Christmas: the Season When People Care Most About What Others Think

We are in a society where many are trying to “keep up with the Joneses”, especially at Christmas. I can’t tell you many times I have heard people bemoan the fact that their income is minimal, and they can’t do a lot for Christmas. I totally understand that. While many have been frantically trying to buy the love of others (and pay interest on top of that), I have chosen to stay within my means. I have no other choice, but I would choose no other way. Christ didn’t come to this earth so people would max out their credit cards and try to outbuy each other. When will we get that?

As I was praying about what I would preach this morning, I saw an interesting biblical parallel. When Joseph found out Mary was pregnant, he knew he wasn’t the father. They were betrothed (a step up from engagement and a step down from marriage within that culture), and Joseph’s initial thought was to “divorce” her privately. Approaching the first Christmas, Joseph was wondering what people would think. Things haven’t changed much.

While many are scurrying through Walmart and ramming carts into people to give their family “a good Christmas”, ask yourself what you are emphasizing – Commercialism or Christ? This question is worth answering honestly. And it will reveal the recipient of your worship. Think about it.

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