“Christian” Politics Hurt Me

As a pastor, I would be lying if I said that politics did not exist in churches and Christian organizations. It would have been easy for me to walk away all together, but I had a dream in my heart – a faith community without the political side. We are in month 10 of Overcomers Church, and God has blessed us with a single goal – to honor the Lord Jesus Christ by obeying His command to make disciples. Many of our people were affiliated with churches once upon a time but have since reconnected since Overcomers was founded. I praise God for all He has done in drawing people.

People ask me why no one wants to be a part of the church today. Across the board, the vast majority of these people have been hurt by the politics. They didn’t “look the part”. They sinned. They didn’t act like everyone else. I could go on and on.

I want to assure you that there is a generation rising that wants something real and biblical. Before you start being negative to those who don’t attend worship services every time the doors are open, get to know these people. They are deeper than you realize. Give them a chance. They need a place where they can heal. Christians, make your church that place!


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