As I was driving to the office today, I was contemplating the subject of boundaries. We have this talk about boundaries periodically in hospice staff meetings. Because many of our staff members are wired to try to save the day, some of us have bad boundaries. Bad boundaries can lead to poor emotional, physical, mental, and spiritual health. We all must learn when it is appropriate to say “No”.

I am far from an example of great boundaries, so I am preaching more to myself than to you. I do, however, think every reader can benefit from this.

  • Prioritize your physical health. This involves proper diet, exercise, and rest. Don’t book more on your calendar than you can handle. Don’t make promises to do things when you know you will overextend yourself and break them. Do what you can today and understand that other things can wait. This will wear you out physically.
  • Prioritize your mental and emotional health. Some of the previous advice applies here. Take time to relax and do something that brings you joy and allows you to de-stress. We all need a “mental health day” from time to time.
  • Prioritize your spiritual health. Your most important relationship is with Jesus Christ. If you have no relationship with Christ, you’re spinning your wheels. Take time to be still in God’s presence. Enjoy His creation. Pray for yourself, others, and most importantly praise Him for who He is and what He has done. Also spend time in the Bible. Feed your soul through personal Bible study and Bible study and worship with other believers. Your relationship with God can align everything else.

Struggling with bad boundaries? You can decide to change or break down. I recommend you slow down, re-evaluate, and implement some permanent change. This affects you and those closely connected to you. It will be difficult at first, but the joy you will find because you are not burning at both ends is far greater.

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