Rebuilding the Walls of Your Life (Part 1)

This is the beginning of a series of posts from the book of Nehemiah. Nehemiah was appointed the task of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. However, I would like to personalize this about principles for rebuilding the walls of your life when they have been burned and broken by addiction, divorce, pornography, sexual perversion, or whatever has torn your life apart.

The story of Nehemiah and the rebuilding of Jerusalem’s walls has many life application points:

  1. You must face your problem (1:3). The people knew the walls needed to be rebuilt.
  2. You must be hit rock bottom and want to do something about it (1:4). Nehemiah wept and mourned for days.
  3. You must seek the Lord through fasting and prayer (1:4-11).
  4. You must recognize that your wrongdoing contributed to the situation (1:6). Nehemiah said, “I and my father’s house have sinned.” He didn’t blame a sexually promiscuous mother or a meth head father. He looked in the mirror and took responsibility for his part.
  5. You must repent (change your ways). Nehemiah 1:9 recognizes the need to return to the Lord and keep His commandments.

The walls of your life may be totally destroyed right now. Rebuilding may not feel like an option. You may be getting the wrong kind of help, whether it be someone giving you pills to drown the reality or a counselor who is enabling you and making you co-dependent by pointing out how you are seemingly a victim of BWS (Broken Wall Syndrome) and need this special counselor who specializes in this unique disorder.

God gives you some clear direction in the Bible. The Holy Spirit is your greatest counselor, so let go of Dr. Maik Sum Do and follow God’s Word. Face your problem. Hit rock bottom. Hate your brokenness so much that you’re willing to do something about it. Pray and fast. Admit your wrongdoing and change your ways. It’s a process not a quick fix. It is the foundation for rebuilding your broken life.

May you be blessed by this story of a man whose walls were rebuilt.

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