Florida man gets 15 YEARS IN PRISON – For Offending A Muslim With Pork.

Now I’m feeling it. Im feeling the effects of what is happening in the world by weak-minded people and countries who have decided to actually support the most vile, ugly and dangerous group of animals known to man.

We read daily how the freaks who call themselves muslims are committing hideous and evil acts to people in the name of their ” peaceful ” cult. These people are even receiving support from the judicial systems to do so!

Now its gotten beyond sickening, but outrageous and downright scary. The sharia cowards who slice their wives up like heads of lettuce are getting the green light to keep saying  others  should be punished harshly for any slight offense against them! Stupid , right? Yeah well we are doing it anyway.

This article is about a man sentenced to over a decade in PRISON for ” offending ” some killer muslims with pork. But wait, its HERE! In America! We are partaking in it. People its time right now to find out exactly what politicians, businesses, or groups are helping protect these muslim monsters and get them out of any position of authority.
Meantime the  oblivious world is watching , sticking their fingers in their ears and saying ” la la la la I don’t hear or see that” .

lalalala man

This all happening as we get closer and closer to being over run by a group of sheep molesters who have the common sense of a stop sign. These people are dead set on murdering anyone who does not drink their crazy cult koolaide,  and on top of it all they are getting full support from countries that are lacking in intelligence.

But here in America? I don’t think so. We need to buck up and start forcing enabling countries stand down and let people with IQ scores above 50 resolve this issue.

Recently I heard that Prince Harry actually made a comment about ” recognizing ” mohammed. Immediately I checked to see if pot was legal in his country, after all there must be some reason leaders are singing praises of the elbow collectors who cannot stop killing . I did find out that one of Harry’s aunties was in from Colorado for a family meeting at 4:20 that same day so maybe he just was not thinking straight.

Meeting Called To Order…

When I try to put myself in the shoes of the supporters of sharia serial killers -I imagine myself in 3rd grade and try to come up with some reason to support it.

The only possible reason I thought of was perhaps being as low functioning as they, maybe they are hoping the following is true;

If they just keep the love train going for the killers perhaps Just maybe when that same group they now support comes their way to slaughter the supporters families , they surely will recall the love they got from them,  and spare the families of those people. Out of the goodness of their hearts. Sounds reasonable. If you are a potato.

Idiots. It’s like watching the butcher slaughter himself

I Say Pulled Pork At Sonny’s Barbecue for all Sharia killers in America on the house. 

When in Rome, right?

See Pamela Geller’s Article on this below by clicking the link.

Whats That Mr. Sharia Wife Slaughterer? This American Offended You With His Pork? Not In My Courtroom! That Will Be 15 Years In Prison Fine Sir!

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