Surprise Encounters

I began my “on the field” part of the work day meeting a lovely new family. While serving as a hospice chaplain has its moments of sadness, I get to meet some amazing people. After the visit, I headed to lunch.

When I went into the restaurant, I saw someone I have not seen in quite some time. My plan was to sit and do a little message prep for church and then keep seeing patients. Instead, I sat down with this man who also happens to be a pastor. He also teaches at a college nearby.

As you can guess, we talked about ministry. I caught on his latest assignments from God as he did mine. When I was younger in ministry, that was all I talked about. Now it is a more rare occasion, so I take the opportunities that come. I talked with him about this because he knows what it’s like.

When you are going through an issue in your life, you don’t want to talk to just anyone. You want to talk to someone who has some experience. When I was going through a divorce, I wanted to talk to someone who could relate and give me some perspective. I did not want someone who had some textbook theory and answers from an experience they never had. When it comes to parenting teens, I want to talk to weep with others going through the experience. (Can I get a witness?)

Whatever you face today, find someone who knows the path. I will highly suggest that men speak with men and women with women to maintain good boundaries. You will be surprised how many people have been through similar situations and can give you WISE counsel. Don’t go to a fool! Find someone you know who walks with God and has your best interest at heart. That talk may turn out to be a surprise encounter.

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