spotlight, which with all due respect was a fair start, but hardly enough to make a dent in the huge problem we have. And by the way, why should anyone have to convince an investor or movie maker to take a chance on making a movie?

The Catholic church has spent 6 BILLION dollars to bribe victims to be quiet, not testify in court and allow pedopriests to keep molesting kids.

Why can’t they dump a few billion into a series of movies about the truth? After all, they have the money, they do the crime, call it restitution. Everyday common criminals who steal 1000$ worth of tools from an auto shop are usually orders to pay restitution. Why should child rapists be exempt? Because they wear a robe? I think not .

This Is A Real Sign Of The Times. Tebow Outed For Waiting For Marriage For Sex…

Although they stopped short of mocking Tim Tebow for maintain his vow to wait for marriage for sex, it’s so close you can almost feel it .

I think it’s amazing that it’s become so rare for anyone to uphold their Christian beliefs that if they do it makes news. People love it much more when everyone is living in sin so they won’t feel so bad about their lives. So make the guy sound weird.

I for one am absolutely impressed that a guy with all his attributes and game has done what he has with the pressure of NFL And MLB ” players” all around him.

When I say ” players” I’m not referring to the sports they are involved in. I mean the strip clubs, affairs and domestic violence that is so very prevelent in professional sports today.

I give Tebow props for putting God before man.( Or woman). I doubt we will see that too much in the press but I’m glad there is at least one guy I can point to when my kids ask about things .



A Parents Worst Nightmare …A Baby Left In A Hot Car For Hours …

This is likely one of the saddest cases of a baby dying that I’ve seen. This documentary tells the true story of a young mother who accidentally left her baby in her car seat for six hours while at work.

A tragic accident and horrible experience for these young parents only to be made much worse by being charged with will fully doing it and bring charged as a criminal for this incident.

One of the first things that came to my mind after seeing this, is how many times in my life, and probably yours too that I have been driving somewhere and for a few minutes I just felt like I had been unaware of all that was around me and how far I had driven with this ” blank period” of time that I seemed to have missed while either focusing on something else or just in the course of my usual routine gotten so used to going the same route that I didn’t realize that I had already driven so far.

At any rate, it’s tragic and I hope and pray the couple gets back on and has more children. I cannot imagine the hell they have been through. Let it serve as a reminder to us all that this could have been any of us.

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Now These Are Truly Words Of Wisdom…

Somewhere in his awesome speech, I could have sworn I heard him say ” Please you step away from the slurpee machine”…

Otherwise than that this makes perfect sense. Wise man.