Should Dennis Rodman Keep Playing Video Games With The Leader Of North Korea And Hangin At His Man Cave? Get A Peace Prize? Why Not?

Dennis Rodman is different. So he wears wedding dresses once in awhile and womens undergarments. You must admit he was an awesome basketball player. And guys , admit it haven’t we all felt an urge to cruise the mall in heals and a dress ? Just once even? Lol

So I watched a documentary about his relationship to the North Korean leader- Kill- One -Now or whatever his name is. I was very surprised at what I heard. Rodman , when continuously hounded by the media and others why he keeps coming over to visit when we aren’t on good terms with the nuclear situation and all had some good answers.

I’m doing more to forge a relationship with him then anyone in politics has, or something to that effect. Basically he was saying that he felt his friendship with Kill-One- Now could possibly be reasons that the nut job would hold off on hurting our country if he had the chance.

Rodman described ( and showed footage) of him holding his baby, having dinner at with the family, and basically having run of the palace.

Dennis , in a way only Phil Jackson could interpret fully was trying to make what was quite a valid point. He actually got so emotional that he stopped the cameras at one point . He was upset because his motives have been to make good things happen by going there and yet he gets death threats from American people for going.

I’m not going to go into how Big D dresses or who he hangs with and all that because that’s who he is and a product of his own personal upbringing.

I will say that those two together both having their own eccentricities, could not make a better pair if you had to pick a pair that were just craziest enough to get along. Heres the difference in my opinion. Rodman is by no means crazy. He is very smart and most of the times with his weird stunts he is playing us for the attention but he is in total control.

The North Korean dude however I believe is straight up insane in the membrane and in need of a check up from the neck up. No question.

So maybe it’s just me but I do think that as a relationship like that strengthens, there could be less chance that the madman would hit the button toward the USA as quickly as before. Is this a good military strategy? Of course not. I am not saying that at all. I’m saying what is it hurting for the two to become besties?

So I’m giving Rodman a thumbs up for having what it takes to do what he is. Because from the footage I saw, Dennis changes for nobody’. Not even his knee high little buddy. And the little buddy loves him. Who knows maybe Rodman will win a peace prize.

After all – remember Obama awarded himself a medal of Honor ( I just threw up in my mouth a little) so since he did nothing but hurt us, I could live with Rodman getting the Peace prize. And I’m sure he would celebrate with his peace pipe…lol


Author: (Don't Label My Kid! Coaching & Counseling Team)

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