The Holiday Funk

For many, this season is a season of joy. For others who want it to be, it is a time of grief and depression. The commercialization of Christmas makes some feel that their gifts won’t be good enough for family and friends. The reality of an empty chair or an empty nest may be a cause for some to experience depression and grief. Some, like myself, struggle with the weather and find themselves down during the winter.

I remember the first cycle of holidays after my separation. I didn’t want to hear a Christmas song, a love song, and I especially did not want to see a Hallmark movie. I struggled to see whole families together because mine would never be the same. The days are still difficult keeping up with my kids via iPhone screen between visits, but we find ourselves adjusting to the new “normal”.

I did not write this as a depressing post but as one of hope. Four years later, I can testify to my God who has healed the brokenness in my life. He is the God who makes the crooked paths straight, providing streams in the desert and songs in the night.

Don’t forget that healing is a process. We are impatient by nature and tend to despise the process. God is with you in the process and will use you on the other side of your pain to help others.

To Those Who are experiencing the holiday funk, the One who went to the cross for your sin wants to love you through this. The Scripture is true that weeping enduring for a night, but joy comes in the morning.

Praying that the dawn comes soon for you,


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