What Do You Envision?

Do you have a plan? A 1-year goal? A 5-year goal? A 10-year plan? Or are you shooting at nothing and hitting it every time? I am taking a serious look at my life and setting some goals on multiple levels. For Overcomers Church, this is the vision:

Core Values of Overcomers Church:

O- Offering ministry to all without discrimination and judgment

V – Valuing a relationship with Christ over manmade rules and religion

E – Exciting and eclectic worship

R – Reconciling people to God through Jesus Christ

C – Compassion and genuine concern

O – Outreach-oriented

M – More concerned about your future than your past

E – Ethnic diversity

R – Restoring broken lives

S – Sending empowered people out to make a difference

We shoot for this. We remind each people of this. Everything we do is centered on this.

What are your goals? Post them on your refrigerator or bathroom mirror (wherever you visit more😂).

Don’t just exist! Exist with purpose!

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