Rebuilding the Walls of Your Life (Part 3)

In rebuilding the walls of your life after they have been destroyed by addiction, divorce, and other devastations, there are certain tools you know. In Nehemiah 3, you see that a support system was necessary to rebuild the walls. What kinds of characteristics should these people have and not have?

  1. You need the right people in your life. Don’t invite people who will lead you back down the path from which you came. You need new people who will give you tough love and be with you no matter what. You may not like what they have to say, but they are the ones who want to see you rebuild.
  2. They need to be in the right place. You and I must understand that people are in our lives for a reason and for a season. In Nehemiah, each person had a specific task. No one deviated. We must understand that some people will only be present for a certain time period and then gone. That’s okay. They served their purpose for their season. Had they overstayed their season, it may have done you more harm than good.

The right support system is an absolute must for you to rebuild. The wrong people will cause more harm and further detriment to your life. You can love people from a distance. If you have to block them from you social media and phone, it’s Okay. Unplug from that which will harm you. It may be a matter of life or death.

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