A New Year: Resolutions or Requests?

At the age of 37, I have made many resolutions at the beginning of a new year only to break them before January ended. I’m honestly sick of doing that. I have good intentions but am not consistent in my execution. This year, God led me to do something different.

Rather than set resolutions that end up being only good intentions, I decided that I would just make a list of things I would pray and believe God for in the coming year. These are measurable. I can go back later in the year and see how God answered. This is a little bit of a different twist on resolutions, but it includes God and makes prayer a focal part of it.

I will not share these requests now, but I look forward to sharing at a later date how God answered and did miracles in these situations. Are you just going to resolve to do something because it is the beginning of a new year, or are you going to bring Jesus to the center of it and watch Him go above your resolutions and move in power and glory?

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