Is Sin the Will of God?

A pastor friend of mine called me today after being asked the question, “Was it God’s will for my 14 year old to get pregnant?” Many people try to blame things like this, abuse of all kinds, and other acts of free will on God. God is clear in Scripture that His will is not for two hormonally-charged teens (or adults) who are unmarried to have sex. However, we understand that pregnancy can result from such actions. It was clearly not God’s will for them to do this, but they exercised their free will and violated God’s commandments. However, this new life that resulted from their choice can still be used by God. This child could become a missionary or discover a cure for an incurable disease.

I addressed this subject from a slightly different angle with my church on Sunday. I chose the abuse angle. Abuse is an abomination to God. God would never tell someone to sexually abuse a child or another human being. Those who have been victims to such acts have testified how God healed their brokenness and helped others through similar circumstances rather than allow it to paralyze them.

Countless wicked and unfair things have happened throughout history. God has repeatedly given beauty for ashes. Romans 8:28 says that God is currently working all things together for good. He is showing people that he can heal those whose life the devil has tried to ravage.

Please do not let someone tell you that it was God’s will for your spouse to cheat on you or for someone to murder your loved one. Sin has tainted this world, but God can still restore. We will never have all the answers, but we serve the One who does.

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