“I’ve Got a Complaint”

Just so you’ll read this, I don’t have any personal complaints. I have read posts on Facebook about those who were having a great day until a complainer decided to unload. So why do people complain?

  1. Some complainers don’t know how to resolve conflict. They have learned this behavior from parents or other close influences. This is the go-to method for most people. Complaining seems to be more fun, and it keeps us from having to be courageous enough to confront a situation.
  2. Some complainers have a problem within themselves. They are personally unhappy and choose to share that with everyone around them. They may not realize that they may be the ones family and co-workers want to avoid, but their negativity infects their environment.
  3. Complainers don’t understand how to praise the Lord. They are always looking at the glass half full rather than half empty, so they miss the blessings of God when they come their way. Praise changes the complainer into one who is full of the joy of the Lord.
  4. Complainers have a tendency to be selfish. If they are not petted and pampered, they are unhappy and vocalize that. They have an entitlement mentality and think they deserve certain treatment. Complainers tend to be takers rather than givers unless they give with the expectation of receiving.
  5. Complainers are attention-seekers. They love an audience. They are not satisfied unless they get to share their complaints with others who will feed it. Negative people associate with negative people. What positive person is drawn to someone who never says a positive word? Some are, but most are not. Their positivity tends to cause complainers to complain about the joy of the positive.

If you are a complainer, God wants to deliver you from that negative spirit. Scripture commands that we do things without grumbling and complaining (Philippians 2:14). If you have a problem, work it out with the other person like a mature person should. If you have a complaint, pray about it. Develop a life of praise. If you need to talk to someone, talk to someone who is wise and will listen and give you perspective. Let God change you. Maybe your god is yourself and you need to give your life to Jesus. For your own sake and the sake of others, please deal with this before it gets out of hand. You and those around you will be glad you did.


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