Be the Solution

Everywhere I go, I encounter issues. I hear about problems at work, at home, at church. That’s what I do. I listen. God wired me to listen. There has to be a point in a person’s life when a problem is solved.

In leadership, I find that people come to me with complaints about things. I would pass out if someone came up with a solution. I must admit that the people of Overcomers Church are pretty good about presenting solutions to our issues. Because we rent a facility and run into bumps along the way, we constantly have to evaluate what is going on and how to improve considering that we have limited resources. (If you are on Overcomer and don’t present solutions, now is a great time to start😀).

What happens when you are a part of the solution? You boost morale. You encourage your leadership and others on your team. What happens when all you do is complain? You kill morale, increase turnover, and potentially contribute to the sinking of the ship.

If you see a need in your church, meet it. If something is going undone at work, jump in and do it. People who want to be a part of the solution don’t care about recognition. They put the good of the organization before self.

The only time to move on is if you have done all you can do but to no avail. If you have not offered to make things better and your plan is to go elsewhere, you are a spectator. Be a thermostat and set the temperature. If you only want to be a thermometer, go elsewhere because you probably won’t be happy very long there either. God’s will is for you to be a positive atmosphere changer. Live out His plan and watch a miracle unfold before you.

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